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  • Additives and Effects of Cigarette
    By Health Blog on August 31, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    With life becoming more hectic and stresses growing by the week, many people continue to smoke cigarettes as a stress reliever, knowing full well how dangerous the habit is. Many prefer drinking only at specific time in a day, but it’s not the case with smoking. People smoke at any times of a day. Cigarettes have thousands of toxic chemicals which pass in to all the internal organs of the body. Many researches confirmed that 50% percent of smokers are suffering with TB, heart attacks, and cancer. There are a large number of people and their loved ones seeking to rid themselves of this addiction, but quitting cigarettes is not an easy task. This article is helpful for those who want to quit smoking and also has a few facts about smoking and cigarette withdrawal.

    What is a Cigarette is made of?

    A three inch burning cigarette can consist of 4000 chemicals, which include poisonous toxins and chemicals. Some of the chemicals and additives in a cigarette include ace anisole, acetic acid, acetone, alfalfa extract, ally ionone, amberqeis tincture, ally hexanoate, dl-alanine, acetophenone, actinitic acid, amberqris tincture and many more  chemicals in a cigarette which are harmful to the human body.

    Cigarette Role on Health:

    Your relaxing inhaling of a cigarette can yield you a lifelong list of health issues which can stay with you your entire life and in the case of cancers caused by smoking, can shorten your life dramatically.

    Nicotine is one of the additives which reach every organ of body as soon as we take a single puff. It reaches the brain within ten seconds and starts affecting its organs more quickly. By this, the brain starts working effectively only when person smokes cigarette.



    Carbon monoxide gets combined with the red blood cells and decreases the ability of RBC to carry the maximum level of oxygen to all parts of body.

    Carcinogens, the cancer agents bind with the smoker’s body organs and also travel in the smoke which the smoker releases. This slowly damages cells growth related genes and results to abnormal growth of all kinds of genes.

    All types of addictive chemicals affect the body in different ways. High level of smoke affects the lungs and also heart.  The overall addiction to cigarettes make the organs work only when nicotine reaches them, with this the working ability degrades.

    Oxidative stress is the one which occurs due to the addiction of smoke, this mutates DNA which leads to lung conditions. As you age the oxidative stress improves then it leads to severe other cases like cancer, cardiovascular etc.

    Generally there are many body antioxidants which are meant for repairing the damaged cells. But in smokers the antioxidants level will be much less which leads to the lower resistance power and lower healing power.

    These are only few major health issues caused by smoking cigarettes, apart from this there are many minor health and hygiene related issues like sleep apnea, yellow teeth, black lips, wrinkles and more. As people become more aware of these cancers and health conditions caused by smoking the filthy habit will eventually become less popular than it is today. I personally used quit smoking patches to stop smoking cigarettes. Obviously it wasn’t easy, but it is possible and you feel much healthier when you do quit smoking!!

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  • Add Shampoo and Avoid Scratch
    By Health Blog on August 28, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    itchingSociety generally will not accept the people who always busy with their task or clearing off the dandruff which got settled over the shoulders or the flakes over the hair. People around us feel annoyed when some starts scratching scalp. So it’s our responsibility to make us clear from all kinds of itching. Now the highly polluted areas are making every one to face a new problem called dandruff. This dandruff slowly enriches the irritation and then the problem of itching. This completely makes the person self conscious, uncomfortable and makes him to face the problem of hair fall. Some the reasons for this may vary, but the result will be the same. Let’s know what makes us to scratch our scalp and makes our self embarrassing.
    Causes of Scalp Itching:
    Scalp itching causes due to different conditions in health. The causes also vary based on age and environment.
    Care of Hair: Based on your hair care, the chance of dandruff occurrence varies. If you wash your hair infrequently and also not maintains a gap of max two days can enriches the oil and dust over hair which forms the fungus and bacteria and results to dandruff. This dandruff cans worse the condition of scalp and forms the flickers and itching.
    This itching enriches the hair loss and it can also lead to bald head on neglecting the sensitive itching.
    When dandruff falls on face and fills into the nails, the cause of pimples and allegories get increased and leads to unbearable paining acne problem.
    To avoid this regular wash of hair is required. And if you are facing the problem of dandruff, just prefer for the anti dandruff shampoo’s. If possible choose herbal anti dandruff shampoos.

    rid of scalp itching

    rid of scalp itching

    The improper functioning of immune system makes the white blood cells over active and these cells will affect the healthy skin and forms the swollen, itchy patches over the skin. This also effects in genus and complete environment and it affects the scalp of the body.

