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  • Precautions to be taken to avoid problems related to teeth
    By Health Blog on April 22, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    The first time that you meet someone, one of the most common things you will notice is their teeth. Their teeth are most definitely part of the process of looking good, but d you know what you should be doing to help encourage healthy teeth that look great? If not, you will want to make this your focus of your beauty regimen. Without healthy teeth, chances are good that all of the work you have done to improve your eyes and overall make up will be for nothing.

    beautiful teeth

    beautiful teeth

    There are several things you can do today to see great looking teeth. Here are some things to take into consideration.

    Get to your dentist:

    What you really need is to get to see your dentist. They will ensure your teeth are healthy and you can get a cleaning. This will spruce up your smile considerably. It can also cut down on your bad breath, which is actually a direct indication of poor teeth health.

    Consider whitening products carefully:

    The whitening products that came out a few years back have been improved. They are less risky to your teeth and many of them are more effective. If you choose to purchase over the counter products, use them only as directed as over use can weaken your teeth’s protective shell. On the other hand, some of the best teeth whitening is actually done right at your dentist’s office. This is perhaps one of the best places to have the procedure done.

    Brush and floss after meals:

    This seems like something you have heard before, but the fact is, just one small piece of food stuck in your teeth will make people really react poorly to you. It spoils your look! Instead, simply brush more often.

    Consider veneers or other cosmetic procedures to help cover over your teeth or improve your smile if you have chipped, misshapen or missing teeth. The procedures can do a great deal to improve the overall look.

    Tackle gum problems:

    Gums are an important part of a healthy smile. Be sure that your gums are healthy by being sure that you visit your dentist.

    Your teeth really do define our overall teeth quality. Take into consideration your teeth health but also take steps to improve your smile. The good news is that if you have a great looking smile, you are more likely to smile more often.

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  • What is Sleep apnea and what are its symptoms?
    By Health Blog on April 21, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Sleep apnea is a condition in which the patient is unable to breath for brief periods while he or she is asleep. It is categorized into two: obstructive and central. In fact, the individual suffering from this disorder actually stops breathing. You must seriously consider this point because it indicates the dangerous nature of this sleep disorder. If neglected and left untreated, it could cause death.

    sleep apnea

    sleep apnea

    Who Contracts Sleep Apnea?

    Morbidly obese people usually suffer from this problem, which is why they have to wear oxygen masks to bed. In the obese, sleep apnea is caused by the pressure of their own weight on their lungs. Obese people also snore a lot and gasp for breath. Usually, middle-aged men who are morbidly obese are at a greater risk of contracting sleep apnea. A woman’s physiology protects her from contracting this disorder.

    Obstructive sleep apnea has an adverse effect on the patient’s heart because deprivation from oxygen prevents proper circulation. This disorder is, therefore, associated with congenital and congestive heart failure, which is again found in morbidly obese people. Sleep apnea is more in coronary cases that have been left neglected and untreated for such a long time that now they are no longer considered to be treatable.

    People with congenital Down’s syndrome stand a greater risk of contracting sleep apnea because about half the patients of Down’s syndrome have large heads, tonsils, tongue, and adenoids as well as a narrow nasopharynx.

    People who have undergone pharyngeal flap surgery also suffer from sleep apnea because the surgery gives rise to an obstruction in breathing, which can cause death if it is not monitored by an efficient doctor. Sleep apnea can be treated in a number of ways. Usually, doctors and ENT specialists consider the following points while drawing up treatment plans for people suffering from sleep apnea.


    Minor symptoms of sleep apnea include irritability, concentration problems, frequent urination, rise in heart rate, depression, esophageal reflux, headaches, moodiness, Noctoria (a condition which forces a patient to visit the bathroom for urination at night), lowered libido, and profuse sweating in the night.

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  • Simple exercises for sciatica pain
    By Health Blog on April 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Patients of sciatica will definitely benefit from exercises that are scientifically researched and are known to provide relief in a short period of time. Different cases of sciatica call for different exercises and exercise routines and all the exercises must be done under supervision and done correctly or the patient will end up doing more harm than good.

    Sciatica is a condition of the bone and can occur due to spinal stenosis brought on by herniated spinal disk or what is known as ‘ periformis’ syndrome. The pain caused due to this condition may be felt in the lower back, thigh, foot, leg or the buttocks. Each symptom requires a different set of exercises and a regime that must be adhered to religiously if relief must be attained and sustained.



    Some of the best exercises for sciatica will move the pain from the lower extremities back up to the lower back where the pain is then cured or contained in a more bearable limit. Press-up extension exercises have been known to work well for the symptoms of sciatica.

    In the most effective exercise for sciatica the patient is required to lie on his or her back and prop the upper body up on the elbows. The hips of the patient must be flat on the floor. Remember that this exercise is done on the hard surface of the floor and not on a cushioned surface. Lie in this position for 5 seconds the first day then slowly extend this position to 30 seconds. When the patient is comfortable doing this exercise it may be repeated 20 times daily.

