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The bygone art of learning!

  • learn lessons

    learn lessons

    Learning is a part of life and you do it till you demise from this world. You try to learn from the time of you entering into this world to exiting from this world, it is only the pace at which you are learning will vary not the activity. ‘The art of living’ is a new trend that is being followed by many technocrats and busy business people. Many of them are forgetting the fundamental living principle which will make us happier and satisfied than any other thing – that is learning new things and experiencing the freshness and uniqueness in each of it. Learning something doesn’t mean mastering the art or getting expertise in a subject, it just means know new and unknown things in any particular field. You may know most of things that are being discussed below here but I would like to throw another direction to it to make you understand what it is.

    The art of learning

    The art of learning

    When we are kids, we do every possible nasty and crazy thing in our life. No matter how stupid it is and what it is, we do it; we enjoy ourselves completely in trying out new things and hashing out them with our parents and other friends. We have all the time in this world to try eating food with legs to piercing into a wall, jumping from a ladder etc. We try learning everything that we see and come across in that age. This quest of learning and implementing the new things are gradually getting cubed by the alarming stress and race to win over others in every aspect of life. Let the mystery of life unfold itself and you do not try to unpack them before the right time. By that time, try to learn all the required skills and get ready with your assets to accomplish various tasks that you are going to face.

    Make it as a habit to learn at-least one new thing in your life. Do not say that either you have insufficient time or you do not know what is meant by learning. As I said before, learning is a continual process from birth to death; when there is no escape, do not surrender but try to give it a simple try. Every small thing that you learn counts and ever new scenario will be a gratifying. So, never stop learning, which is the primary source of information. So be open to grasp anything and everything that you encounter in your daily life. Don’t try to be excellent at all the time as it hampers your learning ability!

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