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How to quit smoking?

  • It’s very difficult to quit smoking once addicted because tobacco is one of the most dangerous narcotic and make the people as its slaves and makes them difficult to give-up and makes them feel very much happy when the people are feeling tension and in critical situations. But so many don’t know the effects of the cigarette but they only know that it causes harm to their health. Smoking make our lungs like tar filled sponges and they are that much powerful and able to spoil our lungs to that level. Smoking first affects lungs then teeth and then blood and then finally heart. People don’t know that there is no treatment for the lungs. Even there is no technology for transplantation of lungs. Smoking is the main reason for lung cancer. So it is very important to quit smoking.

    What we have to do is that we have to restrict ourselves and we should have so much confidence and control in our hand to quit smoking. As we can’t stop all at a time, we have to reduce the number of cigarettes we smoke by 1 for every month and if we do so continuously we will surely quit within 2 or 3 years and we also don’t feel very much difference. There are so many devices which provide the artificial feeling of smoking and scientists are saying that these devices are very helpful to quit smoking as they provide the feeling of smoking. We should be very much deterministic and strong in order to quit smoking.

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