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  • Guidelines for the usage of medicines
    By Health Blog on August 20, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    In so many villages the people don’t know which medicine they have to use so they go a medical shop and ask for the medicines. There are several medicines that are available in this world but only some of them are needed for the treatment. Sometimes people don’t know how to use the medicines use them in a very wrong way. Using the medicines in a wrong way leads to several abnormalities and may cause other health problems mainly to livers, lungs, heart and kidneys. It is utmost important to use the medicines in the right way. Don’t forget that medicines can kill if we use wrongly and with every medicine this problem exists.

    The right usage of medicine and in the right dosage is very important. Unnecessary combinations of medicines might lead to different reactions and may cause death. Here are some of the guidelines that are to be followed for the better usage of medicines:

    • Use the medicines only when necessary.
    • Know the expiry date of the medicine and then use. Even if use the expired medicine it is of no use and sometimes may lead to harmful affects also.
    • Be sure to use the right dosage, right number of times, during day and night.
    • Know the correct precautions and use them carefully.
    • When we are having any doubt, seek the advice from a trained medical person or a doctor.
    • Only use the medicine when you are sure it is needed and when you are sure how to use it and know the side effects of that medicine before.
    • Some medicines may be sleepy after having that medicine. Try to avoid the work or working involves physical and mental attention.


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  • What to do when electric shock happens?
    By Health Blog on August 20, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    We are living in a world fully surrounded by the electric wires. In villages most of the wires are not fully safe or fully covered with insulating material and they will be left without proper handling. Irregular handling of these wires leads to the electric shocks. The level of the shock effect depends up on the voltage that flows through that wire. Electric shock sometimes becomes an emergency. The longer the person in contact with the electric wire, lesser is the chances of survival. Some if the effects that are caused due to electric shock:

    • Electric shock may paralyze the person mainly the brain.
    • The person may stop breathing.
    • Paralysis of muscles may occur.
    • Heart may stop pumping or may go into a state in which it stops pumping.
    • Heart may continue to beat but breathing may stop. If this happens the face becomes blue.
    • There may be several burns on the skin if he catches the fire.


    What we have to do?

    • Immediately we should not do something if the person is still in contact with the electricity. Try to disconnect him with a dry wooden plank or any insulating material through which electricity doesn’t pass through it.
    • If the victim is still in contact with the wire, switch off the current or unplug the main plug. If you were not able to find the plug then stand on a rubber or wooden soled boots and then remove or cut the connection of the wire. Don’t use the scissors, knife or any other kind of metal.
    • If the is no way to shut off the current then remove the victim by dragging him using a dry walking stick, dry wooden stick or pole. You can also drag him with the rubber material. Put some rubber or dry clothes or papers under his body.

    Once the person is safely out of the contact with the wires then start mouth to mouth breathing and cardiac massage immediately if the victim is not breathing. Continue doing this while moving him to the hospital. If the body was caught with fire then use some ointment for the first aid treatment.

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  • How to treat wounds caused by bullets and knives?
    By Health Blog on August 20, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The wounds that are caused due to the bullets and knives will generally be very hard and difficult to bear the pain also. Deep bullet or knife wounds run risk of dangerous infection. This needs an emergent antibiotic in-order to stop the infection. Preferable are penicillin, ampicillin. If the person is not given the tetanus vaccine in his childhood then he should be given an injection of tetanus. Any kind of serious damage to the body occurs then it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

    When bullet wounds occur on arms or legs then if the wound is bleeding a lot then control the bleeding by tying with a cloth. If the bleeding is not so serious then let the wound bleed for a short while so that it will clean out. Wash the wound with boiled water and soap and apply bandage on it. Give the antibiotics then. If we get any doubt of broken bone then we should consult the doctor immediately otherwise the wound will become more severe. If the injure is serious then the person is kept completely still.


    If the wounds happens deep into the chest then its very dangerous and if the wound reaches the lungs and the air is being sucked though the holes when the person breathes, cover the wound at once so that no more air enters. Give antibiotics and painkillers if the pain is more.

    If the wounds occur in abdomen then seek the medical help immediately. Meantime cover the wound with bandage. Close the guts with the salt water or boiled water. Don’t push him in the back and make sure that the cloth is wet.

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  • Take extreme care when taking medicines
    By Health Blog on August 19, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    We should take extreme care when the person is suffering from a disease or particularly when a woman is pregnant. If we take medicines in some situations will lead to more health problems so we should take extreme care when taking medicines. There are several general situations in which we should not use medicines. If the situation is so serious and need medicine then we need to contact the doctor for precautions and proper usage. These are some situations in which we should not take medicines.

    • Pregnant women who are breast feeding should avoid all medicines that are not absolutely necessary.
    • With newborn children, be very careful when giving medicines to them. Whenever needed contact for the medical help and then give the medicine. Give as small amounts as possible.
    • A person who had any sort of allergic or allergic reactions like itching, skin rashes, irritation when given some type of medicines like penicillin then never use them again and contact the doctor for the other remedial medicines for the same problems.
    • Persons who are suffering with heart problems or ulcers or asthma should avoid medicines that contain aspirin. Most of the pain killers make the ulcers more badly.
    • There are specific medicines that are harmful or dangerous to take when you have certain illness.
    • Persons who are dehydrated or have disease of the kidneys should be especially careful with the medicines they take. Don’t take more than one dose otherwise it could poison the body.


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  • Healing diseases without any medicines
    By Health Blog on August 19, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Most of the health problems can be solved without medicines. Excessive use of the medicines makes our more weak and reduces the resistant power of our body. After some days after using medicines more frequently, those medicines will become useless and our body will not respond to those medicines and we need to take more powerful medicines that affects all the other parts of the body and also costs very much and difficult to get them nearby. So we should try to reduce the use of the medicines as much as possible. Not only the usage of the medicines affects the resistant power of our body but also affect the natural defense mechanism of our body. People can get out of the sickness including from common cold and flu very easily using some household food products without the use of medicines.


    Even in the case of serious illness, when a medicine may be needed, it is the body that must overcome the illness and the medicine just helps for curing. Much of medical treatments should not depend upon the medicines and doctors should also try to recommend as less medicines as possible. Doctors should recommend the medicines unless the condition is severe. We should not run to the doctor for even the small health problem that we get. We need to try to heal it with the home based treatments by following some basic precautions.

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