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  • Home remedies for stopping snoring
    By Health Blog on May 30, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Do you often find your spouse sleeping in a different room? If the answer is yes, then the most likely reason is the annoying melodies produced by you when asleep. You might be able to sleep well with this music, but it can make your spouse pull out his/her hair in bunches. Wondering what is being referred to as music here? In lay man’s terms, it is called snoring. The only instrument you need to play it is your own throat. Though it is common, it can be disastrous to relationships. It has driven some people to the extent of taking a divorce on grounds of snoring.

    This is an indication of a malfunction in your body. Many people who have studied snoring in depth have found that it may be a sign of diabetes of obesity or something much more serious like a serious heart condition that has gone undiagnosed.

    Not alone is your partner’s sleep affected, but even you will often have to turn and find a better sleeping position to avoid snoring. All this might be done by you thoroughly unaware that it was snoring that woke you up in the first place. The most vital organ of the human body, the brain, need a constant supply of sufficient oxygen to prevent damage to itself. Snoring occurs only when you obstruct your own windpipe. Thus the brain gets alerted and wakes you up from deep slumber to open up the blocked air passage. You may not even know that you had woken up. But your partner who lost her sleep would watch the entire event.

    Snoring leads to various complications like lack of sleep, headaches right in the morning, irritability, lightheadedness etc and spoils your entire day. Now that you know the various ill-effects of snoring and have realized that it is not to be ignored, let us look at some simple but effective cures for it.

    controlling snoring

    controlling snoring

    To treat snoring, first we have to know the cause. The chief cause of snoring is relaxation of throat muscles. These tend to relax when you are sleeping, and if they are too relaxed because of fatty tissues, they will obstruct the passage of air to the lungs. Air that is moving in and out, makes these fatty tissues and throat muscles vibrate, which produces the annoying sound. So we have zeroed down on the cause. Let us find a cure for it.

    Being overweight is one of the main causes of snoring. Sagging of throat muscles is caused by the fat tissues that build up around it. So the simplest way to prevent snoring is to monitor your weight. Consume a healthy and balanced diet and exercise to keep the muscles toned. After a certain stage, you will finally stop snoring or at least reduce it to a tolerable level to satisfy both your spouse and you.

    The following are some other remedies for snoring that can be practiced from home.

    1. Do not smoke – These tend to make your throat muscles relax a bit too much

    2. Do not consume alcoholic beverages – They too tend to over-relax your throat muscles.

    3. Eat light and healthy – Heavy dinner causes sagging of throat muscles

    4. Do not take sedatives – Throat muscles relax more than required.

    5. Don’t lie on your back – Moderate snorers stop snoring when lying on their sides.

    6. Get a small comfortable pillow – Large pillows feel comfortable but increase tendency to snore

    7. Elevate your bed – Inclining your bed to a small angle with the upper torso elevated is effective in checking snoring. You can elevate it with a pair of old hard-bound books.

    That is it. They might sound simple and easy to practice. But they work wonders in curing snoring. Have a good night’s sleep.

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  • How to reduce chronic back pain?
    By Health Blog on May 17, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Back pain is one of the health problems that are very difficult to deal with because no one can exactly say the origin of this problem. The intensity of pain varies from individual to individual. Our way of handling pain is also of a different nature. One may have the capacity to bear the pain whereas the same pain can be intolerable to the other person. All of us experience toothache, headache, and several other painful health problems in our lives. In short to handle pain is not an easy task and this article will advise you on how to handle chronic back problem.

    back pain

    back pain

    The term chronic suggests that it has come to stay with us and back problem that stays with us throughout is difficult to deal with. The solution lies in the way the problem is dealt with. You can enter a phase of depression thinking about your pain and the amount of trouble it is causing you.

    Prepare your mind: This can cause only harm to your body and mind as well. The best approach is to inculcate positive thoughts and register this fact in your mind that the pain is quite bearable and is not bothering you at all. But a person experiencing chronic back problem probably may not agree with you on this point saying that only the person undergoing the pain can know the trouble lying behind it.

    Stretch exercises: But I would like to defer on this point. You are ultimately what your thoughts make you. Exercise plays a dominant role in chronic back pain. Certain back exercises can stretch your muscles and this can prove to be an advantage to you as this enhances their strength. A person having chronic back pain may find it a Herculean task to exercise as it causes pain to him.

    Lack of exercise will only worsen the situation as the muscles become quite weak and then your slight movement can increase your pain. Chronic back pain should be handled in its initial stages and the person should click upon a solution to deal with his back problem.

    Never delay: Delays can increase your torture and make the pain unbearable. Your positive attitude towards life can help you take a step towards exercise and sort out many health problems.

    Medication: Medicines usually go a long way in treating chronic back disorders. Pain killers relieve you of your pain but they also carry a certain amount of addiction with them.

    Certain drugs should be consumed after much research on that particular medicine as you become immune to them and then the dosage of the medicine need to be increased to relieve you of pain. Stronger doses of any medicine can only carry an adverse impact with it on your body.

