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  • Does bleeding Gums can lead to Heart Attacks & Strokes?
    By Health Blog on April 27, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Think about this for a moment: You wake up in the morning, go into your bathroom and brush your teeth. After a few brush strokes, you notice in the mirror or sink, that your gums are bleeding. But, you just ignore it & keep on brushing. Would you ever ignore bleeding if it came from your eye, ear, or hand? Of course not! Once bleeding starts – it’s a sign that something is terribly wrong! It also means that your body armor (your skin, or in this case – your oral mucosa) is open & susceptible to invasion by unwanted bacteria & viruses.

    bleeding gums

    bleeding gums

    The skin of the oral cavity is known as Oral Mucosa. It is very rich with blood vessels and if outside bacteria and the toxins they produce get into the blood stream, they are off and running throughout your body. As the illustration above shows, plaque and tartar buildup destroy the health of your gums and allow the supporting bone to weaken – leading to eventual tooth loss, if not caught in time. However, what the most recent International research shows and what American Dentistry has failed to comprehend is that Sulfur Compounds produced by anaerobic bacteria are the True Villains in many oral disorders – from swollen and bleeding gums to Bad Breath. And now as groundbreaking research shows, eventually to systemic problems such s heart disease, strokes, and pneumonia.

    Anaerobic Bacteria Produce Sulfur Compounds, Which Allow Toxins to Enter Your Blood Stream through swelled Gums! These anaerobic bacteria have the ability to extract sulfur compounds from proteins produced when your gums are swollen and bleeding. Some of these sulfur compounds are classified as Thiols. These dangerous sulfur compounds have recently been found to allow Other Bacteria – and the toxins they produce – to infiltrate below the gumline. If your gums are already swollen and bleeding, these bacterial toxins may get into your bloodstream and travel throughout your body, most significantly to your brain – leading to strokes, or to the heart – leading to heart attacks!

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  • Precautions to be taken to avoid problems related to teeth
    By Health Blog on April 22, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    The first time that you meet someone, one of the most common things you will notice is their teeth. Their teeth are most definitely part of the process of looking good, but d you know what you should be doing to help encourage healthy teeth that look great? If not, you will want to make this your focus of your beauty regimen. Without healthy teeth, chances are good that all of the work you have done to improve your eyes and overall make up will be for nothing.

    beautiful teeth

    beautiful teeth

    There are several things you can do today to see great looking teeth. Here are some things to take into consideration.

    Get to your dentist:

    What you really need is to get to see your dentist. They will ensure your teeth are healthy and you can get a cleaning. This will spruce up your smile considerably. It can also cut down on your bad breath, which is actually a direct indication of poor teeth health.

    Consider whitening products carefully:

    The whitening products that came out a few years back have been improved. They are less risky to your teeth and many of them are more effective. If you choose to purchase over the counter products, use them only as directed as over use can weaken your teeth’s protective shell. On the other hand, some of the best teeth whitening is actually done right at your dentist’s office. This is perhaps one of the best places to have the procedure done.

    Brush and floss after meals:

    This seems like something you have heard before, but the fact is, just one small piece of food stuck in your teeth will make people really react poorly to you. It spoils your look! Instead, simply brush more often.

    Consider veneers or other cosmetic procedures to help cover over your teeth or improve your smile if you have chipped, misshapen or missing teeth. The procedures can do a great deal to improve the overall look.

    Tackle gum problems:

    Gums are an important part of a healthy smile. Be sure that your gums are healthy by being sure that you visit your dentist.

    Your teeth really do define our overall teeth quality. Take into consideration your teeth health but also take steps to improve your smile. The good news is that if you have a great looking smile, you are more likely to smile more often.

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  • Best cosmetic dental care
    By Health Blog on July 17, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

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