    Malnutrition is the major cause for the dryness of skin making patches and also itching sensation over the skin. This can be finding mostly in children.
    Treatment varies on conditions of itching. Basically we can prefer either home remedies or prescribed medication. Anything which has keen role can have the effective role over the scratches over scalp.
    If the scalp itching is due to the cause of ringworms it needs a medical attention. This treatment can be of six weeks and sometimes it extends. The counter remedies of ringworms over scalp always needs accurate treatment.
    Apply the diluted lemon juice over the skin monthly twice and you find the perfect rid of this problem. Prefer the food which always healthy for skin and hair. This can improve the skin moisture and clears all the dryness and dandruff from the scalp.
    We can find the good solution when you are clear of the reason behind the dandruff and itching over the scalp. Once we find the reason they are many numbers of accurate solutions for every cause.

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  • Bad Odor on Age Bases
    By Health Blog on August 27, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    There are the cases where you cover your nose when someone comes up with bad odor. There are also some cases where other closes their nose when you sit behind them. But, did you ever observed why you get bad odor and why don’t find the same in your or in some other child?  It’s not because you don’t maintain freshness while the child maintains it. There are few reasons behind the mystery of bad odor among adults and children. You can find the complete idea over bad odor and also the reasons behind its existence in adults rather than in children.

    Offensive Bad Odor:

    No one prefers the bad odor from body especially from under arms. In case of such issues, people prefer for deodorants. But some face the same problem after few hours despite of using deodorants. There are many specific medical reasons behind it.

    Skin is the acts as ventilalater for body evaporating the excess water and heat. This process is done with the help of two hormones.  They are the eccrine glands and apocrine glands.

    Eccrine Glands: this are meant to release the heat from the body by evaporating the water through skin pores. By doing this, it can ensure the body with moderate temperature. These glands will no way cause any kind of offensive bad odor.

    Apocrine Glands: This are located at hair follicles releasing the fatty based sweat and this is the cause for getting offensive bad odor. This sweat is a mixture of proteins and fats and it is thicker than the sweat released by the eccrine glands. Its liberation is not due to the hard work of body, but due to the stress (stress can be emotional stress, physical stress).

    Does really sweat is of Bad Odor?

    No, it’s the sweat which makes you of bad odor, but it’s the bacteria which feed on the fat and proteins liberated by apocrine glands. This bacterium gets fixed on the skin and starts feed on sweat only after the puberty.

    Fish Malodor: There can health reason which makes you release bad odor, if the person is facing genetic disorder trymethylaminur. The odor by this dam hard to bare and it can’t be controlled using deodorants. This occurs when the body is unable to metabolize nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorus.

    Colin: It’s a nutrient on which our kidney relays. When quantity is is lower than the adequate, it causes some issues like fatty liver and liver damage. During this process higher amount of sweat gets secrets.

    Why children won’t smell B.O?

    It’s because of absence of Porcine glands in children. Apocrine is the one which feeds bacteria by releasing the fat and nutrients based sweat. And this begins in the body after the puberty. The puberty begins in girls from the age of 9 to 13. And it will be at 10 to 14 in boys.

    Complete release from odor is possible when we maintain our body fresh and use some deodorants. Regular bath (ones or twice in a day) will be very effective.

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  • Tests of Thyroid Cancer
    By Health Blog on August 25, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    Thyroid gland

    Thyroid gland

    Hormones are the group of friends which work together to make your body function accurately. Among all thyroids is one which produces very precious hormones providing the services to each and every cell by concerning every individual cell? Deficiency in production of hormones from thyroid can result to severe health issues. These issues can also lead to drastic cases which may or may not be resolved in future. Mostly thyroid issues can lead to thyroid cancer which is not possible to resolve. Prior to the issues of thyroid, prevention can be considered as precious medication. This article deals with the thyroid cancer and risks.

     Role of the Thyroid:

     This also have role in heart nerve simulation and contraction. By this it increases the utilization of cholesterol and nutrients. It also helps out in increasing the normal growth of brain. These tasks are handled by the thyroid, by producing the keen hormones like triiodothyronine and thyroxin. These hormones also named as T3 and T4 correspondingly. It’s because T3 offers three atoms of Iodine and T4 offers four atoms of Iodine. Calcitonin is a hormone which is produced by the parafollicular cells and parathyroid hormone produced by the parathyroid gland. This combine checks out for the calcium quantity in the blood.

    Symptoms of Thyroid:

    When the severe thyroid problem rises in body, it leads to thyroid cancer. And it comes out with severe problems like enlargement of thyroid glands, swelling of neck, excess changes in weight(It can be weight loss or weight gain), nodule of a thyroid, changes in voice, continues throat paining cough, sometimes it can also lead to bleed in cough, feeling difficulty in swallowing. All this symptoms are keen indications of thyroid and also thyroid cancer.

