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  • What is oral health?
    By Health Blog on August 15, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Oral health is one of the major topics in the study of human body. Oral health is related to the problems that concerns about mouth, facial pain, throat cancer, sores in the mouth or throat, cleft lip, diseases related to gum, tooth and any other disorders that are related to mouth and throat. The cleft in the lips is one of important problems that should be removed as this problem makes people mentally handicapped and several NGO’s are funding for the plastic surgery to make their smile beautiful. Raised tooth is one of the common problems that are faced by so many people and this can be easily solved.

    The major causes for these oral problems are due to smoking, drinking and generally causes along with the other major health problems like heart diseases, cancer, respiratory problems, diabetes etc. We can reduce these oral problems by the following some preventive measures.


    • Decreased intake of sugars or chocolates and good diet will prevent the tooth decay and reduces the toothache problems.
    • Brush your teeth daily two times in the morning as well as before going to bed.
    • Quit smoking as this is one of the biggest reason for all kinds of oral diseases.
    • Stop drinking overly which affects not only the oral cavity but also other body parts like heart, liver, lungs etc.
    • Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible which will protect the oral cavity from all problems.
    • Don’t allow any kind of dust to go into the mouth while travelling.
    • Watch children eating whatever they hold which contains several poisonous substances and affects the child throat very easily.
    • Try to drink only mineral water or water that was boiled to avoid the problems caused due to fluoride content in the drinking water.
    • Use good tooth paste and clean the tooth well.
    • Try to avoid having very cold or very hot substances which affect the oral parts.

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  • How to deal with swine flu?
    By Health Blog on August 14, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    All over the world the hot topic that’s going now is about Swine Flu. Recently it hit the Asian countries including India after severely attacking the western countries. People are afraid of this disease as there is no permanent medicine that was discovered till now. Even the medicine that was discovered and thought to attack swine flu was useless. Actually the problem is that it acts very similar to cold and cough that we catch usually when the climate is cool but the only extra symptom with swine flu is that we get fever along with cold and cough. Even though very less people who attacked with swine flu died but we should consider it as a serious issue as it doesn’t has any medicine to cure. Actually this disease spreads very easily through the air when we cough or sniff so preventing this is somewhat difficult as we can’t stop people who cough or sniff.  “Prevention is better than cure” so we should follow some preventive measures to reduce the spreading of this disease and to prevent ourselves from getting this disease.  Here are some of the preventive measures that should be followed:

    • Don’t involve in the mass meetings as if any one of them is affected, we can easily affected.
    • Always use the mouth mask when you talk with others.
    • Don’t shake hands or any other kind of body attachments with a person suffering from the flu. Even if you do, clean your hands cleanly with some anti-bacterial solution.
    • Clean your hands before eating or after you complete your job.
    • Take hot drinks like a hot coffee or black tea which can show good effect on cold.
    Be careful with this virus

    Be careful with this virus

    There are some scientifically proved prevention measures for swine flu using very simple household products. They are:

    • Inhale clove oil or eucalyptus oil for some seconds.
    • Chew 1 clove every day.
    • Take as much garlic as possible along with the food as it contains so many useful antibacterial products.
    • Drink hot milk with turmeric in it.
    • Consume plenty of vitamin C fruits like lemon or oranges or Amla.

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  • Facts about breast feeding
    By Health Blog on August 13, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Good nutrition is an important thing for everyone for our survival, growth, mental development, health etc. In the case of a small baby, milk from the mother is the only nutrition that they can take and live. As their digestion system and all other parts of the body are not completely developed when they come out of the mother’s womb they can only digest the milk from the mother but most of the modern mothers hesitate to breast feeding of their child. This situation is most prevalent in the western countries.  There are so many different reasons for this situation but this affects the child health very much. One of the major reasons is due to unawareness among the people and thinks their breasts may become distorted when they give the milk.

    breast feeding

    breast feeding

    There will be several bad affects that the child will be affected because of artificial feeding. Breastfeeding actually complements very much in developing the bonding with the mother after they come out of the womb and also helps for the anti-social development of the baby. Not only these but also breast feeding is the best and nutritious diet for the infants. The better the health in the childhood builds better future health resistance power and makes the child strong enough to resist for different health diseases like polio, whooping cough etc. Most of the child deaths occurring are due to the lack of proper breast feeding and these are the facts given by WHO.  So avoid artificial feeding and know the importance of breast feeding. Theres lot of advertisement going on in supporting the breast feeding. Even the acctresses like angelina jolie also participating in this support. See our list of Famous People Breastfeeding pictures.

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  • How to find whether or not we are overweight
    By Health Blog on July 23, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    A simple way to know if the weight is within normal levels is to find the BMI for short or BMI. To find the VMI divide our body weight (in kilograms) by height us (in meters) squared. For example:

    if the weight of an adult male is 75 kg and height 1.80 meters, the BMI is 75 / 1802 = 23.14.

    The burden on our index BMI assessed as follows:

    BMI Assessment

    Weight less than 20 less than normal
    20 to 25 Normal
    25 to 30 overweight
    30 to 40 obese
    Over 40 Overly obese

    To have meaningful indications of the scale should be weighed every five days and preferably at the same time of day. As mentioned above the daily weighing may lead to wrong conclusions.

    How to stabilize our body weight ?

    The best way to maintain stable body weight is to us a balance between action hiring with food and energy consumed by the various physical activities. When you spend periods of intense physical activity is logical that we need more calories, and when we follow a sedentary life should be reduced accordingly and the action taken by the food.

    An important factor other than the correct calorie intake is to be a proper balance in nutrients. The foods we consume should contain all three types of nutrients ie carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, while it should be rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. We should mention here that the vitamins minerals and trace elements do not contain energy, but it is essential to the body, and without them can not be carried out many vital functions of the body.

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  • Proper management of weight
    By Health Blog on July 21, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The winter slowly – slowly away, leaving some not so pleasant unnecessary pounds. So along with the spring starts and the stress of dieting and weight loss. Whether it is changes in the healthy body weight and how we can keep our weight stable? These questions will try to answer in this article.

    Small variations are normal weight

    When the changes in weight of about 1-2 kg are considered perfectly normal, even when within a week or even one day, as our weight is directly influenced by what we eat or drink before being weighed. For example if you drink two glasses of water and weighed immediately after the balance will show ½ kilo heavier.

    Changes in weight were observed through the years, but at different stages of life a person is perfectly normal but were enough to move certainly reasonable.

    When there is a problem

    The continuous and large fluctuations in weight, have usually resulted in the individual leads to increased body weight but also very high percentage of body fat percentage and reduced muscle mass. This has the effect to occur then even greater increase in body weight as a result of loss of muscle tissue, the basic metabolism of the individual, ie the energy consumed by the body for basic functions, is reduced. It’s much better a slightly overweight person is overweight must constantly fluctuates in weight.

    Apart from the final increase in body weight, constant changes have serious psychological consequences as the person enters into a vicious cycle of continued loss and recovery of weight, thus occupied by feelings of frustration and futility. The sense of constant deprivation, with the balance but ultimately shows more pounds is typical. It is the time to understand that doing something wrong and should radically change the way we treat our food.

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