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Exercise and weight loss

  • The ideal way to be able to achieve weight loss is a good combination of reduced calorie intake and increased energy expenditure. A proper and balanced diet which will gradually reduce the calories hire and provide all the necessary ingredients in sufficient quantities, in conjunction with a regular exercise which will help us to consume more calories is a good and feasible combination.

    The exercise and its benefits …

    The exercise is the second and major part, a good design for weight loss. Proper exercise can help us to increase the consumption of energy (calories) in our bodies, not only during the exercise program and during the whole day, raising our metabolism!

    But what is the correct length and charge, to achieve the best possible result; We should start saying that all forms of our exercise and contribute to our health, it suffices to take place properly and safely. Any sporting activity and by the way which is offering different results in our bodies.

    For weight loss and slimming, scientific evidence indicating that low intensity aerobic exercise, is the ideal way to exercise, especially for the largest percentage loss of fat from the body. Some of the positive effects of aerobic exercise, particularly by exercising in water is: Increased calorie consumption during exercise, because of natural resistance of water!

    Mikromasaz on the surface of the skin, with the help of the hydrostatic pressure of water and effective removal of cellulite!

    Increase in basic metabolism!
    Reduce triglycerides
    Improve the circulation and varicose veins in the legs!
    Raising HDL – cholesterol!
    Reduction of LDL – cholesterol!
    Reduction in blood pressure!
    Increase muscle mass and improve the tightness!
    Reduction of adipose mass!
    Prevention and protection from ischemic myocardial disease!
    Deceleration of degenerative lesions of joints!

    An aerobic exercise program, to have the best possible result, it is not to exceed 70% of the maximum intensity, duration to 30-45 minutes and be done with a frequency of 3-5 times a week.

    Exercising in water is the best and most secure way of sports and entertainment. Enjoy the water and learn about everything that can be offered in the body and your health!

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