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About Health BlogI enjoy fitness, good diet, health and wellness. I regularly do yoga, cycling, aerobics and try to eat healthy food (most of the time). I enjoy updating YX Health blog and keeping up with news and happenings in the health and fitness industry.

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  • Antiboitics and Bacteria
    By Health Blog on October 15, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    Our day to day activities involves the interaction with different organs. And every activity has one or the other organs which bacteria. Our body mostly restricts the intruders called bacteria. But sometimes human body can’t resist with the high level of bacteria and it results to diseases, infections. To control this, a human needs prefer antibiotics. This antibiotics fights against bacteria and protects our body. And it also improves the resistance capability of human. Antibiotics have immense role in human as it acts as firewall in between human and bacteria by inhibiting the bacterial growth.

    A human goes through different situations where he faces with kinds of organs in which bacteria is the one. Bacteria is the one which always get contact with human and it always seeks to feed on our body. Some have good role but some have the side effects to the human body.  Some bacteria in human raise new health problems and diseases. Some bacteria causes infections where as some have a positive results. Bacteria has negative effect will be restricted by human being with the help of white blood cells. This white blood cells acts as cob for human body which restricts the intruders and fights against them. A single white blood cell can kill hundreds of intruders (bacteria) in its life span.


    Antibiotics kill the bacteria and it is termed as bactericidal and also hampers their ability of bacteria to grow and reproduce. With this the immune system ability will be increased and defeats against all the intruders.

    Role of Antibiotics:

    Antibiotics stave the bacterial growth by avoiding the interface with some organs which raises some kind of infections or diseases by enriching the synthesis of vitamin B, folic acid which thrive the bacteria.  Antibiotic generally enriches the proteins growth and its synthesis in shorter span by binding it to the metabolism. And it also avoids the DNA and RNA interaction with bacteria.



    Reaction of Bacteria over Antibiotics:

    There are some cases where the bacteria come out of the barriers which are built by the antibiotics. Actually the antibiotics point outs all the bacteria present in body and kills them quickly. To avoid their death, bacteria reduce the number of channels for drugs by changing its permeability or escort the antibiotics by forming a molecular and some forms the power pumps using ATP.

    Bacteria sometimes changes its molecules present inside the cell and diverts the target of antibiotics which keenly concentrating on their target.

    When the bacteria level reaches to extreme, they can easily sustain by neutralizing their energy and avoids the effect of antibiotics.

    Resistance of Bacteria over Antibiotics:

    Frequent usage of antibiotics makes the bacteria to retain the resistance ability. Sometimes it may have inherent capabilities. This is done, when bacteria copies the altered protein or enzyme and encoding it. They also akin to bacterial sex during the transformation and at these stage microbes join together and transfer the DNA to each other. There are also different ways by which the bacteria retain its energy and defeat the antibiotics role over it.

    It’s better to prevent the frequent use of antibiotics and increase the resistance of bacteria. And prefer for safer life.

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  • Rids of Spinal Anguish
    By Health Blog on October 11, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    back pain

    back pain

    Now a days the more comfort raising more issues. It has become common that every one is striving for strain free and sweat less work. For which most of us prefer jobs in office rather than in field. Its not the case with only employee, but also with students who start sitting from the age of 4 and they continue until the end of the life. Despite of playing hours a student generally sits for 5 hours. This sophisticated life also raises many health issues. Among this most major issue is back pain.  Many of us generally concentrates on health tips of diet, heart etc., but no one will concerns of back pain unless we face it.

    Spine- keen point of back:

    Spinal is the group of bones which is of four regions. From the neck to the pelvis, its of cervical region, thoracic region, the lumbar region and the sacral region. All this regions work together and provide the support for holding body’s upper part weight. A tunnel exists along all the bones of back providing the protection from neck to the end of the spinal. Calcium and phosphate are the two minerals which make the bones strong and tuff to face the damage to certain extend. Considerably less amount of mineral can lead to back pain issues.

    Ligaments and Muscles of Back:

    Ligaments and muscles are the attached supports offering the maximum energy on it. Ligaments are the one which holds the muscles and bones from the neck to the tip of the bone. This ligaments are of elastic to certain extend and they offer flexibility of only one side to maximum extend.  Any accidents or back pains are due to the cause of poor performance of ligaments.

