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Eye Serum’s or Eye Creams?

  • eye serum

    eye serum

    The latest hot trend in skin care seems to be eye serum. There are many reasons for this, but primarily it is because serums do not contain the heavy oil that most eye creams are based upon. Oil is a common cause of irritation around the eye area. For instance, the award winning Elite Serum from EliteSkin has recently been clinically tested and proven to contain no irritants. Furthermore, oil causes acne, particularly when it makes its way onto other areas of the face. This is like robbing Peter to pay Paul, as acne can be even more unsightly than wrinkles.

    When choosing an eye serum, as a skin care professional, I would suggest looking for something that not only reduces wrinkles and dark circles, but a serum that will moisturize the skin. Accordingly, Aloe Vera is a very underrated eye serum ingredient, as it is the world’s most prolific moisturizer. Avoid eye cream and eye serums that contain glycolic acid. This is particularly important for young people as young skin is very vulnerable to the harshness created by this irritant. Glycolic acid removes valuable skin cells surrounding the eyes. While this may be a ‘quick fix’, the long-term damage effect can be staggering.

    eye serum

    eye serum

    Finally, I would further recommend using a good sunblock, one with at least 30 SPF if you plan to remain outside for more than a couple hours. Sunblock will reduce your chances of developing wrinkles. Even better, is using a sunblock that contains active wrinkle fighting peptides. I have heard of a new sunblock product coming out by WrinkleSystem that contains Argireline. This is definitely very innovative and I will be exploring this more in depth in future columns. Furthermore, I would recommend wearing sunglasses when possible as they significantly diminish instances of squinting, which is another major cause of wrinkles.

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