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  • First aid for Snake bite
    By Health Blog on August 24, 2009 | 10 Comments10 Comments  Comments

    Snake bite is a common health problem for the people who live villages as most of the snakes live in the forests and fields where they can find their food very easily. Snake bite is very dangerous and leads to death if the anti-poison for that snake bite is not given in time. Some of the snake bites are not dangerous. The kind of snakes differs from different places. In most of the Asian countries, cobra is a common snake which is very poisonous and in the American and Europe countries Russels viper is the poisonous snake that is predominant. We should not depend upon the fang marks that occur when a snake bites for deciding whether the snake is poisonous or not because the fang marks may not be clear always and this may waste our valuable time for our life. So to detect the signs of poisonous snake bite follow these signs:

    For common cobra or krait:

    • Pain at the site of bite and we may get pain in the abdomen as well as diarrhea.
    • We may get any swelling.
    • Vomiting and foam may come out of mouth.
    • Blood pressure may fall and comes to very low.
    • Muscles weaken such as the muscle around the eyes and may develop a squint. The person may not be able to swallow anything.
    • Cough, respiratory paralysis may occur and lead to death after some time.

    For Russels viper and saw-scaled viper:

    • Pain may occur very severely and last for many days.
    • Swellings start immediately.
    • Vomiting, low blood pressure and abnormal bleeding from any site may occur.
    • Blister formation around the site and spreading blister suggest a large dose of venom.
    • Local tissues may smell very offensive or awful smell.


    How to treat?

    1. Don’t disturb the bitten part because the poison may spread very easily and contact for the immediate medical help for anti-poison.
    2. Wrap the bitten area with some elastic so that the blood will not flow from the bitten area to other parts of the body. Tie the elastic very tightly as much as possible and it should stop the pulse.
    3. Keep the bitten part above, so that the blood flow will be hindered.
    4. Put on the splint to prevent from moving.
    5. Take him to the nearest hospital and give him the medicine.
    6. Give acetaminophen for pain. Don’t give aspirin. If possible give tetanus injection. If any pus occurs around the bite then give penicillin.
    7. Keep ice on the bite to reduce the pain. Try to crush the ice around the bitten area by wrapping over it.

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  • Check your diet plan weekly to reduce fats
    By Health Blog on August 3, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    We are getting an overwhelming response these days to our articles on this blog. I am happy to see them and they are encouraging us to write more. We were very busy in the last 4 days and couldn’t update this blog very much. Hopefully we will compensate for them in this week. Many of the readers are showing interest in the diet reviews and tips that help you in keeping body fit and healthy. I don’t if you have ever noticed this or not, but the diet we take is little tricky. Most of the time we eat food to satisfy our taste rather than to satisfy our hungry. As long as you don’t realize the difference between these two you can’t control your diet and extra calories. This will be explained in detail in this article.


    Before you are going to eat anything, just ask yourself if that food can be substituted with water i.e, instead of eating that food, can you fill your stomach with water and get back to your work. Most of the time, your brain says no and forces you to eat heavy caloric valued food which is spicy and tasty. Unfortunately, the right food doesn’t have a good taste like pure water which doesn’t have any taste, smell or color. Force yourself to substitute this food with water even though you don’t like it. This may make you feel discomfort for the moment but at the end of the day you will feel lighter and also happy for not taking fats and carbohydrates which make you lazy and unhealthy.  I don’t ask you to completely be away from burgers and pizzas, you can have them but at a lesser quantity for the future benefits. How many are actually keeping a diet plan of your body? Do you write what you are eating every day and checking the diet at the end of the week?

    Not everything that we put inside our mouth keeps us alive. Sure, our food gives us energy but there are some foods that contribute to a weakened immune system and general deterioration of our body. Don’t take too much of bad fats like packed snacks, bad proteins like too much of sugar, bad proteins like read meat. All these things will damage your body’s key antibodies that will protect you from dreadful diseases. If you want to try some products that will help you in keeping healthy, then you have to do a great search as there are too many Colon Cleanse products available in the present market. All of them are not as good as they advertise. There are a few which will really help you in keeping your body fit and healthy.

