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  • Avoid Insomnia by avoiding drinking
    By Health Blog on April 30, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    After a rather fun celebrating party in which you’ve partaken in a few cocktails, you might find it difficult to fall asleep. Even though the alcohol has made you a bit tipsy and consequently a little tired, you toss and turn in bed, sleep eluding you.

    The reason behind this type of insomnia is that when we consume alcohol in the hours before bed we may be setting ourselves up for a horrible night’s sleep. The alcohol works as a stimulant and regardless of how tight we close or eyes or how deeply we long for sleep, it doesn’t happen.

    quit drinking alcohol

    quit drinking alcohol

    The cure might not be in cutting out the alcohol completely. It might however be in the type of alcohol and also in when and how much you’re drinking.

    If you’ve tied one on right before you need to go to bed, the alcohol might still be strongly in your system. It’s still keeping you awake by stimulating you. If you do fall asleep, often what happens is that you don’t sleep soundly. The effects of the alcohol won’t allow your body to drift into deep sleep, so the result might be that you sleep fitfully, turning and tossing or waking frequently. You wake up in the morning feeling exhausted.

    One of the best ways to avoid alcohol induced insomnia is to either not drink in the evening or choose a drink that works to relax you instead of stimulate you. For some people that might be red or white wine. A glass of wine with dinner is said to relax the body and aid in sleep.

    If you do think that alcohol might be playing a part in your insomnia, keep track of what and when you consume. Once you have that information you can adjust what you are drinking so that you are able to get the best sleep you can, free from insomnia.

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  • Wonderful products in reducing pimples
    By Health Blog on April 30, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Acne, a major problem for all kinds of people of all ages resulted in variety of Acne products into the market. They come at a range of prices, packaging and strengths but they have a common aim to eradicate pimples that make your life a misery. So I am writing some of the most famous products for reducing the problem of pimples.

    acne curing products

    acne curing products

    Purification Mask

    This mask was created to be soothing and refreshing and to work in a short time span. A fifteen minute application will increase the healthiness of your skin, opening the pores and improving your appearance. As well as addressing acne that already exists it also prevents the future appearance of spots.

    PhytoMe Acne Gel

    This product is especially effective against all types of skin complaints including whiteheads and blackheads! The formula is designed specifically to be non-drying and is formulated to help your skin to relax. This specially advanced acne gel can address even the most entrenched pimples on your face. Use it regularly to help further breakouts of acne in the future.

    Cooling Gel Masks

    These masks are not intended to cure existing break outs of acne. They are designed to cool and rejuvenate the face, clean the skin and intensify the pores. If they are used regularly they have a secondary effect in controlling the reoccurrence of acne. It is a refreshing experience and soothes the face and it does an excellent job of cleaning up the skin.

    Acne Dry Spot

    These products are designed to be applied before bed and to work through the night. Applied to any affected area before retiring for the night, it is effective at remove those spots as you sleep. It is especially made to address existing pimples so don’t make the mistake of applying this to unaffected areas as a preventative measure. If you see a spot about to be emerge, apply a small amount of this and the acne spots will be stopped in their infancy.

    Biore Blemish Bomb

    As the name suggests this product is a powerful weapon when it comes to attacking skin problems. It can be used for as few as two days, and you can now remove problem of spots. It is applied as a liquid but then dries to form a protective covering over your acne. Once morning comes, peel away this protective patch and uncover a much reduced skin problem.

    pHisoderm Daily Acne Cleanser

    Get more than your money’s worth with this powerful acne product. This is the ideal four-in-one combined product which works as a toner, a cleanser and a spot fighter. It will clear the problem area in a few short weeks when applied twice daily. As well as tackling existing spots it also helps to reduce the recurrence by unclogging your pores. It is compatible with all skin types and will prevent dryness and irritation.

    Tea Tree Oil

    Here nature and medical research team up with this product to attack your acne. Highly effective, this product is designed to wipeout all spots in just a few days. It helps to fight new and emerging break outs. Drying of the skin may be felt initially but just following the instructions will avoid significant skin irritation and infection.

    Derma Clear

    This is another multi-use product to address acne. This acne-zapping wonder will not only address simple pimples but also cleanses and revitalizes the skin if it is used daily.

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  • Signs of depression
    By Health Blog on April 29, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    There are so many different signs of depression which means it sometimes continues until the indications form a pattern. But the sooner you recognize depression in yourself or someone else, the sooner you can get treatment. Depression needs to be treated whether it’s mild or severe or anything in between the extremes. Depression doesn’t disappear on its own and will only get worse.



    There are some basic and common signs of depression. They include the following.

    • No feelings of self worth or low self esteem

    • Doesn’t like to be around other people which can include family

    • Doesn’t anticipate doing anything including enjoyable events

    • Lack of concentration

    • Feelings of hopelessness

    • Feeling sad all the time

    • Suicidal thoughts

    • Inability to make any decisions

    A person can have one or more of these signs of depression. It’s natural to feel sad for a few days or to have stressful days. It’s normal to have some days when life may seem a little harder than you think it should be. Depression is something entirely different. It’s not natural to feel you are worthless or that people in your life wouldn’t miss you if you were to disappear. It’s not normal to be sad for longer than two weeks while continuing to experience constant fatigue and lack of interest in anything around you.

