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Get out of depression now

  • We usually get depressed very much when we don’t get or achieve what we want and we don’t want to anything, try out again the same opportunity and think that we are useless. We get very sad feeling of this kind when we fail in our exams or rejected by a person or company or by lover. This first affects our self-esteem, health and makes our life very disparaging. Getting immediately out of depression is difficult but I follow some tips whenever I get depressed very much.
    I usually take a break by listening to music or watching a movie or series or any amusement park which reduces my grief and soothes my depression. I usually don’t do any other work on that day and I try to divert my concentration on other things. I try to go to massage center to get massaged to get the relief.
    After that I take a review of my defects and what are the qualities that I am lacking and I think of the for those faults. I will list out the remedies and try to follow them daily along with my work strictly.
    I will go to one of my best friend and get the moral support from my friend and get involved in talking with him my past golden moments. I feel very comfortable to share even my faults so I talk with them very freely and I also get some suggestions from them. I sometimes had group support from my friends and felt very confident then. My family never scolds me whenever I lost but they asked me to know my faults and try to get out of them. They give me a hug that gives me half of my confidence back and I feel very comfortable to get the support from them.
    Finally, I never live or go into a dark room or closed area when I am depressed. If I go into that kind of places I get depressed very much and I feel very bad, so I usually go to an open area like a hillside which makes me cool and relieves me. Generally I will prefer to go to a temple and prays to the god to forgive my faults and give me a new life and successful life.

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