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  • How to reduce acidity ?
    By Health Blog on June 27, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Due to work stress and due to over duty, so many people forget to take of their health and forget about their diet which is very crucial thing for our survival. Because of this so many health problems occur and acidity is one of them. One of the main reason for acidity is the having improper diet and at improper timings. Our body will be habituated to some timing and we have to provide the food at that time daily and we should not miss any of our breakfast or lunch or dinner. Acidity is mainly related to gas formation in stomach, which may be formed because of the improper timings of food habits as said before. After you get acidity, you’ve to get rid of this improper eating time habit. Also, one needs to take care of the diet which needs to be followed once you come to know that acidity problem persist. Excessive intake of smoking, alcohol, keeping stomach empty for long time etc are also causes for acidity.
    So, here are some tips to reduce acidity: Avoiding eating fried, junk foods and also excessive chocolates; Eating onions, citrus fruits, spicy foods worsen the acidity disease. One needs to take rich content of carbohydrate rich food like rice, as it doesn’t lead to any acid formation. Also, one important thing is the timing of the dinner. We need to take dinner 2-3 hours before sleeping time.

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  • Control Hair Loss Through Natural Herbs
    By Health Blog on June 26, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Hair loss is one of the fastest growing problems among men as well women. And the worst part is that it can actually happen to people of any age; many youngsters also face the threat of losing hair at a fairly early age.

    There are many medical reasons behind loss of hair. The most difficult cases are when the process of hair loss is hereditary. Many treatments are often talked about, but people remain skeptical of their use as many harmful side effects are caused. Therefore, the most popular treatments among patients are those which involve the use of natural ingredients rather than harmful artificial processes.


    Over the years the use of natural herbs has helped in curing many different diseases. Effects of use of natural herbs to control hair loss have also been found to be encouraging.

    Gingko Biloba is a herb that helps to increase the circulation of blood, which results in transportation of more nutrients to the hair follicles causing rapid re-growth of hair. Green Tea has also been found to be useful especially for bald men, but its intensive use is required.

    Polygonum Multiflorum or “Fo-Ti” is another Chinese herb which has been used from thousands of years to prevent hair loss. Nowadays it is easily available in the form of pills and capsules. Pygeum and Stinging nettle are also useful to prevent baldness in males, and are easily available in the form of capsules and pills.

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  • Hair fall
    By Health Blog on June 26, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Hair fall is one of the major problems that people are suffering with now a days. People are very worried about their hair and they feel very sad when they are losing their hair. It’s very difficult to stop hair fall suddenly but we can prevent hair fall by following some steps. It’s very difficult to get back the hair that we already lost so what we can is do is that we can prevent the hair fall. Diet effects the hair fall very much. We should take the diet that is rich in proteins like sprouts, fruits etc. These reduce the hair fall to an considerable amount. Now a days there are some advanced technologies and medicines that can prevent hair fall completely and also get back the hair that we lost. Even if we lost our hair completely these technologies improves the hair development but these cost so much cost. These technology take money per hair.

    Washing hair with some natural herbs and making sure that dandruff does not come in to the picture can reduce the hair fall. Exercises also reduce the hair fall which occurs mainly due to lack of strength. This increases the follicle strength and reduces the hair fall. Curd is the best thing that can reduce the hair fall. Bu putting it on the hair and washing after 1 hour will reduce hair fall and makes the hair silky. Applying lemon will reduce the dandruff. Please stop using unnecessary products like creams to the hair, use only coconut hair oil which makes the hair healthier.

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  • How to reduce fat content ?
    By Health Blog on June 25, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    So many people are suffering with problem of fat and obesity. Obesity is not the only problem we get due to fat but there are more severe problems like heart attacks etc. So the main reason for all these diseases is fat which we have to reduce by doing exercises and by any other way. There are so many devices like slim belts and other devices which are saying that they will reduce the fat content in our body and give very slim body but actually they all are fake. They only move the fats from one place to other place. The actual and right way to reduce fat is to convert it into energy by working or doing exercises or jogging etc. The diet we eat can also reduce s the fat content in our body because, when we reduce the food then the fats in our body will be used for generation of energy and they finally de removed. So diet control can also reduce the fat content in our body. But stopping the diet all at a time is also a problem so don’t stop the diet taking all at a time but try to reduce the oil foods and try to have the limited content of food.

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  • How to get out of Asthma
    By Health Blog on June 25, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The people who are suffering with cough and cold for log time and when they are having any allergies of dust or cold then these people are more vulnerable to asthma and there s no permanent cure for this disease. There are only medicines for temporary relief. The people suffering with asthma can’t take their breathe properly because of the blocking of their nasal cavity and they will get sounds when they breathe and this occurs due to the humidity inside the lungs.

    This disease should reduce as the age grows by itself but there is no proper treatment except to keep away from the asthma conditions like getting into the cold climate and smoke areas etc. People should take so much care in order to control this disease and they have to use the medicine continuously. They have to take the rotahaler inhaling medicines when they are being severely affected by this. There is some good medicine that is available in Homeopathy for this disease. But people have to use this medicine continuously. Using the steam air to breathing when asthma is severe will help a lot and it’s very natural. When this is more severe and can’t bear the situation ten we have to contact the doctor immediately otherwise our breathing will stop.

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