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  • Healthy Diet for Fatty Brain
    By Health Blog on September 30, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
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    Healthy Food for Brain

    From the day of birth we start learning many things, we remember them and we implement and retrieve when it’s required. This process continuous from the day one to your last breathes of our life. This is because of our human brain which makes us to perform this many things and remembers all of them. In order to retain some energy and find some growth in body, we consume and chew many food items. We also prefer for various nutritious and protein based food rather than normal one. When it’s the case with outer visible part of body, then what’s the case with brain which makes us do such things, which handles such issues, which maintains database used by us for our life time. Yes, it also desires for some nutritious food which enriches its ability to work firmly and give accurate content when it’s needed. Else it also faces some problems while storing and retrieving important information. This article enlightens rich food which is essential for the effective working of human brain.

    Brain Needs: A low saturated fats with less sugar and rich in lean proteins improves the strength of brain and effects on memory power. There are many types of food items which are enriched with these nutritious and this can protect the brain and nourishes it. Apart from all brain needs some balanced chemicals which work for good sleep, providing pleasant mood and sharpness to react effectively. This can be possible when a person acquire maximum healthy and nutritious diet of brain.

    Food for Neurotransmitter:
    Prefer for the food which offers choline. Choline is quite essential for the acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter in brain passing the messages to other parts of brain and stores the information in different parts of brain. Egg is highly rich for choline. Apart from choline, neurotransmitter also needs B-vitamin and proteins which can be perceived by consuming moderate level of beef, lamb, and turkey. Turkey enriches neurotransmitter with tryptophan and it acts as precursor to the brain neurotransmitter serotonin. Selenium is the one which ensures the prevention from any brain damage and it is offered by lamb. A stable of beans can enrich your health as it converts all the food to energy and synthesize acetylcholine.

    Growth of the brain

    Growth of the brain

    Rich Fats for Healthy Brain Growth:
    Structurally brain is of 60% fat. A food with rich of fat can improve the brain growth and enriches the memory power. Many researches and articles ensure us that the fatty food can prevents the brain’s oxidative damage of brain organs which are meant of fat. Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 can protect the cognitive decline of the brain.

    Anti Oxidant rich Food:
    Anti oxidant are the one which preserve the brain from free radical damages. This can be possible when the diet includes the rich magnesium, copper, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, folate. All this important proteins can prevent the brain damages, enriches the neurotransmissions. This will more in fruits like strawberries, cranberries, blue berries and grapes. Apart from these potatoes, spinach also has a prominent role in enriching these proteins in human.

    Grains preventing Migraine:
    Consume grains which are rich of magnesium. Magnesium can prevent the brain nerves from migraine which generally occurs due to the stress. Grains like quina, barley and brown rice can relax the blood vessels and improves the blood flow.

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  • We can all keep our eyes look young and healthy!
    By Health Blog on September 28, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    eye thumbnail


    The first step in achieving a younger and healthier looking face is by taking extra care of our eyes. We all know how hard it is to achieve and maintain perfect skin around our eyes, we can all fall victim to wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles around our eyes.
    Don’t fear though! There are ways that we can overcome these issues quickly and easily. Here are some tips that can ensure that we are looking our best!

    Eye treatments

    Our eyes are the first thing that many people look at, and it is therefore important to make sure that they are looking the best that they possibly can. The skin around our eyes can become very vulnerable, so it important to use the best treatments when taking care of this skin.

    Eye bags

    Eye bags can make us look tired and worn out. They can be a result of many causes, such as lack of sleep and allergies. These can be easily treated with an eye bags cream which rejuvenates the skin and creates a more vibrant look.

    Eye wrinkles

    An eye wrinkle treatment can also be a fantastic way to keep your eyes at their blinking best! These magical treatments can seemingly turn back time and restore healthy looking skin around your eyes.

    Dark circles

    Dark circles cream can also be used in as the order to combat the problem of eye dark circles, with minimum fuss. Dark circles can leave you looking fatigued and stressed but they can be vanished for good with the use of these creams.

    There are skin care products out there that actually balance quality treatment with affordable prices, a perfect combination!

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  • Memory Management in Human
    By Health Blog on September 20, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    There are days when you forget your one of your friend’s name, your date of joining and sometimes even your dress accessories will not wear. All this are done not wontedly but because of forgetting few things. Forgetting few things is minute one, but there will be cases where you forget most important things like forgetting your spouse birthday date, your appointment with some important client and so on. At this situation your life may lead to drastic situations. At this moment you definitely feel that you need to remember the things at any cost, but it’s of sure remembering the things is not hands until going through some serious moments. The moment when you forget the things you definitely want to know the reason for your low memory. This article is going to concentrate on the memory and reasons behind low memory.

    Memory is the power of brain for storing the information which ever it grasps. But sometime this power fluctuates and will be low because of some few savior or general cases. Due to those specific reasons the memory status either fluctuates or drops down. Based on the importance of information our brain stores the content in different forms.

