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  • The bygone art of learning!
    By Health Blog on July 25, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    learn lessons

    learn lessons

    Learning is a part of life and you do it till you demise from this world. You try to learn from the time of you entering into this world to exiting from this world, it is only the pace at which you are learning will vary not the activity. ‘The art of living’ is a new trend that is being followed by many technocrats and busy business people. Many of them are forgetting the fundamental living principle which will make us happier and satisfied than any other thing – that is learning new things and experiencing the freshness and uniqueness in each of it. Learning something doesn’t mean mastering the art or getting expertise in a subject, it just means know new and unknown things in any particular field. You may know most of things that are being discussed below here but I would like to throw another direction to it to make you understand what it is.

    The art of learning

    The art of learning

    When we are kids, we do every possible nasty and crazy thing in our life. No matter how stupid it is and what it is, we do it; we enjoy ourselves completely in trying out new things and hashing out them with our parents and other friends. We have all the time in this world to try eating food with legs to piercing into a wall, jumping from a ladder etc. We try learning everything that we see and come across in that age. This quest of learning and implementing the new things are gradually getting cubed by the alarming stress and race to win over others in every aspect of life. Let the mystery of life unfold itself and you do not try to unpack them before the right time. By that time, try to learn all the required skills and get ready with your assets to accomplish various tasks that you are going to face.

    Make it as a habit to learn at-least one new thing in your life. Do not say that either you have insufficient time or you do not know what is meant by learning. As I said before, learning is a continual process from birth to death; when there is no escape, do not surrender but try to give it a simple try. Every small thing that you learn counts and ever new scenario will be a gratifying. So, never stop learning, which is the primary source of information. So be open to grasp anything and everything that you encounter in your daily life. Don’t try to be excellent at all the time as it hampers your learning ability!

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  • Know about laser eye surgery
    By Health Blog on July 24, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Everything that is created by the God is beautiful. All the nature, your surroundings look green and pleasant. All this is possible only if you have the proper vision. Eyes give vision to this world, hence they are considered as the utmost important organs. Even if you do not have a perfect vision, do not worry, there are ways through which it can be solved like wearing spectacles. If you are tired and frustrated using spectacles everyday to solve your eye-sight problems then there is solution to it. I am not going to advise contact lenses as it also having same effect of wearing spectacles. They are good old methods and mandatory before the science has been advanced. Now, we are living in a modern era where every single problem can be solved by one way or the other. The eye-sight problem can also be solved permanently by undergoing a laser eye surgery.

    laser eye surgery

    laser eye surgery

    Since eye is very sensitive part, the surgery is more sensitive. Nothing is perfect and human errors occur during the operations and surgeries. Before recent medical advances many people have been turned away for laser eye surgery by some eye surgeries in Belfast before as the surgeons believed the person would not be successful laser eye surgery. But these can be minimized by doing a thorough research and by consulting an expert ophthalmologist. I can give you a source where you can get complete details of the eye, its functionality, what is a laser operation, what precautions has to be taken before, while and after undergoing a laser treatment. This website will help you to make an informed decision as to whether or not laser eye surgery to correct vision is the best solution for your vision correction. It gives details about eye care and a guide to usage of glasses. If you are willing to go with spectacles only, then you have to check the glasses guide provided by them. There are different kinds of glasses like pinhole glasses, aspheric lenses, hi-index lenses etc.

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  • The concept of Beauty!
    By Health Blog on July 21, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    The concept of beauty

    The concept of beauty

    Concept: The concept of beauty includes internal and external attraction leading to emotional satisfaction and pleasure. It includes social beauty, cultural beauty, mental and personal beauty. In the current article, personal beauty is discussed on.

    Personal beauty: The personal beauty includes mental health and physical health. This includes taking care of your hair, skin, nails, fashion and styles and body grooming.

    hair care

    hair care

    Hair care: In hair care, the general problems are hair fall, dryness, whitening and double ended hair. By keeping few minor tips in mind, most of the problems can be avoided. Whenever going for a bath, just straighten the hair with the help of a comb. Never use hot or warm water for hair washing since the oil secreted to hair by the scalp would dissolve and flow out. Always cool water should only be used for hair cleaning. The frequency of shampooing should not be more since it will reduce the effect of natural conditioner oil. When shampoo is applied never keep the hair bundled, always try to lower the hair by bending so that hair gets straightened. While rinsing hair, a wide toothed comb should be used so that hair does not get messed into one another. After rinsing, each part of head and scalp should be dried. Mild conditioner can also be used. Never go for a strong shampoo or conditioner. If the hair dye is to be used, use only after sufficient interval likes monthly.

