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About Health BlogI enjoy fitness, good diet, health and wellness. I regularly do yoga, cycling, aerobics and try to eat healthy food (most of the time). I enjoy updating YX Health blog and keeping up with news and happenings in the health and fitness industry.

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  • Healthy Hair Are Beautiful Hair
    By Health Blog on March 25, 2009 | 10 Comments10 Comments  Comments

    We have talked about controlling hair loss and what a menace this problem can be. But just conversely, beautiful hair can add a wonderful glow to your face and a sizable impact on your personality.

    There can be a number of ways through which we would be changing the way our hair look, but have you ever pondered about how much steps we take to make our hair healthy and strong from the root.


    healthy hair is beautiful hair

    As for excessive dyeing, it is needless to mention how much that can be damaging for your hair in the long run, as they contain numerous chemicals that you otherwise would not even think about going near to. Do not dye unless you really have to, and take patch tests for allergies that many good hair color products offer before getting to use them. Apart from skin irritation, they can cause hair breakage, skin discoloration, and even cancer.

    Rather wash your hair daily and regularly, while massaging them carefully with shampoo and in one direction to avoid damage. Learn about your hair type and choose a shampoo with a compatible intensity with your hair type. Massage your scalp regularly, that will help in regulating your blood circulation and treat your hair with jojoba, coconut or Indian Gooseberry oil at least weekly before washing for their strength.

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  • What Vitamins Do Inside Your Body
    By Health Blog on March 23, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    We all listen to the doctors emphasizing about how vitamins are vital for our health. But do we really know what functions these vitamins actually perform inside our bodies? Here some of the main functions of vitamins will be discussed.


    VITAMIN A : The primary function of Vitamin A is to strengthen our vision. Its deficiency can result in night blindness and if not addressed can also cause complete blindness.

    Vitamin B1 & B3: These vital vitamins help to convert our blood sugar into energy. Their deficiency can cause several problems such as dementia, delirium, beriberi and can even result in death.

    Vitamin B2 : It is also known as Riboflavin and it helps our body cells to control fats and carbohydrates to give us energy. Lack of Vitamin B2 can cause damage to skin and eye.

    Vitamin B5 : The main objective of Vitamin B5 is to convert the food in our body into energy. Although, its deficiency in human body is very rare, but if it happens it can cause pain and weakness in abdomen.

    Vitamin C : It is very critical for human health, as it helps connect tissues inside our body with the help of collagen. Its deficiency can result in swollen gums, and slowness in healing process.

    Vitamin D : It helps to strenthen our bones and joints as it contains calcium.

    Vitamin E : It helps to prevent our body cells from getting damaged as it is an antioxidant. Its scarcity in our body can cause age spots and hemolytic anemia.

    Vitamin K : It helps our blood to clot, and its deficiency can cause difficulties for blood to clot which can result in unstoppable bleeding which can be lethal.

    After knowing the critical functions these vital vitamins perform for us, you will definitely have greater urge to include them into your daily diet as their deficiency can disturb the inner mechanism of your body.

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  • Guide To A Quick Make-Up
    By Health Blog on March 21, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    If you have a party coming up at a friend’s place or a family dinner in the evening, and want to quickly do your own face make-up, then there is no reason to panic as all you need to do is to follow few simple steps.

    The first step is to gather all the make-up tools that you will be needing and keep them at an arm’s length. Doing so will save you much time, and making up your mind will be easy. Some of the fundamental things of need will be liquid foundation, moisturizer, compact powder, eye shadows and their applicator, mascara, lipsticks, eye liner, lip brush, tissue box and few ice cubes.


    Guide to a quick makeup

    You should start off by applying moisturizer on your face and then cover all the exposed parts like eyes, neck and face with liquid foundation. You should wipe off excessive moisturizer, and gradually and carefully blend the foundation in your skin. Then rub your face with ice cubes to close all the pores and then use tissue to dry your face. Now you can apply compact powder to your face.

    Choose an eye shadow according to the nature of the party, you can also add glitter. Then, apply eye liner and afterwards put mascara on your eye lashes. Now start using a lip liner along the edges of your lips, it is better to start with the upper lip. And then fill the lip color with a lip brush and press lips against a tissue. You can add lip gloss with a sparkle if the evening part will be outdoors.

    Now you have to add some color to your cheeks, but don’t overdo it by making circles. Take a basic rogue shade, put some brush over it, and then apply the brush gently to your cheeks and nose.

    It is possible that after you are done with your make over, you might start sweating, so in order to give a touch up to your looks, you better keep some essential make-up tools in your hand bag.

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  • Strong Legs Make A Strong Body
    By Health Blog on March 16, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments  Comments

    Legs are very important parts of our body, and we use them all the time through the day. Bio mechanical experts suggest that during all sports legs bear the most pressure, and a successful athlete always has strong legs. Playing a tough set of tennis is an impossible task without strength in legs, while the wood and iron shots in a peaceful game golf are also heavily dependent upon your legs.

    Even if we put the sports aside, there are many other daily activities which all of us undergo without knowing how much stress we put on our legs.  Carrying our children, carrying school bag and emptying the garbage can are trivial occupations, but put immense strain on our legs. Owing to the constant use of our legs in so many activities, ensuring their strength should be our top priority.


    There are several effective and easy exercises to build leg muscles. Four of the most popular are lunges, squat, box jump and vertical leap, and if adopted properly the four combine to give magical strength to your legs.

    Box jump involves jumping on boxes of different heights and strengthen the hip and thigh muscles. Vertical jump exercise is about standing in front of a wall with your arms straight over your head. Then, you have to jump in the same position as high as possible and then mark the point on the wall that your finger tips touch, the higher you jump the better.

    Through daily leg exercise, you can build your core and hip, and add to the overall agility in your body.

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