    Retrieval of information:

    If in case our brain has the ability to remember everything whichever it finds? It can remember some lacks of information within hour. And just image the moment when you recollect everything. To avoid such kind of problems, god has gifted a brain which can remember the things to certain extend. Our remembering ability differentiated in to three types. Based on the priorities, the information will be stored in different parts of brain. If it considers the information has useless, then it turns to trash and removes out of brain. And the most important point over is the remembering ability is completely relays on the concentration of a person. If the person concentrates more on the things, then he can easily remember them for few days and if he tries to recollect it again and again, then it would be fixed in brain permanently.

    Types of Memory:

    Memory based on the storing and importance of information it has been categorized in to three types. And each will have its own importance and all will be present in human at certain rates.



    Sensory Memory:

    The messages like when you eat your favorite delicious chocolate cake or when you listen to bomb blast for the first time then your sense will react for it and your nerve cells detects them and flows along all the nerves and it is considered as nerve impulse. And it moves to the different parts of the brain, when it feels its important information then it gets stored in the memory either for short period or for a long period. As it all occurs due to the sense of organs and its range of remembering can be for fraction of seconds (1000milliseconds to one second).

    Short Term Memory:

    This is the remembering things like calling your friend after an hour, once you have done with it you don’t want remember the same thing. In short term memory, our brain can able to store the information for 20-30 seconds.

    Long Term Memory:

    Long term memory is just freezing the things which you want to remember. It can freeze in brain for few days or for few hours or for entire life. This memory is very important to handle certain information for life. This improves more when you always retrieves and restores it.

    Just like the hard disk our brain stores and manages different things but the only difference is brain can’t be changed whereas hard disk can be changed. So it’s important to safeguard our brain from accidents.

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  • Overweight problems
    By Health Blog on September 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    This became one of the most common problems faced almost all the people who are aging above 40 years. After the age of 40, people can’t do much work and they get tired with the small works very much as their body doesn’t have much strength to do more work. So these people rest more and eat more so they will get overweighed very easily. BMI is the correct index for the overweight and gives the measure of the obesity. If this BMI is more than 30 is considered as overweight but the health problems with the overweight starts from the BMI more than 21.

    Some of the major reasons for this obesity are:

    • Obesity occurs due to energy imbalance of the foods that we eat and intake of high calorie food or foods with high fat content.
    • Having the foods that are low in vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutritious foods.
    • Decreased physical exercises or physical activity and sitting in only one position in the job work whole day.

    The health problems that occur due to this obesity are several. But the most common health problems that occur are:

    • First and foremost health problem due to overweight is the heart attacks and cardiovascular problems and this takes away lives of several people every year.
    • Diabetes is the also one of the health issue that rise due to obesity and makes us very difficult to treat.
    • Paralysis also occurs as the fat contents or the cholesterol blocks the blood vessels in the brain.
    • Knee pains occur as the body gets over weighted and burden on the knees and legs increases.
    • This makes us addicted to eat more and more food and titillates us to eat which is the main reason for failure to control the overweight.


    How this can be reduced?

    • Following some of the individual self control we can reduce the overweight.
    • Take good diet with more proteins, vitamins and fewer fats.
    • Limit the number of times that we take food.
    • Take light food as much as possible before going to sleep.
    • Don’t sleep immediately after taking the food. Do some work before you sleep and after you eat.
    • Limit the intake o of sugars.
    • Daily do the exercises or any work for physical movement of the body.
    • Take more fruits and raw vegetables than general food.

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  • Check out the Beautiful Aesthetic Eye Shadows
    By Health Blog on September 15, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of BH Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% mine.

    The moment a person absorbs a girl, the contact begins from eyes. A beautiful eye of a girl attracts the world with in a fraction of seconds. When these beautiful eyes are well designed with amazing eye shades, then it’s of no matter to be at the peak in the list of beauties. It sense that when a fascinating eyes gets combined with the good eyeshadow, elegance of girl enriches to more.

    Shading eyes is an art which needs a skill and good quality and radiant color eye shadows and brushes. As eye shades plays such a major role in beauty it is very important to consider a high quality eye shades. The beauty routine improves with the makeup and attractive eye shades are part of it. People who are very much enthusiastic like me can prefer BH Cosmetics which offers different radiant colored eye shade palettes with in affordable prices.

    Aesthetic Eye Shadows

    Aesthetic Eye Shadows

    Many girls prefer for makeup which remains on face for long period. This is possible due to the high pigmentation in cosmetics. To reach this requirement, BH Cosmetics offers the eye shadows of highly pigmented, which allows the soft and sparkling shade for strong and long period.

    As these beautiful eyes are very precious it needs an extra ordinary care and precautions. We have to choose the eye shades which are free from side effects and return a positive change along with the magnificence eyes. BH Cosmetics can offer such eye shade palettes offering many types of amazing color combinations with attractive impact over eyes. It could be professional or the party based make up, irrespective of situation we can choose this eye shades palettes as it ensures us the endless color combinations. Amazing colors with high quality are available in the market with in affordable price from BH Cosmetics. These eye shades will be available in different radiant colors in single palettes.

    Choose the best eye shade palettes with multiple colors and forms various combinations along with your make up kit and check out the dazzling change in look and turn your appeal as an angel from heaven.

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