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  • How is Rhinoplasty Done?
    By Health Blog on May 19, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Nose surgery or rhinoplasty or nose reshaping is a form of plastic surgery performed to reshape the nose. The best way to describe the process is to show rhinoplasty being done. So here’s a video of an American plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California performing a nose job operation or rhinosplasty. It is an actual operation though so it may not be advised to watch it while eating your breakfast ;-)

    YouTube Preview Image

    Ouch, huh?

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  • Cosmetic Surgeries
    By Health Blog on October 17, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery

    Many innovations and researches of this world yielded many benefits for a human life. It’s the time where human can do many things; almost nothing is left for a human to gain. Among all, plastic surgery is one. Now it’s very easy to change the features of human face or body.  Plastic surgeries can set the body parts which are changed due to the misshapen, defects and injuries. With this many came out of inferiority complexity, many turned to perfect featured persons, many earned the fame in society. Many of surgeries got introduced into the society and cleared many of the physical issues which commonly rose by normal people.


    The plastic surgeries came out from the word Plastikos which means ‘able to mold’. This face changing procedure was introduced in late 1900 and found significant effect on human features. According to scientific Webster’s Dictionary, plastic surgery is reconstruction or repairing of physical defects involving skin, musculoskeletal system.  This means the plastic surgery is possible for face features like nose, cheeks, mouth and body parts like breast, trunk, external genitaliya etc.

    Cosmetic Surgical Procedures:


    Rhinoplasty is the nose surgery which shapes out it into a perfect shape. Few of us generally face the situation which will be beyond the cosmetic like facing problem in breathing. At such cases Rhinoplasty can give them a perfect rid and also offers aesthetic harmony along with other features.

    Complications after Rhinoplasty:

    There will be few pre and post operative considerations to have an effective surgery without any side effects. But in spite of all, there will be few risks like excessive bleeding, blood clots, skin color changes, irritating intensive itching, skin color irregularities, swelling, breathing problem and few more.



    Augmentation Mammaplasty:

    This surgery is meant for the breast enhancement.  It got initiated in 2006 where 329,000 surgeries have been done. Later it s process is decreased. This is done using silicone and saline implants for reduction of breast, to set the unsatisfactory shape and position and also to fix the issues of its functionality.


    It’s the most popular surgery meant for the people who founds more fat in specific parts of their body. It’s the removal of excess fat from parts of the body. But, this surgery is not suitable to the people who have the habits of smoking, drinking and improper health.


    It’s the surgery to eyelids. Generally when a human goes through tired, stress, age, illness there will be drop of eye lids and these makes the human looks older than what he actually is. To prevent this people prefer to Blepharoplasty, an eyelid surgery. This makes the people to look younger all the time without defects over eyes.


    It’s also called as tummy tuck which makes your tummy slim for the people whose abdominal skin gets enlarged and lost the flexibility. This is mostly preferred by women after their pregnancy and overweight people who lost their weight excessively.

    These are the most popular surgeries which are frequently preferred by many of us for gaining the cosmetic aesthetic look.

    See also, a Video of Rhinoplasty Surgery being performed on a patient.

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