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  • Tips for Tightening Skin After Weight loss
    By Health Blog on August 8, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    loose Skin

    Loose skin

    Highly sophisticated life with all the pretentious food to the current trend makes them fat with full of calories in body. This tends many to look odd, out of shape and finding different from other normal people. To avoid this appearance many are striving and struggling on walkers, rollers and other different exercise equipments. There are very few who are controlling their daily food intake and taking effective exercises to loose their weight. But if you find such people who lost lots of weight in very short time, you can find loose skin in different parts of the body like around the eyes with dark circles, loose tummy, loosen skin and tone loss. These are the problems which generally lead to new barrier in future. To avoid this, there needs to be a perfect technique which makes you slim simultaneously attractive.  Now the article keens its concentration on few tips which are very effective. Even you turn your concentration on towards the tips and find effective results.

    Improve Skin Elasticity:

    • Nourish your skin for improving its elasticity. Try to remove the dead cells by exfoliating the skin this can improve the tone and leads to easy blood circulation. Maintaining daily once, it improves the skin fitness.
    • Alovera, Almond, Soy proteins extract makes you skin more flexible. Apply the extracts of these things when you are under process of fast weight loss.
    • Have a bath of an hour by adding pure sea salt to the hot water and shower it on body. This long process of bath removes the toxins out from body and relaxes your body muscles. With this skin starts contracting and tighten.

    Food Barriers:

    If your fast weight loss is because either exercises or of surgeries, it’s of sure to maintain food without oil and fat content. As oil and fat contents gets stored in some fixed places and this improves the particular part enlarge. For better suggestions, consult your doctor or gym trainee.

    Prefer for raw food like tomatoes, coconut, cucumbers which really effects on skin tightening role. It reduces the Hyaluronic acid which is very part of body acids and improves the weight quite easily. By preferring to raw food and greenly leaves this will be with in the limit.

    Plenty of Water:

    Plenty of water hydrates the skin and improves the skin softness in quite shorter time. Water is the best most solution which really improves the skin tone and clarity. Minimum intake of 8liters of water can remove the toxins which are roots are loose skin.




    Exercise is the one which fits your skin in very shorter time. Any kind of exercise specially makes the muscles strong and tight with this skin gets tighten. Prefer for the exercises like push ups, running, jogging, swimming, skipping, and any thing which effects.

    Crunches are the one which plays a great role in tightening the tummy. Stomach crunches are effective in tightening the muscles.

    Prefer for the skin massages which removes the dead cells and relaxes the muscles from dirt and dullness. Massage with mustard oil returns the skin elasticity in very shorter span of time.

    Try with these things which suits your skin and which are available. So that you can both slim and tighter skin shorter span.

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  • Wonderful products in reducing pimples
    By Health Blog on April 30, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Acne, a major problem for all kinds of people of all ages resulted in variety of Acne products into the market. They come at a range of prices, packaging and strengths but they have a common aim to eradicate pimples that make your life a misery. So I am writing some of the most famous products for reducing the problem of pimples.

    acne curing products

    acne curing products

    Purification Mask

    This mask was created to be soothing and refreshing and to work in a short time span. A fifteen minute application will increase the healthiness of your skin, opening the pores and improving your appearance. As well as addressing acne that already exists it also prevents the future appearance of spots.

    PhytoMe Acne Gel

    This product is especially effective against all types of skin complaints including whiteheads and blackheads! The formula is designed specifically to be non-drying and is formulated to help your skin to relax. This specially advanced acne gel can address even the most entrenched pimples on your face. Use it regularly to help further breakouts of acne in the future.

    Cooling Gel Masks

    These masks are not intended to cure existing break outs of acne. They are designed to cool and rejuvenate the face, clean the skin and intensify the pores. If they are used regularly they have a secondary effect in controlling the reoccurrence of acne. It is a refreshing experience and soothes the face and it does an excellent job of cleaning up the skin.

    Acne Dry Spot

    These products are designed to be applied before bed and to work through the night. Applied to any affected area before retiring for the night, it is effective at remove those spots as you sleep. It is especially made to address existing pimples so don’t make the mistake of applying this to unaffected areas as a preventative measure. If you see a spot about to be emerge, apply a small amount of this and the acne spots will be stopped in their infancy.

    Biore Blemish Bomb

    As the name suggests this product is a powerful weapon when it comes to attacking skin problems. It can be used for as few as two days, and you can now remove problem of spots. It is applied as a liquid but then dries to form a protective covering over your acne. Once morning comes, peel away this protective patch and uncover a much reduced skin problem.

    pHisoderm Daily Acne Cleanser

    Get more than your money’s worth with this powerful acne product. This is the ideal four-in-one combined product which works as a toner, a cleanser and a spot fighter. It will clear the problem area in a few short weeks when applied twice daily. As well as tackling existing spots it also helps to reduce the recurrence by unclogging your pores. It is compatible with all skin types and will prevent dryness and irritation.

    Tea Tree Oil

    Here nature and medical research team up with this product to attack your acne. Highly effective, this product is designed to wipeout all spots in just a few days. It helps to fight new and emerging break outs. Drying of the skin may be felt initially but just following the instructions will avoid significant skin irritation and infection.

    Derma Clear

    This is another multi-use product to address acne. This acne-zapping wonder will not only address simple pimples but also cleanses and revitalizes the skin if it is used daily.