    Skin care: The most common skin problems are dryness, oiliness, wrinkles, pimples and dark circles. There are various products available in the market for skin care. These must be used carefully and only with the doctor’s prescription. These include skin moisturizer, skin cleanser, skin conditioner and sun protection creams. Each product is suitable for a particular type of skin. Various skin nourishment also available.

    Nail care: Generally, it is observed that care taking and maintenance of nail is ignored. Most of the nail problems are caused due to poor circulation of blood to the roots of the nails. This leads to discoloration of nails. Other general problems are ingrown nails like toe nail and brittle nail which gets broken even due to mild pressure.

    In the beauty of a person, his command over language, body language and fashion and style also matters. A person may be called as a beautiful person if his total outlook is attractive and gives a pleasurable feeling to the person who is looking at him or her.

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  • Importance Of Colon Cleanse And Detox
    By Health Blog on July 21, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Poor diet is the cause for most of the health woes that people face nowadays. Owing to the change in lifestyle, the consumption of both processed and other junk foods has been steadily increasing. The truth of the matter is that they are not only harmful but also detrimental to your health, considering that they increase toxin that build inside the body. It is important to note that if you are of the type whose diet mainly contains essential minerals and nutrients from healthy foods, then your body will not require any help when it comes to dispelling toxins. Routine body cleansing is an important factor for safeguarding your health and for your overall well being.

    The life of your colon is a vital factor that should be considered when thinking of your health issues. It is important for you to realize that you have control as to how deep you would want to cleanse your system of toxins. As mentioned earlier, through consumption of the proper food and by engaging in the right type of exercises, a colon cleanse is bound to happen organically. In other words, the more processed food or junk you pump into your body the more at riskier you put your colon.

    There are colon cleanse plans that are used by various people, but it is important to note that an effective one is the one which starts by evacuating all colon waste effectively. This is usually the greatest challenge which your body can ever face. Diarrhea and constipation are the clearest indications of toxins presence in the intestines. In other words, they are the perfect definition of having an unhealthy bowel. Note that heavy consumption of junk food leads to the body getting polluted by poisonous gases. They eventually find their way into the bloodstream and then finally to other joints and body parts, causing irritation.

    Colon detoxification is such that it involves drinking lots of fluids such as freshly made fruit juices and vegetables. There is a berry referred to as the Acai berry, which most nutritionists have touted to be the best colon cleanse detox nowadays. Note that once the colon has been detoxified, many toxins that have accumulated in the body are rid of from your body as well. Statistics prove that colon cancer is the second most deadly cancer in the world. Once the body has accumulated toxins, putrefactive waste impacts the colon causing it to either be prolapsed or its inflammation.

    After the colon has malfunctioned, you can rest assured that the large intestines will be affected as well, something that might end up putting a strain on the whole digestive system. The end result is that you will be in and out of hospital owing to a host of health complications, something you’d have easily controlled through a colon cleanse and detox. In simpler terms, colons cleanse and detox is paramount if at all you understand what healthy living means. It is a process which has to start from the inside; therefore checking your feeding habits might just be the starting point for the answer.

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  • Be cautious about your back pain!
    By Health Blog on July 16, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Working for long hours in front of the computer or sleeping with wrong posture will lead to back pains. There back pains range from mild to severe. Any pain in the backside will be disturbing the peace of mind and you will not be able to concentrate on your work, so it is better to resolve your back pain as soon as possible. The simple and easy way to get rid of this is to bend you back and forth and do simple circular exercises. I would like to talk about the one particular kind of back pain here. It is very severe one. When the back bone discs move apart and sometimes herniated discs will occur, it ruptures or protrudes outside the bone. This will cause enough pain but if this bulging material stresses sciatic nerve, then that pain will be dreadful. The sciatic nerve runs from lower back to legs. Many doctors fail in fixing this problem, so you consultant only the experienced doctor who solved these problems before.

    sciatica nerve

    sciatica nerve

    What if you want to treat yourself to get rid of these pains? There is vast amount of information in the internet about the back pains and how to cure it, but most of it is premium which can be accessed only after buying it. But there are few website which are sharing the information at free of cost. Check losebackpain website for tips on back pain relief. They are also giving away limited number of free e-books on back pain causes and treatments. You’ll learn about the most effective strategies for reducing and managing pain. You’ll learn about the “hidden cause” of back pain and how you can find out what’s really causing yours. So, go and get your e-book before they are finished.

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