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  • Works of Tongue
    By Health Blog on October 7, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    Body’s most unusual and most flexible muscle in the body is the tongue which makes us to speak, chew, gallop and sense the taste. It allows the control and manipulation of food and speaks. This enriches food digestion and speaks flow.  On observation we can find the tongue in to different shapes. What could be the reason which makes only tongue to change its shape when it’s not possible with other muscles? The composition of skeletal muscle fiber enriches your life with flow of sweet and hard accent oriented talk. Let’s find what makes your tongue to speak, taste and digests your food.

    Things makes to Fulfill tongue’s Diverse Responsibilities:

    Its Role in Food digestion: Tongue plays the role of molding and chewing the food in mouth along with the cheeks. This enriches the digestive process in quite easy way. This is the reason for suggesting chewing the food for at least 10times.

    Tongue is the most musical fiber that gets lace with in a surrounded skeletal bone perceiving the secured organs. This peripheral sense organ has the sensation towards heat, cold, pain and pressure.

    Beneath the Tongue:

    The symmetrical structure of tongue and muscles have two halves got divided by medium septum. Its composition is of extrinsic and intrinsic muscles. Each plays a different role and is initiated at different locations of body.

    Extrinsic Muscle:

    The very long extrinsic muscle is root is from somewhere in deep of the body, connects to the bone of the surrounding mouth and provides the movements to it. The stylaglosus, palatoglousus makes its movement where as geniglossus enriches the depression and thirstiness.

    This extrinsic got laced with the jaw bone called hyoid bone for supporting the tongue, styloid processes and temporal lobes.  Its u shaped structure hyoid bone suspends the styloid processes with the help of ligaments and muscles.

    Intrinsic Muscle:

    These intrinsic muscles originate from the tongue and it’s the cause of tongue flexibility like contracting and expanding in different shapes. Intrinsic includes longitudinalis inferior, transverses linguae, verticalis linguae, longitudinalis superior which plays the keen role in speech process.

    tongue structure

    tongue structure

    Mucous Membrane:

    Mucous membrane is a double layered cover over the tongue which prevents the entering of intruders like microbes, pathogens in to the digestive system. Its covers the muscle mass and fat of tongue and secrets the mucus and keeps the mouth and food always moist.

    Taste buds:

    The taste which we sense while eating makes us feel different moments (tasty, spicy, sweet, hot, etc). Its due to the taste buds around the tongue which are named as papillae. This makes the actual friction between the tongue and food.

    Small structured taste buds fixed in the papillae are made up of basal and supporting cells which maintain 50 gustatory receptor cells which are simulated by the chemical solutions.

    Speech Instrument:

    Tongue is the most vital speech instrument for the human body. The world of phonetics is generated just because of speech ability. There are vowels which specially needs the help of tongue, any of its malfunctioning can leads to the issues in speech.

    A small flexible tongue have big role in human for interaction, finding the tastes of cusisine.

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  • Overweight problems
    By Health Blog on September 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    This became one of the most common problems faced almost all the people who are aging above 40 years. After the age of 40, people can’t do much work and they get tired with the small works very much as their body doesn’t have much strength to do more work. So these people rest more and eat more so they will get overweighed very easily. BMI is the correct index for the overweight and gives the measure of the obesity. If this BMI is more than 30 is considered as overweight but the health problems with the overweight starts from the BMI more than 21.

    Some of the major reasons for this obesity are:

    • Obesity occurs due to energy imbalance of the foods that we eat and intake of high calorie food or foods with high fat content.
    • Having the foods that are low in vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutritious foods.
    • Decreased physical exercises or physical activity and sitting in only one position in the job work whole day.

    The health problems that occur due to this obesity are several. But the most common health problems that occur are:

    • First and foremost health problem due to overweight is the heart attacks and cardiovascular problems and this takes away lives of several people every year.
    • Diabetes is the also one of the health issue that rise due to obesity and makes us very difficult to treat.
    • Paralysis also occurs as the fat contents or the cholesterol blocks the blood vessels in the brain.
    • Knee pains occur as the body gets over weighted and burden on the knees and legs increases.
    • This makes us addicted to eat more and more food and titillates us to eat which is the main reason for failure to control the overweight.


    How this can be reduced?