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  • Useful tips for your beauty
    By Health Blog on April 24, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    It does not matter if you are 40 and hoping to get back into the habit of wearing makeup or if you are 13 and just starting out. The key is to have great looking skin and features. To help you to do so, keep in mind a few of the most important beauty secrets when it comes to all aspects of beautification of your body. Each person is different and your tastes are important too. Keep in mind that you want to be proud of the way you look.

    beauty tips

    beauty tips

    Choose Quality Products

    You do not have to purchase the most expensive beauty products on the market and you most definitely do not need to invest in over priced items that will help your face look younger. Instead, choose quality, middle of the road products that are within your budget.  If you are unsure what type of products to buy, have a professional aid you. Have them help you to choose the best make up products for your face.

    Less Is More

    When it comes to make up, today’s biggest trend is less is more. You still need make up but you just might need less. People expect you to look natural and the skin will only look as good as the makeup you apply to it. Keep your make up less caking and more powder and soft. You want to create a natural beauty, not a makeup beauty.

    Take Care of It All

    Your make up, your nail polish and your pedicures all matter. In order to have that complete look where you stand out as the next beauty queen, you really do need to pay attention to all aspects of your body. If you plan to wear sandals or other open toe shoes, get a pedicure. If you have not have a manicure in the last dozen years, now is the right time. Go and have your eye brows professionally done. Doing all of these things may seem like a lot of work, but really, it just adds to the overall quality of your look. When you take the time to apply these tips, your beauty will skyrocket. Individuals will be impressed with the quality of your look and overall, you could find yourself more confident and happy about your overall look too. Don’t overdo it. Moreover, most importantly, seek out help if you need it.

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  • Benefits of Aloe Vera
    By Health Blog on April 23, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Many people grew up with an aloe plant in their homes. They broke off the stem, a thick, spine like plant that had a number of different prickly areas on it. They felt the soft, cool liquid that oozed from it. This is aloe vera and it is one of the best products for your skin. It is all natural. It is an easy substance to get a hold of today, too, since it is readily available in many products. This is also a great way to improve the quality of your skin.

    You can purchase aloe vera in a variety of forms. It is often available sold as a natural cream (look at the ingredients list to ensure it is all natural, though.) You may also find it in various medical products, such as medicated creams for dry skin. In all situations, it can provide the level of protection your skin needs from the cold weather, from dry skin or to help sooth irritation.

    aloe vera

    Methods using aloe-vera:

    • Use it as a medication to treat the skin problems you have. It can greatly aid in improving the symptoms of someone that has eczema or psoriasis. It can also be very helpful for those who have regularly dry skin.

    • Apply aloe vera to burns. It has natural soothing ability that will cool and calm the inflammation from any type of burn. It can aid in a faster recovery from those burns, too.

    • Aloe Vera is a fantastic product to apply to infections like fungal infections. This includes ringworm. When it is applied, it will naturally fight off the infection, aiding your body’s immune system to improve.

    • You can use an Aloe Vera fluid form of medication. You can find this to be a great choice for those who need aid in reducing pain. It can also be used to aid in heartburn, ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome.

    • Use it as a product to improve skin quality. In a fluid form, it can be used in shampoos, in soaps, and in sunscreens. It is often in make up as a natural way of adding moisture to the skin.

    As you can see, for anyone that is considering their beauty regimen, Aloe Vera should be a part of it. This all natural product is an all natural healer for many areas of the body. It can aid many in improving skin quality.

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  • Tea tree oil for better acne treatment
    By Health Blog on April 12, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Acne is a growing skin disorder the world over with more and more people getting this dreaded skin disease. The problems caused by acne are increasingly growing all over the world. Acne is caused due to the eruption on the skin and can occur on the face, the most common places for this disorder to occur are back of the neck, arms and the back.

    People find this common skin problem very difficult to treat at the best of time. The longer one has to live with acne the greater the risks of having to live with the scars acne leaves behind – for a lifetime. Depending on the person some acne products might suit them and some products might not. It is really a trial and error system to determining how to get rid of acne. Then again there are the tried and tested ways that guarantee to rid one of acne or at least reduce it to a great extent.


    It all depends on the type of skin affected by acne. Some skin types respond best to medication and some simply reject the treatment outright and these people have to resort to special technical procedures such as acne laser treatment. There are several medical treatments for acne, some resort to herbal medication such as skin applicants or drugs, while there are others who advocate the use of laser treatment for a permanent cure.

    It is best to determine the toxicity or the severity of the skin before resorting to any treatment of acne. If your toxicity levels are low then you may be able to cure your acne problem with a few researched herbal applicants such as tree tea oil. This is a proven method that has no side effects and leaves a patient very satisfied.

    In a recent research publication tea tree oils were assessed for their ability to treat acne and were rated very good being the best result and very less threat to the skin. Australian tea tree oil turned up with best results which was the highest and means that it was the best way to treat acne. The treatment preparation is quite easy; one just has to add 2 drops of the tea tree oil to the acne affected area with a piece of cotton wool. Treat a small area at a time as opposed to the whole acne affected face at a time.

    Acne can also be treated with:
    1. Desert Essence Blemish Oil but not very effective.
    2. Doctor Burt’s Herbal Blemish Stick with Tea Tree Oil.
    3. Burt’s Bees Healthy Treatment Parsley Blemish Stick with Willowbark.

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