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  • Avoiding Stink from Armpits
    By Health Blog on February 28, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    armpits  odor

    armpits odor

    As the day begins, brushing and shower are the first steps generally every one fallows as this gives freshness and relief from bad odor emanating from body. Once imagine if you come out with this emanating odor to out, this going to be the most embarrassing movement for the people who surrounds you. And some times even after having shower if you find the same stink, then how can you and others bare you? It definitely affects your personal, social and professional relationships. A proper and perfect rids are very essentials for having fresh body with zero odor. This is quite important even interns of health, as it results to the birth of bacteria; it grows itching and other skin problems. This article gives helps the readers to know more about stink from underarms and also some preventions.

    Aprocrine Glands: Roots of armpits odor
    When ever the environment turns to hot or during the process of exercise or going through some stress, it leads to the evaporation of sweat. This is to maintain a proper temperature in body and also reliefs from proteins and fatty acids. Under the armpits, an Aprocrine glands get fixed and this liberates fatty acids and proteins in a thicker form with yellowish color(some times in milky white color). This forms yellowish stains at armpits of clothes. But do you know that, the sweat is of odor less? It’s the bacteria which make your sweat to stink by metabolizing proteins and fatty acids.

    Counteraction for stink smell
    Due to the apocrine sweat glands under the arms, the amount of sweat generates and increases. If the sweat joins with bacteria, it is termed as hyperhidrosis.



    • Hygenic Shower:The defense which acts as a perfect relief is shower or bath. Showers with deodorant soaps including antibacterial ingredients help to suppress the birth of bacteria in highly sweating areas. After completing the shower, freshly laundered fabric or breathy clothes can give a fresh and hygienic feel. People with hyperhidrosis need to have a shower either twice or thrice of a day.
    •  Deodorants or Antipersiperants: There are very few who get smelled with in a very short span, after having their shower. This is going to really very big issue and avoiding this stink is really important. To give a break for an annoying smell, either deodorants or the antiperspirant acts as a perfect defense; because this makes the body away from stink for at least few hours. But antiperspirants affects for only few, some sensitive skin types over reacts and leads to allergies and some more skin issues. This is because of few ingredients like aluminum, alcohol etc. 
    • Own Medical Cabinet: Instead of spending dollars in different deodorants or antiperspirant, prefer for medicine cabinets which can be from your home. This includes rubbing alcohol. Though it irritates the skin, it acts as perfect rid for avoiding the out break of bad odor sweat. Apart from this Witch hazel, a magic tree can also prevent the spell of odor from underarms by contrasting the tissues. Baking soda is one of the home remedy, it burns out the nasty odor from body veryeasily.                                                                                                                                                           
    • Doctor’s Suggestion: Sometimes a fast return of nasty odor can be of disorder in health like liver and kidney. At this moment, above mentioned remedies will not effect. To avoid a specific diet matters much like chewing wheat grass, leafy greens or the things with zinc ingredients. Dermatologists also suggest high dosed antiperspirants, pills for the people facing hyperhidrosis with bad smell. They also suggests for Botox injections which controls the over activeness of muscle glands for avoiding armpits odor. And at the end, Iontophoresis will be implemented for all the trails. This is a mild electric current application for a wet body for disrupting the sweat.

    But friends, do remember sweat is very important for your body as it liberates heat from body. Never try to eliminate sweat but try to stop the birth of bacteria on skin. This is best prevention for a hygienic and healthy skin and life.

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  • Guise of Sleep in Human
    By Health Blog on February 24, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments


    After a busy scheduled day with full of work, your eyes starts closing, body starts laying down, moment by moment body becomes unconscious, heart starts beating from fast to slow and your brain starts dreaming. This continues for few hours of a day and we name it has sleep. No one knows why it’s happening, what making us life, why can’t we skip this sleep? Does it have the important role of life? Yes, there is a lot of importance for a life. Every animal in the world needs sleep for minimum period of time. In this sleep many things goes in human body. Why the sleep knocks the door every night? Why we dream during the sleep? Why do we act with in the sleep? This are the general doubts rises in every ones life in one or the other time. This article came out for the people with the answers to these queries with complete information.


    The thing which we can’t skip even if we try is the sleep. Trying to avoid our naps by taking coffee or tea or cigarette or any methodology is just temporary reliefs. There is no person in world that lives life without sleep. Did you ever tried to work continuously for two to three days with out a single nap? It’s highly impossible. Trails to avoid the sleep also lead to severe health and mental issues.