    When this symptom is caused by spinal stenosis the best and most effective exercise is stretching. The patient needs to lie on his or her back with knees pulled up to the chest. The knees must be pulled as far up as possible until the patient feels a slight stretch without any discomfort. Hold this stretch for at least 4 seconds with a deep breath then lower the legs and relax for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times daily.

    Another exercise that strengthens the back and relieves sciatica is done lying on the back pressing the lower back to the floor by simply contracting the back muscles and relaxing them.

    Contract the lower back muscles along with the abdominal muscles and old this position for at least 5 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

    A good stretching exercise for sciatica caused by piriformis syndrome is the patient lying on their back with the legs flat on the floor. Pull the painful leg towards the chest, while holding the knee on the same side and holding the ankle with the other hand. Try to pull the knee in the direction of the other ankle until you can feel the stretch. Do not try to force it beyond this point, but hold it for up to 30 seconds. Release it and start again, doing this three times.

    These exercises are just a few of the many stretching and strengthening exercises that are helpful in relieving the pain caused by sciatica. A physical therapist, spinal specialist or chiropractor will be able to give the patient an entire list of different exercises.

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  • Depression after giving birth – Postpartum Depression
    By Health Blog on April 17, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Postpartum Depression is an illness that needs to be studied so as you can be aware of the dangers and you can help other people who are suffering. Pregnancy is a difficult period and the thought of handling a new baby and the responsibilities involved in bringing up the child is something that can be frightening to a person who is not strong willed. Even if a person avoids alcohol and smoking, vigorous exercise and a stressful life, bad and negative thoughts can affect the baby growing inside.

    Postpartum Depression

    Postpartum Depression

    Reasons for Postpartum Depression

    Although people have discovered the causes of postpartum depression and have taken steps to eliminate it either through medication or counseling as in the case of Brooke Shields, it can still be prevented. A new mother is particularly susceptible, and postpartum depression is very much like depression.

    Childbirth can be stressful both physically and mentally – the body undergoes hormonal changes and this can be uncomfortable, while affecting a person’s moods. This is a leading cause of postpartum depression. Many mothers who have been unwilling to go through the process of childbirth and look upon it with fear are most likely to fall into postpartum depression. Instead of being joyful at the prospect of having a new baby and being a mother, they see it as something that will cause them strain, pain and stress.

    If a person is a victim of postpartum depression, it is absolutely necessary to visit a therapist, as the child can be hurt because the mother has angry feelings towards the child and feels that the child is the cause of all her problems like being overweight and unattractive. It is absolutely essential to seek a good therapist who will have counseling sessions with the person, and if all else fails, the therapist will put her on medication depending on the severity of the illness. This is something that cannot be ignored, as postpartum depression can be the root cause of even murder. The mother is unaware of what is taking place in her head and feels the child is responsible for all her physical and mental pain. In order to avoid a tragedy, it is best to seek out good medical advice, be in touch with a therapist who will guide you and help you to move forward with medication if necessary.

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  • Getting up early can remove the problem of Insomnia
    By Health Blog on April 16, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    If you’ve been in bed all night dealing with insomnia, the last thing in the world you want to do is to get out of bed earlier than you have to. Those last few moments under the comfort of your blankets is a treasure that you don’t want to give up. However, giving up a few moments of sleep in the morning could mean a much longer sleep the next night.

    Our bodies have internal clocks that we feed off of. They tell us when we are tired and if we listen to them, we’ll probably find ourselves in bed at approximately the same time each night. Sometimes though they may be a bit off and instead of falling quickly to sleep, we feel the clutches of insomnia taking over.

    One way to combat this in a natural way is to simply adjust the amount of time that you are sleeping. By getting up earlier, you are forcing your body’s internal clock to change and if you are suffering from insomnia, this can be a natural cure that works.



    Each minute that we sleep plays a role in how rested we feel. If we lose an hour of sleep, we might have a difficult day, feeling sluggish and tired and counting the hours until we can get home and back to bed. Quite often we do get to bed a bit earlier and instead of falling into a deep sleep as we anticipated we would, we instead toss and turn unable to get any rest. The morning comes and we feel exhausted, spending every last second we can in bed before the alarm sounds the beginning of our day. It’s a pattern that can be repeated night after night. It doesn’t need to be though.

    Instead of turning to sleeping pills to fight insomnia you can try a much more natural approach. Varying the amount of sleep you get by getting out of bed earlier can make a significant difference.

    Even a scant fifteen minutes each morning can have an effect. It’s not easy though to climb out of bed when you are tired, but it’s worth a try if you aren’t getting the seven or eight hours of sleep that you feel you should be.

    What to do with that time in the morning is up to you. You can take a longer shower, work a bit or engage in some exercise. One thing that some people enjoy is preparing breakfast for a partner or a family.

    By the end of the day you’ll really feel a change in your body from those lost moments of sleep. When your regular bedtime comes, you’ll feel prepared and tired enough that sleep will come much easier. You might even wake less times during the night. It’s important to keep this routine up for several mornings at the very least. Your body will adjust to this new sleep time and before long your insomnia will be a thing of the distant past.

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