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  • Additives and Effects of Cigarette
    By Health Blog on August 31, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    With life becoming more hectic and stresses growing by the week, many people continue to smoke cigarettes as a stress reliever, knowing full well how dangerous the habit is. Many prefer drinking only at specific time in a day, but it’s not the case with smoking. People smoke at any times of a day. Cigarettes have thousands of toxic chemicals which pass in to all the internal organs of the body. Many researches confirmed that 50% percent of smokers are suffering with TB, heart attacks, and cancer. There are a large number of people and their loved ones seeking to rid themselves of this addiction, but quitting cigarettes is not an easy task. This article is helpful for those who want to quit smoking and also has a few facts about smoking and cigarette withdrawal.

    What is a Cigarette is made of?

    A three inch burning cigarette can consist of 4000 chemicals, which include poisonous toxins and chemicals. Some of the chemicals and additives in a cigarette include ace anisole, acetic acid, acetone, alfalfa extract, ally ionone, amberqeis tincture, ally hexanoate, dl-alanine, acetophenone, actinitic acid, amberqris tincture and many more  chemicals in a cigarette which are harmful to the human body.

    Cigarette Role on Health:

    Your relaxing inhaling of a cigarette can yield you a lifelong list of health issues which can stay with you your entire life and in the case of cancers caused by smoking, can shorten your life dramatically.

    Nicotine is one of the additives which reach every organ of body as soon as we take a single puff. It reaches the brain within ten seconds and starts affecting its organs more quickly. By this, the brain starts working effectively only when person smokes cigarette.



    Carbon monoxide gets combined with the red blood cells and decreases the ability of RBC to carry the maximum level of oxygen to all parts of body.

    Carcinogens, the cancer agents bind with the smoker’s body organs and also travel in the smoke which the smoker releases. This slowly damages cells growth related genes and results to abnormal growth of all kinds of genes.

    All types of addictive chemicals affect the body in different ways. High level of smoke affects the lungs and also heart.  The overall addiction to cigarettes make the organs work only when nicotine reaches them, with this the working ability degrades.

    Oxidative stress is the one which occurs due to the addiction of smoke, this mutates DNA which leads to lung conditions. As you age the oxidative stress improves then it leads to severe other cases like cancer, cardiovascular etc.

    Generally there are many body antioxidants which are meant for repairing the damaged cells. But in smokers the antioxidants level will be much less which leads to the lower resistance power and lower healing power.

    These are only few major health issues caused by smoking cigarettes, apart from this there are many minor health and hygiene related issues like sleep apnea, yellow teeth, black lips, wrinkles and more. As people become more aware of these cancers and health conditions caused by smoking the filthy habit will eventually become less popular than it is today. I personally used quit smoking patches to stop smoking cigarettes. Obviously it wasn’t easy, but it is possible and you feel much healthier when you do quit smoking!!

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  • Bionic Eye for Blind
    By Health Blog on April 1, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    defected eyes

    defected eyes

    As the age grows, the mechanical system of human body degrades gradually and raises several health barriers. A man can be managing his life in absence of few organs, but few are keen important for the human survival, one of these are eyes. Eyes are the organs which make to view the beautiful world, alerts at danger point. But as the age grows, the vision power degrades and sometimes drags out to zero vision. At this moment people needs to depend on others. In order to resolve this problem in people who lost their vision due to some macular degeneration and retinitis pegmentos. With the keen role of biotechnology since from 20 years, a new concept came in to lime light which clears the problem of blind people, and the concept named as bionic eye. This electronic eye (Bionic) will be fixed in place of original damaged eye along with battery.

    Birth of Bionic Eye

    Many biotechnology companies did lots of research on retina system and found Bionic eye which can give the vision ability to the blind (partially). Right now there are 55% of people in the world who are facing visual defects in different levels of macular degeneration or retina pegmentosa. This both damages the cells which perceives light and transmits the light signals to the brain in the form of nerve impulses. Later they are interpreted as images. When these cells power ruins, the vision power degrades. For maintaining vision ability for the partially blind people, bionic eye has designed. This grabs all light and transmits as nerve impulses to brain and brain interprets those signals as images.

    Parts and procedure of bionic eye:

    A bionic eye mainly consists of five parts and they are Micro processing chip, video camera, radio transmitter, radio receiver and retinal implant.

    bionic eyes

    bionic eyes

    • Video Camera captures real time pictures and sends to the microchip. This video camera is made of two fine glasses. This captures the images as light and dark points. These will be processed by the video processor.
    • Micro processing chip processes the images in to electrical signals and sends these signals to the radio transmitter. Processor transmits the pixels in the radio signals and moves to radio transmitter.
    • Wireless radio transmitter transfers this signals to the nervous system and radio receiver perceives the signals and resends to retinal implant through hair thin implanted wire.
    • Retinal implant allows moving these signals to the brain by maintaining array of 60 electrodes each with 1mm. The electrodes gets excite as soon as they receive the signals from the radio receiver. These signals are sending to the brain by neural signal in the same way as the healthy eye sends signals to brain.

    This wonderful artificial eye is going to be released in very short span. Currently a 15 electrodes sight is under clinical process and ready to release as a commercial product for $30000.It is a second version with high resolution and improves vision ability. The research is still going for the third version which can give the best sight.

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  • Detoxification of Alcohol and Drugs
    By Health Blog on March 1, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    acohol & drug abuse

    alcohol & drug abuse

    Many of us love to take alcohol and drugs in parties by treating them as a glamorous. And some due to their hectic lives easily gets addicted as these acts as instant reliefs. But the addiction cross the border limit and leads to overdose. And finally makes remarkable effects on personal, professional and social relationships. Even after thousands of trails, people usually got failed in dropping their addictions. Many researches proved that people find several short and long term effects in their lives due to the influence of alcohol and drug addictions. If the addiction leads to over dosage, then trails to withdraw also turns to too hard until unless the drug rehab organizations like vistabay enters in to the field. This article gives the brief explanation of these addictions effects.

