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  • Antibiotics and using them properly
    By Health Blog on August 18, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    After so many researches the scientists came to know that the best way to treat the diseases caused due to bacteria and fungi is to introduce the substances from the bacteria in to our body and creating antibodies in our body that fight against the bacteria that are causing these diseases in reverse acting against them. Antibiotics are the substances that are produced by the organisms like bacteria, fungi to prevent the grown of the other organisms and eventually to kill them. Actually these are made in laboratories using some chemicals. These are very important medicines for controlling the once greatest problems like smallpox, chickenpox. The best known antibiotics are penicillin, amoxicillin, tetracycline etc.

    These work differently from each other against specific diseases. We should use them very carefully otherwise there will be great health problems involved in their introduction in to our body. Information on the usage, dosages, risks and precautions to use for the antibiotics are recommended to study and then we should use these antibiotics.


    Here are some of the guidelines for using the antibiotics of all kinds:

    • If you don’t know exactly how to use the antibiotic and what infections it is used for then please don’t use them.
    • Use only an antibiotic that is recommended for the infection you wish to treat.
    • Know the risks that are involved in using the antibiotic and take all the recommended precautions.
    • Use the antibiotic only in the recommended dosage, not more not less. The dose depends upon the illness and the age of the person for whom this is used.
    • Never use injections of antibiotics if taking them by mouth is likely to work as well. Inject only when necessary.
    • Keep using the antibiotics until the recommended or required number of days or for at least two days more after the fever and other signs of the infection goes away.
    • Don’t take these antibiotics in fewer amounts than recommended.
    • If the antibiotics causes any skin rashes or itching or difficulty in breathing then the person must stop using these antibiotics and contact the doctor.
    • Only use the antibiotics when the need is great.

    Don’t forget to follow these recommendations before using the antibiotics as this needs so much care.

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  • How to take medicines?
    By Health Blog on August 18, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    It is very important to know how to take the medicines, in how much quantity should be taken and other precautions that should be taken before taking medicine because if we take the medicine less than the disease will not cure or if we take more then it will affect other parts of the body also mostly lungs, liver, heart, stomach. So we should take at most care while taking medicines. Some medicines should be taken only once in a day and others may be very often like this there are several other constrains on taking medicines depending upon the severity, emergency, time, conditions etc. Whenever we suggest a medicine to others it is better to give all the instructions and also the information regarding when to take and how to repeat. It is always suggestible even if the number of medicines is less to write all the precautions, timings and frequency to use those medicines. When there are several kinds of medicines then we have to take more care regarding this.


    Suppose if you are suggesting some medicines to others then you should write on a paper the information regarding the timings, name of the person, disease, frequency of usage you suggested and for what you suggested the medicine including the dosage. This helps as a patient report.

    Some medicines should be taken and also works best when taken with empty stomach while the others work effectively only when taken with full stomach. Because some medicines upset the stomach if there is some food inside and creates the sensation of vomiting or motions. So we should know how to use the medicines and other precautions that we should follow before taking them.

    I am suggesting some medicines those should be taken before 1 hr to the meals: penicillin, ampicillin, tetracycline, rifampicin.

    Take these medicines together with or after the meals: aspirin, iron tablets, vitamin tablets and erythromycin.

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  • Don’t expose to electromagnetic radiation
    By Health Blog on August 17, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Can you imagine the world without electricity? We can’t live without electricity even a second in this present situation of complete dependency. As we always move along the electricity wires and electric appliances, there is one important health problem that we are exhibited to. It’s the electromagnetic radiation that radiates around the electricity cables and close to the electric appliances. The very low frequency fields produce several adverse affects to our health. This radiation causes several long term as well as short term affects to our health.

    The short term affects include nerve and muscle stimulation and changes the excitement of the cells in the central nervous system. This may lead to the paralysis of the body parts also. Mostly there are less short term affects but if the body is exposed for a long time then we have to face several adverse health problems. Some of the long term affect are:

    • This is the main reason for childhood leukemia with the general residential magnetic fields exposure.
    • Childhood cancer can occur if exposed consistently to these radiations.
    • Depression is a common symptom when exposed to these radiations.
    • Reproductive disorders, cardiovascular problems, developmental problems of children, degeneration of nervous system are common health problems that occur due the electromagnetic radiations.
    • In women this causes the breast cancer.

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  • Diet for eliminating candida
    By Health Blog on August 17, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Most of the people don’t know that there will be some yeast and micro flora in our stomach which releases some acids and substances to digest the food that we take. But like everything for the healthy body there should be a proper balance of this yeast. When this balance is maintained digestion process occurs in proper manner and keeps us healthy otherwise the situation of imbalance leads to a number of health problems like irritation, anxiety, acne, migraines etc. These are only some of the diseases that are due this imbalance.

    The major reason for this imbalance is due to the reduced number of yeast cells which is caused due to the use of antibiotics, birth control medicines, and other consumption of toxins along with the food that we eat. So this is one of the major health problems that we need to consider and take some preventive measures when we are suffering with this problem. 3lac helps to reduce these problems very easily by introducing the good micro flora in to our stomach and intestinal system to maintain the balance of these bacteria for good digestion. This should be done very carefully. If this bacteria was introduced more into our body, leads to other health problems like over growth of bacteria and yeast and causes several health problems.

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  • Health education
    By Health Blog on August 15, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    One of the major reasons behind people getting diseases and dying is lack of proper awareness among them regarding their health and lack of basic health education. For example the health problem that is prevailing at this situation is swine flu which everybody might have heard about this but how many are following the basic preventive measures? The main reason behind this negligence is that they don’t know how it affects and how it takes away their lives. People should know the basic information about any difficult health problem and know how they have to face the problem.

    This is their responsibility to know about their surroundings and gain the health awareness. But the government of each country should strive to provide the basic health education for every citizen and it’s their responsibility to create awareness among people. Once the people are given the basic health education they all can easily get to know what to do if any difficult situation occurs. Even so many people don’t know that they have to contact doctor or go to hospital when they get any health problems as they don’t have any access to the hospitals. People should try to gain the knowledge about both physical and mental health and get the required information in the hospitals or any health centers and know what to do any health problem occurs and how to prevent it.

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