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  • Memory Loss Avoidance
    By Health Blog on August 7, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    Memory Loss

    Memory Loss

     As the life turning to hectic, its becoming quite common to forget many things, like forgetting your spouse birthday, doctors appointment, some times wearing pants while going out. Memory loss has turned to be common problem in every one’s life. People though feel they are loosing their consciousness in many things, they will neglect concerning it has simple issue. This memory loss can create enormous number of problem in career and life. The reasons behind memory loss are of different types, but there needs to specific solution on each type.

    This article brings awareness on types of reasons for memory loss and accurate solutions. It also deals with the results of research on memory loss which enlighten the hidden facts. As you want to know about this, just go through the rest of the article.

     Out of Depression:

    Among 100, atleast 60 people feel that they will forget many things daily and concludes themselves as memory loss patients. But the fact is people will have lack of concentration problem rather than a memory loss. Many come under this phobia, but the reasons behind this concentration loss are depression.


    Hippocampus is the one which works out for short term memory. And it can be easily vanished from brain when depression takes birth and remains for long period. Bloodstream towards brain involves with cortisol which is like a poison to the short term memory. This needs to be in adequate level, but when the depression level increases, the graph of cortisol highs and results in the death of hippocampus. Even after years also, the effect of depression will be of at least 15% on hippocampus, because of which remembering new things turn as hurdle to a person.

    Consult doctor:

    The only solution to it is coming out of box named depression. Consulting doctor, spending time in pleasant environment, start thinking in positive aspects and spend time by enjoying the things.

    Memory Loss

    Memory Loss

    Avoid Alcohol Addiction:

     Have you ever observed the person who had heavy pegs, he almost lost his consciousness and forgets many of his routine life activities. If this is the case with common routine life activities, what about remembering things which are rare in common life. DNA tests prove that alcohol has high effect on the nerves and brains, especially cells relates to brain.

    Few researches also proved that moderate intake of beverages can prevent health issues which are even faced by nondrinking people. Two pegs per day is the only limit which solves health issues and keeps man strong. 

    Body Movements:

    A constant sitting at one place, giving stress to brain continuously are the things which makes brain to not respond properly. A blood needs a flexible blood flow which energies it and enables to respond quickly. This needs to have regular exercises in a fresh air where your brain gets relaxed and works faster than normal.  This enables your memory power more.


    Minimum of 8 seconds of attention towards the things is quite essential, which can transfer the information to your brain irrespective of how skillful you are.


    What ever you want to remember, try to visualize them. This is the best way of remembering the things. This improves the memory power.

    Keep these points in mind and implement it which can really resolve the issues of memory makes you out of Amnestic Syndrome.

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  • How To Control Hypertension
    By Health Blog on September 3, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    In today’s busy world, every second person you meet has his or her share of woes and foes. The modern lifestyle exerts so much pressure on our nerves that we end up suffering from hypertension.

    Experts mainly divide the causes of hypertension in two categories; those which are out of our control and those which can be controlled be putting in some effort. There are some undeniable facts in our lives which we don’t like and which cannot be changed no matter what we do. Our growing age, our looks, our financial position can cause us severe attacks of hypertension. But there is no need to worry as there are even more causes that can be controlled. Many people think that smoking can cause damage to their lungs, but there are more reasons to quit it as it also causes high blood pressure.


    It has also been observed that on average those people who are overweight also have high blood pressure as they are constantly worrying about finding new ways to lose weight. In fact, hypertension aggravates their situation and their medication stops having its effects. If you want to ease your hypertension problem then you should direct your efforts from staying away from smoking and alcohol.

    Doctors also suggest that potassium ans some other important nutrients also help decrease blood pressure, as their scarcity in the body is one of the causes of hypertension.

    So, rather than taking good-for-nothing pills to sort your hypertension, you better start addressing problems which are its cause. By adopting regular exercise, refraining from smoking and taking healthy diet you can considerably lower your blood pressure.

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  • Vitamin A greatness
    By Health Blog on July 12, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    There are a lot of great benefits of vitamin A. It is very important to our eye sight and beauty of our skin. There are so many skin care products that are made up of vitamin A. There are so many other benefits of vitamin A like regeneration of the damaged skin, promote new cell growth, lighten the darken circles that are around our eye, tightens skin and reduces the aging marks, smoothens our skin, improves the health and removes the ye concerned problems . So taking the foods that are rich in vitamin A is very much essential. Instead of taking the oil foods take the fresh vegetables which are rich in vitamin A like carrots, beets, broccoli etc. Leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin A. We can directly apply the pulp of these vegetables and get the glow on the skin and relief to the above mentioned problems. Massaging with vitamin A on our face improves the skin tome and health. We can enhance the look of our face without the use of any artificial face creams or any prescribed medicines with the use of vitamin A products. So take as much diet as possible which is rich in vitamin A.

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  • Importance of sleep
    By Health Blog on June 22, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    So many people on this earth sleep less than 6 hours due to the heavy work load and different living working styles. People don’t know the problems they have to face in the future because of the lack of proper sleep. So many health scientists suggest us to sleep at least 6 hours in a day. If we sleep less than 6 hours we will get health problems like high blood pressure. If we don’t sleep, for every hour that we are losing the sleep will cost for the increased blood pressure. The scientists of the Chicago University recently discovered in their study that we have to face the problem of high BP problem for 37%. They also told that the time we spend for sleeping and the quality of the sleep reflects the high BP in our body. Not only high BP but also weight gain is one more affect due to lack of proper sleep. Here are some of the benefits of having proper sleep.

    importance of sleep

    1. Sleeping helps us to recall our memory very well and stores for longer period of time. So people who attend exams after having enough sleep can perform well, as they can recall their memory very easily.
    2. Sleeping affects the way our body stores the carbohydrates and processing of the food we eat. Lack of proper sleep will disturb the same and cause the weight gain.
    3. Lack of sleep creates irritation, lack of interest in doing our job, lack of concentration and moodiness. Sleep less than 6 hours make us very tired and wont allow to do the work properly.
    4. Sleeping less hours will also affect the immune system of our body.
    5. Lack of proper sleep causes the eye to strain very much and causes the eye burning and eye diseases.

    So having proper sleep is very crucial and important. So have sleep of at least 6 hours daily.

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