    • Following some of the individual self control we can reduce the overweight.
    • Take good diet with more proteins, vitamins and fewer fats.
    • Limit the number of times that we take food.
    • Take light food as much as possible before going to sleep.
    • Don’t sleep immediately after taking the food. Do some work before you sleep and after you eat.
    • Limit the intake o of sugars.
    • Daily do the exercises or any work for physical movement of the body.
    • Take more fruits and raw vegetables than general food.

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  • Hospital Bangkok cares You
    By Health Blog on August 20, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    As the age increases, the responsibilities, stress, straining work also increases. Along with this the human body which works continuously since from the birth will slowly lose its efficiency and speed. It’s because of the work load over different parts of the body; like over stress makes your brain to think more and intern effect the nerves related brain and eyes. But it’s not possible to avoid the stress and strain on body. Instead we can gain corresponding energy and follow few tips which abrupt the health issues. To find such specific prescriptions and precautions, we waste hours together consult many of our friends and also few websites. Hospital Bangkok is the one of the very famous websites and well known hospital, offering the health care services. It’s an online service where you can find your nearest hospital with all the available services and can directly contact and consultant online instead of wasting your valuable time in search of good hospitals.

    Doctor cares you

    Doctor cares you

    Hospital Bangkok conduct the health services through health packages based on the patient’s requirements. Facilities of special top services like osteoarthritis, bone marrow transplantation and many more are offered to their patients. To offer such services they will be available throughout the day (24hours). They consider themselves as responsible for the patients who consults them. Their intention is to make their patients complete healthy in physical, mental and social well being aspects. They suggest special health insurance services for the people to help them at any moment of life irrespective of their financial situations. By conducting some special programs for different age groups, they try to resolve their health issues. We can find different health services on its corresponding site. A positive feedback from many patients of this hospital ensures that it is one of the best hospitals which offer medical services.

    Such effective health services of Hospital Bangkok can resolve all the health issues and that too within a short time interval at low price.

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  • What are the benefits of water to health?
    By Health Blog on August 19, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Everybody think that we can heal medicines only with the medicines but not always. Diseases can also be treated through providing mental relief and in many other ways. Many people don’t know that water is one of the major medicine to your and occupies 70% of our body. There are many diseases those can be treated through water without the use of any kind of medicines. If adequate amount of water which is clean was made available and the people used it appropriately, the amount of sickness and death could probably be cut to half.


    Correct usage of the water is the basic prevention and treatment for diarrhea. In many areas, diarrhea is the most of the common cause of sickness and death in small children. Contaminated water is the major reason for all diseases. An important part of the prevention of this disease and many other diseases is to make sure that the water we drink is safe and clean. We need to store the water in a cleaned container as well as we have to change the water daily and we should not drink the stored water. It is always suggestible to boil the water before drinking. If this is not possible then store the water in a clean container and cover with some plate on top of that container. Keep this container under the sunlight so that no other bacteria will pass through that container.

    The common cause of deaths in children is due to dehydration or loss of too much water from the body. By giving a child with plenty of water possibly with salt or lemon or sugar will prevent the possible dehydration and also brings the child suffering from dehydration to a better state very quickly.

    Giving the more water is the great treatment than any other medicines for dehydration. Drinking more water also keeps the body in a balanced condition and makes sure the proper functioning of our body parts. Water also reduces the tension makes us more resistant from diseases. So try to drink water as much as possible.

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  • Know about Eye Floaters
    By Health Blog on August 10, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Eye floaters are the little flecks, dapples that interrupt the proper visualization of objects. They are called floaters because they move hither and wither inside the eye. When you stare at a clean and bright sky or a white computer screen you will find some dark spots on them if you are having eye floaters. While creating the image of the object that you are looking in the eye lens, these floaters obstruct them and dark spots are formed. Recent studies have shown that eye floaters when conflated with flashes of light will lead to the blindness. These floaters are common and they are found in many. Most spots and floaters in the eye are harmless and merely annoying. Many will fade over time and become less bothersome.

    eye floaters

    eye floaters

    These are not a reason to worry until they are small but take care of them when they start appearing on every image and if you are losing the vision. It is advisable to get a laser treatment for these kinds of problems before they become too serious after consulting your ophthalmologist. There is nothing to worry about this surgery, many people have undergone this surgery and are having good results after which there are no more blurred vision or flecks in their eyes. Be cautious about these floaters!

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