    Muscles are the founders of spinal cord having the complete flexibility and providing maximum support to hold the weight of the body and easy movements. Muscles are the one having the maximum stretching and contracting ability unlike the ligaments.

    Rid of Backpain

    Rid of Backpain

    Joints and Nerves:

    Facet joints are the part of spinal cord which are of four parts got attached to each other and will rub during its movements. They got located at the back side of the spinal cord and their purpose is to protect the spinal bones. These joints are meant for the free movements of the body. On irritation or injury, they cause severe pain in complete back pain.

    Nerves, the messenger  is the other important relevant concepts of spinal cord. This passes through the spinal cord bones from the brain and gets connected to the rest of the body. This makes the body to interact with every part of body.

    All together forms the complete working of your spinal cord. Any injury or stress or lack of minerals can lead to the  pain which may be resolvable or may not be. So proper treatment and rids are pretty essential to gain the relief in shorter time.

    Immediate Rids:

    Try to give rest to the back, when it feels stressed and tired as back is the main part of the body and nothing can be done without it. Its quite important to provide maximum relief.

    Move your Body: Don’t get fixed to the desktop more than hour. Even in office try to move your body, have a small walk and provide relief to back for every half an hour.

    Ice for Inflammation: Apply ice over the swelled part of back which reduces the pain and yields an instant relief.

    Compress Massage: Prefer for compression or massage on back where you feel pain. With this the over flow of blood over back will returns to its normal flow.

    Consult Doctor:Frequent pain of back need to be resolved soon by consulting doctor, as the risk of severe cases of back pain can be avoided.

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  • Use Acne Therapies to Beautify Your Face
    By Health Blog on October 8, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments
    acne therapie

    acne therapie

    The beauty of girl begins from the aesthetic features, cute colored skin tone, and slippery smooth skin texture. When any one of it is missed, it seems like spots over the moon. Though the moon spots makes beauty to it, dots of strawberry forms quite look to it. But the same spots over the girls skin makes her look out of beauty box. This spots mostly cause due to the acne problem. There is a cure for many of the skin problems, but it’s not the case with acne, no complete cure to it. There are some treatments and some medications for avoiding the break outs of acne.

    Basically the acne has three stages based on the range of acne. Topical, systemic and procedural are the categories. To know the acne stage and its accurate treatment we can consult either dermatologist or esthetician. Esthetician is not a dermatologist but will have complete information regarding through it. He/she may not provide the exact medication but offers the effective treatments.  On the basis of severity we can prefer either dermatologist or esthetician.

    Treatments on Severity Basis:

    Topical Acne Treatment:

    This is the treatment for the acne which ranges from mild to severe. Its include creams, lotions, ointments. This can be provided either by dermatologist prescription or at the counter. It’s an outer layer treatment which can cure mild to moderate acne by over dosage of creams. On severe cases, it’s better to prefer prescriptions.

    Systemic Acne Treatment:

    This is the treatment which is basically either in oral form or in pill form. This cures the treatment internally rather than effecting on outer skin. This includes some medications like hormonal treatment, Isotretinoin and also oral antibiotics.

    Use Acne Therapies to Beautify Your Face

    Use Acne Therapies to Beautify Your Face

    Procedural Acne Treatment:

    These are the therapies which are made by the dermatologist or practitioner or estheticians. We can many numbers of therapies for mild to severe type of acne problems.

    Chemical Peels: It’s actually a light chemical peel consists of alpha hydroxyl, beta hydroxyl or glycolic acid. This peel is not to peel the skin but to exfoliate the skin by removing the dead cells and helps the acne to clear out its debris.  This works effectively for the people having the acne range of mild to average. This therapy can be done by estheticians in the form of facial.

    Phototherapy: This is the treatment for acne by reducing inflammation, shrinking the sebaceous glands, killing acnes etc. It’s completely laser treatment and its duration and effect ranges based on the level of acne.

    Injections: Injections are meant to heal the lesion. Lesions are made of Cysts which complete damages the skin tissues. To avoid this corticosteroid injection which is a combination of reducing inflammations will be injected.