    Drowsiness sets in and your active life is adversely affected by it. Eventually your functioning of the brain becomes slow. Accelerate your positive thinking process and get hold of the right medicines with no side effects and get relief from chronic back disorders.

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  • Organic products for makeup
    By Health Blog on May 15, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    You know the importance of having great looking skin. Now, why not take that to the next level by considering organic make up products. The better department stores are now getting more request for these products and there is a reason for it. Organic products do not contain products or materials that have harmful toxins, pesticides or other non natural elements in them. In short, they are better for your skin and they are better for the environment.



    Many products are now available in organic form. The more products you use that are organic, the better off you will be. Some products you are likely to find that are organic include the following items:

    Concealer and foundation products: perhaps the most important of the bunch

    Lipsticks in all shades, qualities and styles

    Blush: No limit to the colors or types either

    Eye liner: you wouldn’t believe the stuff you were putting so close to your eyes

    Lotions ad topical items: these are important. Anything that you put onto your skin will get right into your pores and that ends up in your blood stream.

    Soaps and Shampoos: These are becoming more readily available by top manufacturers as organic products.

    Many of the top manufacturers are providing more organic products each year. They understand the importance of this quality and they know there is a growing request for such products. When purchasing products that are labeled organic, what should you expect? First, you should expect that the product is made up of only natural products. This means that no dyes or perfumes are used.

    This also means the product does not have any preservatives in them and no colorants. They do not necessarily have to be limited in color and style, though. Many products are just as vibrant and beautiful as ever. In addition, most of these products still apply in the same format and they have a design to be high quality make up products.

    When you head out to purchase the next batch of make up for yourself, why not consider purchasing products that are better for you? Choose all organic products. If you are not too sure if you will like them, purchase an organic foundation (if you use foundation.) What you are likely to find is that these products are just as high in quality, if not more so, and they go on well. You get all the same benefits without the carbon footprint.

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  • Medical Alarm in Emergency
    By Health Blog on May 15, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    The healthy beautiful life is bonded with several relations. When it starts rushing out of bonds leaving the world by slowing down the working ability of human machine, it needs more strong relations. Moment where one can’t move out from bed, seeks for help even move part of body or to take a small thing. But to what extend our beloved can help? There will some cases where your relation or your beloved may not be in field to help you and sort out your situation. At such cases medical alarms comes on to the screen. When ever an old age or a person needs help can easily alarm to the responsible person by just pressing the button.

    medical alarm button

    medical alarm button

    Medical alert systems is a small tool especially meant for the old age people and also for them who needs help for their individual activities. A pathetic life can be changed to certain extent using this system. This medical alarm button can be wear as a locket or a bracelet.  It’s a waterproof pendant with console technology alarms one of the medical center and in return it calls to responsible person which can be a doctor or family member or any one else. And secure your life to sudden changes in normal health actions. An emergency alarm can save unexpected disasters in families. Then selecting such alarm is very important for life. And if we find in small attractive models can avoid the feeling of insecure and dependent mode to happy, independent life.

    It’s very hard to digest that your beloved old age relations were left the world just because of delay in response for health related reactions. But because of this latest light weight, console touch bracelets can prevent such situations and secures the life of many people. We can this latest technical pendant sort out lots of issues raised because of emergency help issues. Use it and safe your beloved ones.

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  • How to take care of your nails?
    By Health Blog on May 13, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    If you are like most people, you spend your days working with your hands. You clean with them, you cook with them you spend hours pounding away at a keyboard using them. The problem happens when your nails begin to show damage for all that you do to them. If you are hoping to have great looking nails for a long time, you will need to invest some serious attention in your nail care. The good news is that it does not have to be a hard process to follow.



    Start with a good cleaning. Use a nail brush for the hard to reach underside of your nails. You also want to focus on the tops of the nails, giving them a once over with the brush to loosen and remove any debris or dead skin cells there. Next, use a cuticle trimmer to push back and trim those cuticles. This aids you in having great looking nails but it also helps the nails to grow back faster and better. You will want to be careful not to cut yourself here as that is worse than having the cuticles in the first place. Also, remove any hangnails you have.

    Do invest in manicures and pedicures. Pedicures do clean up your nails as mentioned above, but they also help to moisturize the nails and add good nutrients to the nails and the surround tissue. This is beneficial to your overall look. Also, consider having a professional pedicure and manicure at least one time every month. This makes an incredible difference in your nail care.

    When choosing products to apply to your nails, you should keep these things in mind.

    • Choose a product that is as healthy as possible. Some nail polishes and other applications are available as organic or less toxic versions. It does make a difference!

    • Choose products that are middle of the line in terms of costs. Quality is important for a professional look.

    Choose colors and styles that you like. After all, you do want to enjoy those nails yourself. Keeping up with your nails does not have to be difficult. Invest just a few minutes each day for touch ups and about an hour once a week and you will have some of the most amazing looking nails in your area. Moreover, you can definitely count on quality if you do take care of your nails on a regular basis.

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