    Identifying the Sleep symptoms:
    Closing eyes, laying the body to support or down, having a slow rhythmic breath, not responding to low volumes, mostly remain as unconscious are the symptoms of sleep.

    What runs in Human body during the sleep?
    Sleep has a profound effect on brain. To run Human life, heart and brain has to work continuously. But these too need some rest as machines. For retaining the refreshment for brain and heart, people need to sleep for few hours based on their age and stress. Comparatively, the brain’s functionality during the sleep is very slow compared to the active state. This can be cleared observed in the ectroencephalograph.

    REM: During the sleep, some body movements, eye movements can be observed. Few people rolls all over the bed unknowingly, some few will have a nap by opening their eyes. This is because, in the complete sleep there will few frequent gaps when eyes flicker back and front. Some times facial muscle also gets twisted. This eye movement is termed as Rapid Eye Movement (REM). The rest of the period of named as NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement).

    Dream: After many researches the mystery of dream creation has been come to lime light. The stem of the brain generates few electrical activities and passes to fore part of the brain randomly. Due to the random generations and disordered signals becomes similar to the random links on paper. And these signals will get comprehended at the time of REM and comes out as a dream. Though these signals are received disorderedly, they even have some meaning. Dream incorporates a story of your past things; it recaps the TV shows which you have gone through earlier or any thing where you have shown your interest. Sleep with out dream leads to the more woke ups and it results to more number of REMs. This leads to several issues like Irritation during the day times, Dullness and decreases the activeness.

    Deep Sleep

    Importance of Sleep:
    The sleep can enable your brain to archive your memory. And Dreams are part of it.
    Sleep is the moment where your body’s important parts get repaired and gets relaxed. Here the body parts include the tissues, muscles, every organ of your body. It recharges your brain and then your whole body.Based on the age and effort, the sleeping period varies, for an infant 20 hours of time has to be spending, for a child with less than 10 needs some 12-10 hours of sleep and for the senior citizens it has to be 8-9 hours.

    Some steps can really improve your sleep and health such as

    • Regular maintenance of bedtime and also the fixed place for the sleep can make your sleep comfort.
    • Regular exercise with proper and time based diet also plays a key role in healthy sleep.
    • Avoid caffeine for three to four hours before going to sleep. Stop the addiction of alcohol and cigarettes which are the methods for avoiding your sleep.

    Don’t stop dreaming, these are founders for your goals and for your health. Have a healthy sleep and crazy dreams.

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  • Headache- A Stabbing Pain
    By Health Blog on February 21, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    In everyone’s life there will be definitely one day, when our head itself disturbs us. Out of cool and pleasant life there are few days which includes with human machine problems and among this problems a most common issue is the headache. Headache intrudes in to head via nerves by thrusting the blood in to it. There will be days for few people who desires to hit their own head to some wall to avoid the feel of stammering in brain. An invisible head ache ensures to view hail by just sitting in your room or on traffic. But a simple negligence can also ensure a permanent ticket to heal. In order to halt this trouble, a proper trouble shoot is very essential. Before planning for precautions a clear picture of headache is very important. And you can get the clear picture of head ache and its easily growing deeper roots are represented in this article. Have your glands and gain the clarity before facing your headache.
    Headache is a deadly attacking devil which burns and dies in our own body have different faces. Every face (type) has some similarities and some are completely contra verse. International Headache society differentiated headache in to 150 types. But especially they are differentiated as of two types and they are primary and secondary.
    Primary Headache:
    An attack in brain due to the thrusting of blood in nerves from the heart irrespective of health abnormal is termed as Primary headache. This headache again got differentiated in several ways. Migrate is one of the most repeatable attack. This varies like Aura, Retinal, Basilar, Hemiplegic, and Menstrual.
    Aura Migraine: The raise of some visual disturbances before migraine and settles for few minutes in every hour is spelled as an Aura migraine. This comes out with no pains.
    Retinal Migraine: The birth of blind spot in eye producing some haywire in vision and loosing the power of visibility is termed as Retinal Migraine.
    Hemiplegic migraine: The disruptive and painful effect of headache raising occasionally and resembling some terrific symptoms is known as Hemiplegic Migraine. This migraine can act as root cause for stroke, dizziness, paralysis, loss of motor control.
    Tension Type Headaches: A dull aching pain in head which usually resembled by tying the bands. This attacks when severe strain is bared by nerves.
    Cluster Headaches: A pinpoint repetitions of headache in weak and month wise with debilitating effect and also leads to death of quality life. This occurs in only 1% of population.

    head ache types

    Secondary Headaches: Headache preceded by some health issue is resembled as secondary headaches. Most of them are not neglect able and such kind of headache includes cerebral, stroke, sinus, concussions, MOH.