    Colon Cleanse

    All we are asking you is to reduce one pizza and a burger from your weekly diet. This may sound simple and easy when you read but when it comes in practice, it is difficult. The habit of postponing the useful activities is the biggest enemy of any human. It is the primary reason for any human of not being a healthy person. Well, we will talk about diet chart in the next week and hopefully we will prepare an excel sheet and upload it for you which can be used by you so that you can keep track of your daily diet. That chart will help you in controlling your diet.

    Coming to the diet reviews, I have come across a good diet review site named web for health. This website has a lot of diet products which may be useful for you. So, have a look at them and make the best use of it.

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  • Sweet tips to beauty
    By Health Blog on July 6, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    We all use sugar only for sweets or in foods but one thing we don’t know so much about sugar is that, it is used in so many body scrubs. Sugar brings beauty to our health. Sugar contains glycolic acid and it’s a good source for lactic acid. Some of the creams made of sugar acts as cleansing and detoxifying. Sugar when mixed with some other natural herbal powders releases some acids which makes the skin great. We can even make some of the creams body scrubs in some easy steps and make our body more beautiful very easily.
    The orange cream sugar body scrub, which is very great to remove the dead skin and give your skin a healthy glow. Mix sugar, milk, orange oil (few drops) and olive oil and then apply to your face and body and then massage in circular motion and then wash.
    Mix sugar, lemon oil and few drops of olive oil and then apply to body and after massaging wash with water. This makes your skin look brighter.
    Likewise there are so many creams that are prepared from this sugar. Sugar is natural and very inexpensive and very much useful for skin care.

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  • Massage Chairs – Relax Any Time
    By Health Blog on June 21, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Modern lifestyle has made life much more tough for all of us. Students have to carry heavy bag packs, and sit for hours in order to complete lengthy assignments, while business personnel have to work all the day long in their office sitting at their desks. Such heavy workload puts great strain on our bodies and minds, therefore, taking a massage after every few days is very important.

    But taking time out of our busy schedule to get an appointment for a massage is not an easy task. After cancelling important meetings to get an appointment  with a massage therapist, one still has to wait for hours in the waiting room. But technology has created a wonderful machine that can ease your nerves at whatever time you want in the whole day.


    Massage chairs have caught the attention of many busy persons who found it hard to get a massage from a therapist during the time of their work hours. A massage chair can be placed any where in your home, and why not place it in your office, after all its during those busy hours that you need to relax.

    With the use of massage chairs, now people can get a nerve relaxing massage at any time when they have no duties to perform and nothing extra is on their minds. Buying a massage chair is a worthy investment as it will also save you a lot of money which you had to pay every time you had a massage.

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  • Use Exercise Bike to Keep Yourself Fit
    By Health Blog on May 28, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Exercise is a basic ingredient in the life of every fit and healthy person. If you regularly spend some part of the day in doing some serious exercise, not only it will slow your ageing speed but it will also keep you in good shape. Many people prefer to go out in the sunshine to do some exercise, but in today’s busy lifestyle most people prefer to do exercise indoors.

    There are different kind of exercise equipments which one usually sees in a gym. Exercise Bike is one of the most preferred and effective exercise tool as it has many advantages.


    Exercise Bike is the most popular exercise equipment as it is one of the easiest to use. All of us have enjoyed bicycling in our childhood, therefore, we do not really feel like exercising when we’re spending time on an exercise bike. It takes very less space as compared to some of the other fitness equipments, and you can always carry it inside your living room, if the weather gets rough.

    There is very low chance of your injuring yourself by pulling a muscle or tearing a tissue when you use exercise bike, and for the same reason people from all age groups prefer it. Exercise bike is very effective when it comes to burning fat, and many therapists recommend its use to those who want to lose weight.

    Alongwith the use of proper nutritious diet, exercise also holds its significance in living a healthy life, and with the use of exercise bike exercise becomes fun.

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