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  • Angry
    By Health Blog on July 7, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    People when they are very much frustrated or very much tired of work will usually get very much angry as they can’t cope up with their body as they work whole day. But angry disappoints others very much and it creates so many other health problems also. Not only health problems it also reduces the relationships. Angriness sometimes leads to high blood pressure and finally leads to heart attack sometimes. So reducing angriness is very important and it should be controlled. We need to learn some tips to control angriness. I feel very bad when I get angry and scold my children. I tried so many ways to reduce my angriness. I tried to figure out why I am getting angriness and I came to know it’s because of the work stress and sometimes due to stress. I am doing meditation since 3 months and I am able to reduce my angriness very much and stress on me. This brought me a great change in me and I consulted my family doctor also and he suggested taking some good diet and that will also make us delightful and reduce our angriness.



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  • Get out of depression now
    By Health Blog on July 5, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    We usually get depressed very much when we don’t get or achieve what we want and we don’t want to anything, try out again the same opportunity and think that we are useless. We get very sad feeling of this kind when we fail in our exams or rejected by a person or company or by lover. This first affects our self-esteem, health and makes our life very disparaging. Getting immediately out of depression is difficult but I follow some tips whenever I get depressed very much.
    I usually take a break by listening to music or watching a movie or series or any amusement park which reduces my grief and soothes my depression. I usually don’t do any other work on that day and I try to divert my concentration on other things. I try to go to massage center to get massaged to get the relief.
    After that I take a review of my defects and what are the qualities that I am lacking and I think of the for those faults. I will list out the remedies and try to follow them daily along with my work strictly.
    I will go to one of my best friend and get the moral support from my friend and get involved in talking with him my past golden moments. I feel very comfortable to share even my faults so I talk with them very freely and I also get some suggestions from them. I sometimes had group support from my friends and felt very confident then. My family never scolds me whenever I lost but they asked me to know my faults and try to get out of them. They give me a hug that gives me half of my confidence back and I feel very comfortable to get the support from them.
    Finally, I never live or go into a dark room or closed area when I am depressed. If I go into that kind of places I get depressed very much and I feel very bad, so I usually go to an open area like a hillside which makes me cool and relieves me. Generally I will prefer to go to a temple and prays to the god to forgive my faults and give me a new life and successful life.

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  • Effects Of Alcohol On Anxiety Patients
    By Health Blog on July 4, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Traditionally it is thought that one of the reasons for growing anxiety in our society is the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol has been used as a depressant over the years, and although it is not a cause of growing anxiety but still it creates a devastating combination with anxiety patients.


    Alcohol can aggravate anxiety

    Alcohol is only a temporary solution to a long term problem. Those who have used alcohol in connection with anxiety, state that it helps them getting rid of it but in fact they are only running away from their problem rather than taking the bull by the horns.

    The usage of alcohol can calm down the nerves of the concerned patient but it can create several other complications like heart problems. It has also been observed that such patients show a tendency towards violence and rough behavior going to the extent of criminal activities.

    While alcohol is not the source of anxiety, but it can certainly aggravate the condition of the patient. Of course, alcoholism is the most easy resort of the depressed, but this is the time when you are in need of social interactions like never before, and to find comfort with your family and friends, whoever you trust. So the next time anxiety hits you, try making it to the therapist, or even better your home, rather than gulping spirits in the bar.

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  • How to quit smoking?
    By Health Blog on June 25, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    It’s very difficult to quit smoking once addicted because tobacco is one of the most dangerous narcotic and make the people as its slaves and makes them difficult to give-up and makes them feel very much happy when the people are feeling tension and in critical situations. But so many don’t know the effects of the cigarette but they only know that it causes harm to their health. Smoking make our lungs like tar filled sponges and they are that much powerful and able to spoil our lungs to that level. Smoking first affects lungs then teeth and then blood and then finally heart. People don’t know that there is no treatment for the lungs. Even there is no technology for transplantation of lungs. Smoking is the main reason for lung cancer. So it is very important to quit smoking.

    What we have to do is that we have to restrict ourselves and we should have so much confidence and control in our hand to quit smoking. As we can’t stop all at a time, we have to reduce the number of cigarettes we smoke by 1 for every month and if we do so continuously we will surely quit within 2 or 3 years and we also don’t feel very much difference. There are so many devices which provide the artificial feeling of smoking and scientists are saying that these devices are very helpful to quit smoking as they provide the feeling of smoking. We should be very much deterministic and strong in order to quit smoking.

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  • Importance of sleep
    By Health Blog on June 22, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    So many people on this earth sleep less than 6 hours due to the heavy work load and different living working styles. People don’t know the problems they have to face in the future because of the lack of proper sleep. So many health scientists suggest us to sleep at least 6 hours in a day. If we sleep less than 6 hours we will get health problems like high blood pressure. If we don’t sleep, for every hour that we are losing the sleep will cost for the increased blood pressure. The scientists of the Chicago University recently discovered in their study that we have to face the problem of high BP problem for 37%. They also told that the time we spend for sleeping and the quality of the sleep reflects the high BP in our body. Not only high BP but also weight gain is one more affect due to lack of proper sleep. Here are some of the benefits of having proper sleep.

    importance of sleep

    1. Sleeping helps us to recall our memory very well and stores for longer period of time. So people who attend exams after having enough sleep can perform well, as they can recall their memory very easily.
    2. Sleeping affects the way our body stores the carbohydrates and processing of the food we eat. Lack of proper sleep will disturb the same and cause the weight gain.
    3. Lack of sleep creates irritation, lack of interest in doing our job, lack of concentration and moodiness. Sleep less than 6 hours make us very tired and wont allow to do the work properly.
    4. Sleeping less hours will also affect the immune system of our body.
    5. Lack of proper sleep causes the eye to strain very much and causes the eye burning and eye diseases.

    So having proper sleep is very crucial and important. So have sleep of at least 6 hours daily.

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