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  • How to cure Chronic wounds
    By Health Blog on June 23, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Chronic wounds can be harder to care for. We always look for signs of infection. The signs are redness, oozing, heat, inflammation, puss, pulse-feeling in wound and distinct smell. If a wound is infected and the person has fever they need antibiotics. We need to clean the wound. If there is a lot of dead skin or debris in it we must try and remove it. It can be good to bathe the wound in water with antiseptic soap in it to loosen the dead skin and debris. After we bathe the wound we should shower it with boiled cooled down water (not the same water we bathed the wound in) and remove all debris if possible. If there are black patches in the wound or necrosis we must cut that away. Healthy wound that is in healing process should look red, no smell, sometimes yellow patches which is fibrin and is good. The edges must also be clean and healthy because wounds close from the edges. If edges or skin around the wound has fungal infection the wound will not close.

    Then we put dressing on it. Use antibiotic cream in infected wounds and petroleum jelly in clean wounds. If the wound is oozing a lot or has much puss in it we must put thick patches of gauze on it.

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  • First aid for the wound care treatment-part1
    By Health Blog on June 20, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Please note that this is not a full-fledged informative article on this topic. I’ll be giving some precautions which many people tend to ignore or may forget in a hurry.

    When you are providing first aid for a wound care, first you should always think about your own safety. If you yourself have an open wound on your hand you must cover it or wear gloves. If you get infected by other peoples wound then you might get sick yourself and then you can’t help anybody. Also if you have infected wound on your hand you might infect someone else and as Florence Nightingale said that it is most important to “do no harm”.

    Always wash your hands well with clean water and soap before handling a wound. Remember to wash under nails.

    When we clean a wound we should always try and use boiled cooled down water. If that is not possible then as clean water as possible. The instruments we use (if any) like scissors and forceps should preferable be sterile. We do that by boiling the instruments. In shallow and small wounds it is ok to use clean instruments but if the wound is deep we should use sterile technique.

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  • Reducing Pimples
    By Health Blog on June 20, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    One of the most facial problem that the youngsters of these days facing is pimples. These pimples create dark marks and deep holes on our face which remains permanently and create a lot of disappointment and makes very shy to speak in the public and reduces the confidence in us.
    There are so many preventive measures that can prevent the pimples to emerge. Here are some of the things you should follow to reduce the effect of pimples.
    1. First of all stop pinching or disturbing the pimples. If you pinch them try to get the pus out of it, it may go for temporarily but the fat inside it won’t come completely and it again raises as a pimple and sometimes if we completely pop out the pus then it will surely create permanent holes on our face which can’t be treated further.

    2. Eat foods which contain less oil contents and fruits and vegetables that are in orange color. Generally oily faced people will get pimples because of the oil on the face hinders the sweat to come out of our face and then deposited and forms into pimples.
    3. Wash the face daily at least twice and this will reduce the oil on your face and wash it with any mild facewash cream or mild soaps.
    4. Actually there are some medical treatments for pimples which can’t solve the problem permanently but we can get some temporary relief.
    5. Try to put some facials made up of fruits or vegetables and honey which will bring brightness on your face and makes your face to look rich and healthy and also reduces the oil content.
    6. There is some good treatment in homeopathy for pimples which can stop the forming of the acne’s inside the skin which can’t be generally stopped by the medical face creams.
    7. Steaming the face will also bring the change very much by clearing the oil pores on the face and free flow of the sweat.
    Following these can surely solve the problem of pimples to a good level.

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  • Use Olive Oil For Enhancing Your Beauty
    By Health Blog on May 28, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    There is nothing like getting in touch with the nature when it comes to choose something to enhance your beauty. The richness, freshness and sensuality it can provide is matchless, and yes some of us even have a spiritual connection with it.

    So why not pick something from the beautiful and romantic Mediterranean, the azure waters of which have always been a favorite for tourists from around the world.


    Let us pick Olive Oil, a gift from Mother Nature right from the very heart of the Mediterranean. We all know that olives make up that mouth-watering topping of your pizzas, and that their oil is widely used for cooking, but it does have a number of other utilities as well, especially those that can be useful for preserving and enhancing your beauty.


    Olive oil is widely used for massages and leave the skin very silky and soft. Those who want easier and comfortable manicure and pedicure, olive oil is the thing to soak your digits in. It is also very good in reducing dryness and can be a natural lotion to your hands, feet, lips, and also can be used as a shaving oil or make up remover.

    Olive oil is widely used in many of the beauty products and is very effective in controlling and reducing the ageing effects on your skin. Rich in Vitamin E, Olive oil can be a treat for your skin. So think twice before you pass by the olive oil shelves in the store. 

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