    Comedo Extractions: This is the coaxing plugs of sebum and cellular debris by extractioning comedo and facial pores. This reduces the breakouts by just removing the black heads, milia and soft closed comedones. This process is implemented only by the dermatologist.

    All therapies can easily cover the breakouts and avoids the acne problem.

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  • Lean Back and Relax for a stress reliving spa
    By Health Blog on October 8, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    The simple and easy way to relax your body is to go either for a massage or to a spa. I prefer to go to spa as it offers more facilities and also provides more comfort. Though there are various spas in the country, I personally prefer the special spa residing at Dallas; I call it as Dallas massage therapy center. No other massage center can match to their superior service. Not only that, they have various packages and offers though out the year. If you are planning to go for a massage therapy or yoga classes, don’t miss this famous health club.

    They offer facials, waxing, body massage, Dead Sea Mud Wrapping Remedy, Remedied Salt Scrub, Shiatsu, Dallas massage, Thai Massage, Myo-Fascial Release, many more… etc. If you combine 2 or 3 services, you get 20% and 30% off. They do sell lot of products too ranging from Skin Cleansers, Peels, Mud Clays, Mositurizers and more. All of them are organic, natural and non-toxic. So, if you are ever going to Dallas, don’t miss this massage Dallas health center. You will definitely get impressed and you will visit it again and again for sure.

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  • Works of Tongue
    By Health Blog on October 7, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    Body’s most unusual and most flexible muscle in the body is the tongue which makes us to speak, chew, gallop and sense the taste. It allows the control and manipulation of food and speaks. This enriches food digestion and speaks flow.  On observation we can find the tongue in to different shapes. What could be the reason which makes only tongue to change its shape when it’s not possible with other muscles? The composition of skeletal muscle fiber enriches your life with flow of sweet and hard accent oriented talk. Let’s find what makes your tongue to speak, taste and digests your food.

    Things makes to Fulfill tongue’s Diverse Responsibilities:

    Its Role in Food digestion: Tongue plays the role of molding and chewing the food in mouth along with the cheeks. This enriches the digestive process in quite easy way. This is the reason for suggesting chewing the food for at least 10times.

    Tongue is the most musical fiber that gets lace with in a surrounded skeletal bone perceiving the secured organs. This peripheral sense organ has the sensation towards heat, cold, pain and pressure.

    Beneath the Tongue:

    The symmetrical structure of tongue and muscles have two halves got divided by medium septum. Its composition is of extrinsic and intrinsic muscles. Each plays a different role and is initiated at different locations of body.

    Extrinsic Muscle:

    The very long extrinsic muscle is root is from somewhere in deep of the body, connects to the bone of the surrounding mouth and provides the movements to it. The stylaglosus, palatoglousus makes its movement where as geniglossus enriches the depression and thirstiness.

    This extrinsic got laced with the jaw bone called hyoid bone for supporting the tongue, styloid processes and temporal lobes.  Its u shaped structure hyoid bone suspends the styloid processes with the help of ligaments and muscles.

    Intrinsic Muscle:

    These intrinsic muscles originate from the tongue and it’s the cause of tongue flexibility like contracting and expanding in different shapes. Intrinsic includes longitudinalis inferior, transverses linguae, verticalis linguae, longitudinalis superior which plays the keen role in speech process.

    tongue structure

    tongue structure

    Mucous Membrane:

    Mucous membrane is a double layered cover over the tongue which prevents the entering of intruders like microbes, pathogens in to the digestive system. Its covers the muscle mass and fat of tongue and secrets the mucus and keeps the mouth and food always moist.

    Taste buds:

    The taste which we sense while eating makes us feel different moments (tasty, spicy, sweet, hot, etc). Its due to the taste buds around the tongue which are named as papillae. This makes the actual friction between the tongue and food.

    Small structured taste buds fixed in the papillae are made up of basal and supporting cells which maintain 50 gustatory receptor cells which are simulated by the chemical solutions.

    Speech Instrument:

    Tongue is the most vital speech instrument for the human body. The world of phonetics is generated just because of speech ability. There are vowels which specially needs the help of tongue, any of its malfunctioning can leads to the issues in speech.

    A small flexible tongue have big role in human for interaction, finding the tastes of cusisine.

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