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Control Hair Loss Through Natural Herbs

  • Hair loss is one of the fastest growing problems among men as well women. And the worst part is that it can actually happen to people of any age; many youngsters also face the threat of losing hair at a fairly early age.

    There are many medical reasons behind loss of hair. The most difficult cases are when the process of hair loss is hereditary. Many treatments are often talked about, but people remain skeptical of their use as many harmful side effects are caused. Therefore, the most popular treatments among patients are those which involve the use of natural ingredients rather than harmful artificial processes.


    Over the years the use of natural herbs has helped in curing many different diseases. Effects of use of natural herbs to control hair loss have also been found to be encouraging.

    Gingko Biloba is a herb that helps to increase the circulation of blood, which results in transportation of more nutrients to the hair follicles causing rapid re-growth of hair. Green Tea has also been found to be useful especially for bald men, but its intensive use is required.

    Polygonum Multiflorum or “Fo-Ti” is another Chinese herb which has been used from thousands of years to prevent hair loss. Nowadays it is easily available in the form of pills and capsules. Pygeum and Stinging nettle are also useful to prevent baldness in males, and are easily available in the form of capsules and pills.

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