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love pill what’s this? Am I gone crazy?find it yourself!!!

  • Researchers at The Young Lab found that the source of love could be in the head rather than your heart. So, is it that love is all about chemistry?

    One can’t say it completely till now but they say that there is a biological reason for it. Researchers found that there four tiny parts of brain that get stimulated when on makes love. They are Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA), the Nucleus Accumbens, the Ventral palladium and Raphe Nucleus.

    The VTA is the important part which will lit up when one makes love. It produces Dopamine and sends it to the different parts of the brain. The Nucleus Accumbens has activity when one breaks up with his love and is dying for it. The Ventral Palladium has to do with hormones that reduce the stress and Raphe nucleus produces serotonin that gives a sense of calmness.

    love pill

    love pill

    In females the key bonding hormone is Oxytocin and in males it is vasopressin. The levels of these hormones along with Dopamine decide the emotions and an appropriate mixture could make a love pill or an Anti love pill. We know that some perfumes contain Oxytocin and Vasopressin that help in human bonding.

    In the researcher Dr.Young’s words “if you really want, you know, to get the relationship spark back, then engage in the behavior that stimulates the release of these molecules and allow them to stimulate the emotions and that would be kissing, hugging and intimate contact”. Actually Dr.Young and his team are working on Voles (one of the mammal).
    He also added that “My wife tells me that flowers work as well. I don’t know for sure, as a scientist it’s hard to see how it stimulates the love circuits, but I do know they seem to have an effect. And the absence of them seems to have an effect as well.”

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    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
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