    The signs of depression can be very noticeable in many cases. Someone who is depressed may cry a lot for no apparent reason. In severe cases, a person may refuse to get out of bed. In milder cases, the person might be unable to make the simplest decision or constantly feels guilty about something. People with depression can have trouble functioning at work or at home.

    Other signs: Other signs of depression may not be severe and are harder to identify. For example, you can experience depression triggered by an event such as a death in the family or loss of a job. It can be a real shock and not everyone is able to adjust well. You might still appear to function normally but the signs of depression are there. You might cry at the most unexpected times or begin a spiral into despondency that makes you unable to function eventually.

    On the other hand, bipolar disorder has very obvious symptoms. While in a euphoric state, bizarre behavior such as making obviously foolish and harmful decision becomes apparent. While in a depressed state, the person feels hopeless and all the frenetic activity stops. This happens over and over again and can even happen within a day.

    The key to identifying if someone is depressed is to watch for patterns or continual worsening of suspect symptoms. If this goes on for longer than 2 weeks, you should get professional help for you or your friend or family member.

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  • Does bleeding Gums can lead to Heart Attacks & Strokes?
    By Health Blog on April 27, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Think about this for a moment: You wake up in the morning, go into your bathroom and brush your teeth. After a few brush strokes, you notice in the mirror or sink, that your gums are bleeding. But, you just ignore it & keep on brushing. Would you ever ignore bleeding if it came from your eye, ear, or hand? Of course not! Once bleeding starts – it’s a sign that something is terribly wrong! It also means that your body armor (your skin, or in this case – your oral mucosa) is open & susceptible to invasion by unwanted bacteria & viruses.

    bleeding gums

    bleeding gums

    The skin of the oral cavity is known as Oral Mucosa. It is very rich with blood vessels and if outside bacteria and the toxins they produce get into the blood stream, they are off and running throughout your body. As the illustration above shows, plaque and tartar buildup destroy the health of your gums and allow the supporting bone to weaken – leading to eventual tooth loss, if not caught in time. However, what the most recent International research shows and what American Dentistry has failed to comprehend is that Sulfur Compounds produced by anaerobic bacteria are the True Villains in many oral disorders – from swollen and bleeding gums to Bad Breath. And now as groundbreaking research shows, eventually to systemic problems such s heart disease, strokes, and pneumonia.

    Anaerobic Bacteria Produce Sulfur Compounds, Which Allow Toxins to Enter Your Blood Stream through swelled Gums! These anaerobic bacteria have the ability to extract sulfur compounds from proteins produced when your gums are swollen and bleeding. Some of these sulfur compounds are classified as Thiols. These dangerous sulfur compounds have recently been found to allow Other Bacteria – and the toxins they produce – to infiltrate below the gumline. If your gums are already swollen and bleeding, these bacterial toxins may get into your bloodstream and travel throughout your body, most significantly to your brain – leading to strokes, or to the heart – leading to heart attacks!

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  • How Glycemic index and heart diseases are related?
    By Health Blog on April 26, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Most of us do not think of the foods we eat in terms of heart disease, except the obvious ones such as those high in cholesterol. Failing to recognize the potential for any food we consume to lead to heart disease is a dangerous idea to hold. Although carbohydrates that have a higher glycemic index will not on their own cause heart disease, when they are combined with other risk factors, the potential risk is increased by ten times. The highest potential risk lies in the fact that those who are not eating a healthy diet that includes carbohydrates that have a lower glycemic index are not likely to be eating other foods that are healthy.

    heart attack

    heart attack

    The greatest risk factors for heart disease include high cholesterol and high blood sugar (diabetes) both of which can be reduced with a healthy diet and an exercise. A healthy diet begins with one that is low in fat and cholesterol and includes low glycemic index carbohydrates such as whole grains and other complex carbohydrates. The importance of this lies in the fact that simple carbohydrates or those with a high glycemic index value are those that turn to sugar rather than energy and thus have the potential to cause diabetes. The combination of high blood sugar content and high cholesterol make for an unhealthy situation for the heart, and thus the potential for heart disease is increased.

    For many people, eating healthy is not something they are prone to do, and unless they grew up in a family where nutrition was stressed, they may not even know that what they are eating is bad for their health. This is especially true of those who do not suffer a weight problem because even though you may feel that because your weight is within normal range, your eating habits are healthy; this is not always the case. Quite often people who are within normal weight range are able to do so because they simply eat less of the foods they consume or they have a very high metabolism that allows them to burn calories quickly. Being within normal weight range does not guarantee that you will not develop diabetes or heart disease, though you may be less at risk than someone who is overweight. To avoid this possibility, follow a diet that is high in low glycemic index carbohydrates and high in whole grains and fruits and vegetables.

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