    Guise of Alcohol and Drugs

    After having the alcohol and drugs, there will be some chemical imbalance in the brain and results to no cooperation between the mental and physical activities. As a result, people will loss consciousness on their surroundings and sometimes on their own body. This leads to minute or severe situations.

    Abuse of Alcohol

    The limited usage of alcohol is good for health. But the excess intake progresses to several diseases. An individual experience vomiting, nauseam dizziness, unconsciousness and some times leads to poisoning. After coming out from the drunken stage, individual had to face hangover with body and headache. Due to the chemical imbalance in the brain, loss of sensation is faced and this results some other accidents. There are many cases where people do accidents at the drunken stage. The continuation of addiction tends to heart strokes. Heavy drinking downs the liver and results to liver cancer. Researches proved that the 2-3% of cancers is due to the abuse of alcohol. The abuse alcohol can be withdrawn with the complete role of family and also method implementations suggested by vista bay rehab Watsonville.

    alcohol rehab

    alcohol rehab

    Ingesting of Drug

    Severe ingesting of drug tends to respiratory failure heart attacks, some times individual moves in to coma. The combination of different drugs leads to the poisonous powders and results to death of human. It has the common symptoms after leaving the drug from the body like dizziness, hangover etc. This rapids your heart beat and seizures. Prolonged intake results to effect on sexual dysfunction also.there are methods which can clear the addiction and stops return of addiction in life. And this methods like vista bay rehab and techniques and also treatments are provided by well known organizations.

    Apart from this, there will be loss your relationships in friends and in family. So people with addiction of alcohol and drugs are in danger zone. Try vigorously to come out of this dig, if it’s not possible by alone take the help of vista bay rehab which acts your true friend and makes you completely out of it.

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  • Know more about Drug Addiction to fight against it effectively
    By Health Blog on January 11, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    drug addiction

    drug addiction

    How many of you have taken drug addiction quiz? I think not many because you probably don’t know the importance of those quizzes. After reading his article, you will know its importance. We have been writing a lot about drug rehabs these days in this blog because we are getting a lot of requests from the readers to say more about them and how can they be tackled in a better way. After analyzing the inputs given by our site readers, I have come to the following conclusions

    • Many of the drug addicts fall under ‘youth category’ 16 years – 28 years
    • Nearly 65% of these are taking drugs unintentionally in parties/get-together meetings
    • Nearly 60% of these people don’t know the harmful effects of the drugs they are taking (They are taking as they are forced or excited to see its impacts)
    • Nearly 80% of the individuals don’t have a good understanding of drug addictions.

    After analyzing this data, I thought of helping our readers to understand more about drug addiction and what are the symptoms for this. I have read this drug addiction quiz online. I suggest you to take it. This quiz may shed light on what kind of drug use is healthy and what kind is addictive and dangerous.



    Cocaine Addiction

    Of all the drugs, cocaine is a different drug because it is instantly addictive for some users. The Soberliving drug rehab center is working on cocaine addiction treatment from last 20 years and they have got good results in many cases and they have also lighted up many souls. These people first help the clients in taking the drug and later prepare their body and mind not to take any drug in future. Thus this will acts as a permanent solution for the drug addiction.

    Methamphetamine addiction

    The other drug (methamphetamine – crystal meth) has also adversely affected many US individuals and their families in the recent times. This drug affects the central nervous system and the reason for its high penetration in the US is its cost. This is very cheap (in price) compared to other drugs in the market. The best way to treat methamphetamine addiction is to indulge the addicted people in social activities, games, yoga, personnel counseling. These will build self esteem in men and women that outrages the stress and keeps your mind relaxed at all times. Soberliving have dedicated and special treatment for this drug.

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  • Role of Emotional Success in Drug Rehab
    By Health Blog on January 2, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    We have seen a lot of drug rehab centers in the previous posts and we are trying to post as much as we can on this topic because the number of victims of drugs is increasing exponentially these days. However, till now we have see n various kinds of techniques used for treating the drug addicts. I have learned recently that there is a different kind of approach in treating them, i.e. ‘A-R-T’ of recovery technique and importance of emotional success while treating these people. Chapman Rehab is one of the rare rehab centers who are following their unique approach in treating the patients as they are getting better results though it is little painful and lengthy for them. They are good at preparing their patients to deal with day-to-day emotional issues. Any person, irrespective of man/woman will be treated by them who suffer from Alcoholism, Chemical Addiction, Sexual Addiction, Eating Disorders or other Psychological Issues.

    drug rehab program

    drug rehab program

    A lot of tests will be conducted by some of the prominent medical experts to know the exact problems faced by the patients. As a result they will provide the best suited medicine and treatment to cure the patients. The three important things that a drug rehab will be acknowledged are accountability, responsibility, time. One thing that fascinated me about them is they have 30+ years experience medical professionals who have seen many kinds of drug addicts and they are well versed in treating them. Their drug rehab program will compromise of 12 step programs, anger management sessions, family education sessions, stress management sessions etc. Their clients will not only be treated for drug rehab but also make them to strengthen their spiritual power which will help them to recover quickly. All of their psychiatrists and/or physicians are ASAM certified which is rare to see. The other thing that is interesting about them is, they value their client’s privacy deeply and they keep all your information confidential. If you are planning to join a drug rehab center, then give a call to these guys and understand what is their approach and you will understand the difference between these people and rehab centers

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