    With these symptoms, the prior job of the patient is to concern the doctor and fallow the tests which ensure the reason and stage of thyroid cancer. Neglecting any of the tests can lead to severe cases and ensures inadequate information required for the confirmation of thyroid.

    Thyroid Test

    Thyroid Test


    Thyroid Biopsy: It’s the test for checking out the follicular, medullar or papillary cancer.

    Ultrasound of Thyroid: This imaginary method checks the thyroid gland which regulates the metabolism. This is a painless test checks out the images of glands using the sound waves.

    Thyroid scan: It is meant to ensure the existence of hyperthyroidism, cancer by passing the gamma rays over the radioactive iodine present in the thyroid.

    Laryngoscopy: this is meant to show the paralyzed vocal cords.

    Erum Calcitonin: Checks out of the calcitonin hormone in the blood by driving out the blood from the veins of the elbow or from the back of the hand.

    There are some more tests, which vary based on the hormones like T3,T4 or TSH.


    Treatment varies based on the hormones and their effect. Basically surgeries of thyroid gland or radiation in to the thyroid gland or replacement of thyroid glands is the general treatments for curing the thyroid treatment or cancer.

    Though there is a cure for it, it’s tough to resolve the cancer. It’s better to prevent it by taking the food which is rich with the quantity. And prefer for immediate rids as soon as finding the symptoms of thyroid.

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  • Apnea-Barrier of Sleep
    By Health Blog on August 22, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    Sleep Apnea

    Sleep Apnea

    A deep sleep full of sweet dreams gives you relief from the hectic scheduled day. When you are in dream, if some one suddenly wakes you up it definitely makes you irritating and feels tired and drowsy. But if you woke suddenly just because of your breath stops, just imagine the situation. It’s really going to be horrible. This is the case which will be experienced by few of people. And it is named as sleep apnea. This article is going concentrate on sleep apnea and some of its effects and treatment.

    Sleep Apnea:

    Sleep apnea is the dangerous problem for health and for normal life. These interruptions reduce the driving of oxygen level in blood to low and effects on relaxation of body organs. This can even turn as barrier for relations. It not only disturbs our life but also the others when it mix ups with snoring. Apnea is the breath break ups during sleep and this protectively wakes up the effected person.

    Reasons of Apnea:

    Basically the cause for apnea is narrowing of airline. And it’s because of gravitational pull of neck and throat’s soft nerves. This will result to snoring or rest less breathes during sleep. Some times the body shakes before waking up from sleep.  This is really going to have drastic effects on health, day activities and also on others who sleeps along with you. Though no one wants to stops the deep sleep but it apnea makes the person to wake up. It’s because the breathing process begins only when person wakes up from sleep, “in and out” sleeping patterns puts pressure on the sleep. Due to this, the other body organs like brain and nervous system which gains the relaxation during sleep will not reach the relief to max value.

    Other Chronic Diseases by Apnea:

    Due to the extreme apnea, the chance of affecting other chronic diseases will be more. Fatigue is the most frequently found health issue in people who got has apnea problem and these results to dangerous situations during drives. The chance of weight gain is also more. This sleep less nights also results to increase in the blood pressure.  It also effects on the heart beat and also raises issues like coronary artery diseases. There are also effects like outlook of person varies, sex drive will have problems and mood of person will not have freshness. Person who has less interest over exercise can gain the weight quickly and also worsens the apnea conditions.



    Rid of Apnea:

    Sleep apnea effect can be confirmed after proper diagnosed checkup.  Once it is proven, then there will be different treatments based on the patients requirements and health status.

    • CPAP: It’s a machine fixed to the patient’s mouse during sleep for blowing the air in the mouth and enlarging the airways which got narrowed. This is preferred when person can sleep straightly with out disturbing the machine.
    • OSB: Oral system balance is a technique which will be worn in the mouth and it keeps the soften tissues of tongue in alignment and clears the airways. This is generally done by the dentist.
    • Ear and Nose effects: ENT doctors will check ear and nose to find the cause of apnea, if it is the reason then that will be cleared by treatment.
    • People, who can’t use CPAP during sleep, can prefer for propped up pillows or sleeping in reclining chair. This avoids the gravity of nerves and decreases the effect of apnea.

    All this ensures the drastic weight loss earned because of apnea especially by CPAP. Consult doctor in case of Apnea symptoms and fallow this rids for better results.

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