    Stroke and Cerebral: The block in blood vessel and stoppage of blood flow to brain leads to the headache. It’s a very severe and serious issue which can also breaks the breath of life. Cerebral also comes under this categories. If block rises in cerebral aneurysm can lead to the burst of blood vessel due to severe thrust.

    Concussions: An injury in brain and abnormal functioning of brain for few seconds is termed as concussions. This mostly find in sports player.

    Alcohol & Nicotine:Apart from this addiction of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine also cause the symptoms and effect of headache.

    Medication Overuse Headache(MOH): Unexpected backfire due to the over dosage or the over usage of medicine for headache.

    Sinus Headache: Its nothing but the sneezes, running nose, cheeks, nose pain and all this together some times leads to headache. This occurs rarely.

    For every kind of headache the remedy changes, finding the best one refreshes the person from stammering headache. Find the effective remedy in the upcoming article according to their effect and type.

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  • Remedies for Annoying Allergies
    By Health Blog on February 3, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments


    For every season, the most irritating and disgusting disturbance with either sneeze or continues water flow spoils the every days activity and leads to unexpected health disasters. And this happens just because of allergies. Allergies are mild issues, but this builds an unbreakable barrier to a healthy life with a non stop running nose, itchy and watered eyes, irritating ears. These mild allergies can also tends to secondary health issues like sinus infections, asthma, ear infections. It’s like a tail to human always disturbing, deviates the concentration from daily or urgent activities. Continues effect of this season friend can tends to strong bond for life long and no medicine can melt this bond completely. So a prior action is very essential for the seasonal allergies before they occupy the battle ground. This article enriches the readers with the precautions and preventions before or after effect of allergy causing bacteria or fungi. Fallowing these tips can avoid the intruders to enter in to your immune system.

    How Allergies takes birth?
    As the human reacts to the changes in the environment, in the same way the environment changes for every season. Because of these seasonal changes, the birth of highly effecting bacteria takes birth and attacks the immune system. If the immune system resistance is less than the intruders attack, then it leads to the cause of annoying allergies. This effect appears before the age of 30 and its severe impact leads to the drastic health issues. This tends to unpleasant conditions like cough, sneezing, running nose and this because of releasing mucous from nasal passages towards throat. And this poisonous mucus ruin is termed as a post nasal drip can give rise to even digestive disorders like upset, stomach, diarrhea and constipation. This simple allergy caused because of pollens or dust can tends either secondary or drastic health issues.
    Are Allergies preventive?
    Despite of having no complete cure, a hygienic life and fallowing tips can prevent the all kind of allergies and returns the liberty from annoying effects of disgusting allergy. A proper home remedies itself is the perfect cure for the allergy causing culprits. Along with this a good treatment also matters for perfect prevention.

    Remedies for  Allergies

    Remedies for Allergies

    • The smell of tobacco leads to aggressive respiratory problems. The smoke of cigar effect the children more easily compared to elders. Avoiding the smoke in home or in near by areas can prevent the symptoms of allergies.
    • Stop visiting the homes where you find your allergy raising pets like cat, dog etc. This culprits increase the level of bacteria in immune system very easily.
    • Check whether allergy begins in the wind areas. If it’s the case spend less time outdoors as the air borne toxins initiates’ high level of allergies.
    • Wear glasses specially in pollen season; it specially avoids the eye allergy causing bacteria affecting the eyes. Rinse eyes with cool and clean water, when ever an itching or irritation occurs. This soothes the annoying irritation else prefer for antihistamine which retains the relief with no side effects.
    • Among all nose irritation is worse case among all the irritations. This irritation can be rid by irrigating the nose with saline solution which flushes outs the inflammation gets locked to the nasal pipe.
    • And last but not the least a complete hygienic life avoids all allergy causing bacteria. Regular cleaning with effective detergents, soaps, vacuum clears corresponding definitely have a positive impact on health. Prefer for home remedies like tea, ginger, baking soda, salt, steam etc can also plays key role in preventing the production of bacteria and fungi.

    You can be free from annoying allergies by maintaining the best home remedies.

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