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  • Buy xanax at cheap rates online
    By Health Blog on July 27, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Have you ever wondered, how much profit that a pharmacist earns on the medicine? The cost price of any medicine that you buy is less than the 50%. That is if you buy xanax for $2, the pharmacist buys it at a price lower than $1 and sells it at 50% profit. It may be strange but this is true. This is the reason why pharmaceutical business is so attractive. The down part of this is, you can’t get the medicine at lower prices than the M.R.P printed on the tablet sheets in retail shops. There are a few online medical stores which sell these medicines at lower prices with lesser profit.


    There are quiet a number of such online medical stores which offer the medicine at low prices. Searching all those stores and also finding which store is selling at what price is very hectic job and time consuming job. Then, it would be better if you find some website which stores the database of such stores and also shows the best price for any medicine. This will save both your time and money. ipharmacylist is one of the comprehensive websites that provide data of discounted pharmacy from various online stores. They don’t supply the medicine but they act as an intermediate person.

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  • One of the biggest social problems………drinking
    By Health Blog on July 27, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Some of the habits that people have do not only damage their own career but also the career of the other persons who are around them. Many of these habits can be broken or avoided but the first step to understand why this problem should be removed.


    If alcohol has brought much enjoy to a man, it has also brought much suffering to the other family members as both economically as well as socially. This degrades the social status of the person and makes him socially irresponsible.

    Drinking small amount now and then is not a big problem but addicting to that is a big problem. But generally small leads to large amounts and becomes an addiction. Drinking makes our life almost to half and affects all parts of the body like heart, kidneys, liver etc. This is one of the biggest problems in most of the poor countries and leads to unhappiness, violence and waste of all the money and life. When we are addicted to this problem we don’t care about anything and forget about all our responsibilities of our family. Once a person realizes that alcohol is harming the health and happiness of those around him, first he recognize that it is the reason for all the problems and he should take some bold step not to drink anymore and practice the ways in which he can control drinking and how to deviate from this on to other. He should interact with people of his community and get involved with the people who are not addicted and always try to make good friendship only which is the major reasons for starting of drinking.

    We should also change the mindset of the people who think that drinking is not a big problem and try to convince them with the problems of that they have to face afterwards and always give good support for those who want to get out of this addiction.

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  • How to control Vomiting?
    By Health Blog on July 26, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Vomiting is a common health problem that is faced by all people which comes generally along with other problems like fever, headache etc. Many people, especially children, have an occasional ‘stomach upset’ with vomiting. Often, mo cause can be found. There may be mild stomach or gut ache or fever. This kind of simple vomiting usually is not serious and clears up by itself. Vomiting is one of the signs of many different problems, some minor and some major. Vomiting actually comes from a problem in stomach or gut, such as an infection, diarrhea, poisoning from spoiled food or acute abdomen, hepatitis, tonsils etc. Before getting a vomiting we can feel some signs of vomiting then we can seek the medical help immediately. Some of the common danger signs and which need medical care are:

    • Dehydration that increases and that you cannot control.
    • Severe vomiting that lasts more than one day.
    • Violent vomiting, especially if the person cannot defecate or if you cannot hear giggling sounds of your stomach are some of the signs.
    • Constant pain in the gut.
    • Vomiting of blood.


    How to control?

    • We should not anything until the problem is solved. Eating makes the problem more severe.
    • Sip some tea or herbal teas like camomile etc.
    • For dehydration, give small frequent sips of tea or rehydration drinks.
    • If the problem still continues, use a tablet with promethazine medicine.

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  • Solution for headache
    By Health Blog on July 25, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Headache is one of the most common health problems. It may be caused due tension, migraine or it may be a sign of serious diseases. There are some conditions in which we may get headache. They are simple headache, due to migraine, tension headache, due to eyestrain headache, due to high blood pressure, due to sinusitis, due to meningitis and due to brain tumor.

    For simple headache, we can reduce it by taking rest or aspirin and keeping the cloth soaked in hot water on back of neck.

    For the headache caused due to migraine, the person will suffer from one sided headache. Noise, bright, tension, alcohol, anger, excitement or irritation can cause this problem. This migration causes the blurring of vision, seeing strange spots of light, numbness of one hand or foot, followed by severe headache which may last for so many hours or days. There may be vomiting, eye redness, dizziness or nausea. Migraine causes severe headache but not dangerous.

    When you are suffering from headache then take aspirin with strong coffee or black tea and lay down in a dark and quiet place and relax.

    Headache due to eye strain can be reduced only through wearing the spectacles. This can identified through pain felt around the eyes forehead, temples and sometimes back of the head. Headache due to BP occurs early in the morning or when we get tension. Headache due to sinusitis occurs during waking up and midmorning and become worse when we bent our head. The person suffering with brain tumor, headache lasts for hours and occurs at night and may also cause the vomiting and slowing of mental function. This should be solved through medical help only.


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  • Fits or convolutions
    By Health Blog on July 25, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    When a person gets fits, he suddenly looses consciousness and makes strange movements. Fits come from a problem in the brain. In small children common causes of fits are high fever and severe dehydration. In very ill persons, the cause may be due to meningitis, cerebral malaria, or poisoning. A person who often suffers from fits may have epilepsy.

    Epilepsy causes fits in people who otherwise seem fairly healthy. Fits may come hours, days, weeks or months apart. In some persons they cause loss of consciousness and violent movements. The eyes roll back. In mild types, the person may suddenly blank and behave oddly. It’s the common disease that children get in some inherited families or it may come from damage of the brain, high fever or tapeworms in the brain.


    When a person gets fits:

    Place a bit of wood, a key or a similar object covered with a clean cloth between his teeth, so he doesn’t bite his tongue.

    Do not try to restrain him during a fit. Protect him from any danger like fire or hitting himself with something.

    Clear the people around and make some around him to get him the fresh air.

    If he vomits or splits, turn his head to one side so that he doesn’t choke.

    After he recovers from fit, give him hot tea with plenty of sugar.

    If the fits occur for a long time then give him the injection “valium“.

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