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  • Feel stressed during work? Is the deadline for the assignments nearby? Worried about lot of assignments that needs to be submitted in a short span? I had been through this stage many-a-times during my life. I felt very stressed, whether I’ll be able to complete my assignments on time. But one good thing which i like about myself is that I learn from my past mistakes and improve on them. So, next time , I don’t repeat the same mistakes but will do some new mistakes. :) . Since it’s a learning process, I feel very good when I learn from my mistakes. So, form many experiences in my life, I found out a way for getting rid of this stressed-out business. Earlier, I used to sit for long hours in night to complete the given assignment even stopping my sleep. stressed-out
    But then I slowly realized that I’m not getting the output for the efforts that I’ve kept. So, I was essentially doing hard work and not smart work. Smart work, what I mean is, essentially to do the work in a planned manner in an efficient manner. So, whenever I feel that i’m not getting the required output for the effort that I’m giving, I just take a break and come after sometime. Or I take a nap and get back to work after that. In this process, I feel energized when I sit to work after that short break. So, why not just take a break and start your work with a fresh mind. Now the time has come where meeting deadlines is not important, beating deadlines should be our agenda.

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