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  • Cost Free Natural Skin Products
    By Health Blog on August 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    natural skin

    natural skin

    Using of cosmetic to improve the beuty has became quite common task for every girl. Currently men also striving to gain the smooth and complex skin.There are enormous number of cosmetics are emerging in the market having some or other features. In the ancient days there was no case of using cosmetics, a girl beauty always remained with the natural items which she used. But its not the case now, every one prefers to spend money on cosmetics rather than choosing the natural methods matching to their skin. Consults many beauty care centers, beautiparlors and strives a lot with typical sittings and corresponding treatments.


      Effects of cosmetics:

    Though many cosmetics promises for one or the other skin remedies, its of sure to offer some or the other kind of remedy. The high level usage of cosmetics generally offer effective and immediate rid, but the product usage is stopped it offers a new issues to the skin and also ensures the skin with new or the other skin issues.  

    • Few of the high chemical based cosmetic s need to use along with the other cosmetics in order to avoid the side effects or to reduce your other defects. But these cosmetic packages surely make a hole to your pocket apart from reducing the defects.
    • Creams applied over skin will fill the skin pores and when you expose the skin outside, the dust and pollution will gets fixed to your skin layer and enriches the bacteria and improves the causes for pimples.
    • Improper usage of creams can lead to the cause of new skin issues which needs  a  dermatologists suggestions and prescriptions.

    We can prefer to the natural remedies which comes from our daily usage products. This improves the skin and saves the amount simultaneously. This article just going to suggests very few effective skin care remedies in natural ways.



    Natural Glowing Skin:

    To gain a natural glowing skin without the use of cosmetics prefer following methods.

    • Add cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water in equal quantity and use it has cleanser. With this usage the skin’s complexion gets improved.
    • It clears out all the skin pores which are filled with dust and bacteria and improves the skin glow.
    • Make a paste of raw carrots and apply the paste over face and rinse it off after an hour. You can find a smooth glowing skin.
    • Have a spoon of mint juice and apply it over skin for few minutes and clear it off. This removes the stains over the skin. Do keep apply it for specific duration for effective results.
    • Rid for Wrinkles:Add one tea spoon of honey and add it to the cabbage juice and apply it over your skin where there is more number of wrinkles. You can find effective skin within few attempts.
    • Add one tea spoon of lemon juice and 30 ml of tomato juice apply it over skin and clear it with water after few minutes. This enriches the glow of skin.
    • Pimple removal:Take glycerin, lemon juice, rose water in equal quantities and apply it over skin. This reduces the pimple occurrence over skin. Prefer this lotion during night times.

    By considering all the tips its clear that lime juice have impressive positive response when applied to the skin. Apart from this make a face pack of any kind of apple, which results a blemish skin. Home remedies are cheaper and most effective methods to get rid of your skin defects.

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  • Alli for Free of Fat
    By Health Blog on August 15, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    An eye tacking slim physic is the one which every one seeks for. But perceiving such personality in current continuous sitting world is just remains as dream. But this dream can be possible with few of the diet procedures and methods. But few methods need to maintain some tough tasks like painful exercises, tough diets and risky operations. Instead of preferring such techniques it’s better to take medications like alli.

    Weight loss

    Weight loss

    As many of prefer for different kinds of diets but maintaining such calorie controlling diet is hard for all the time. We can’t get food of zero calories on regular food which we consume. But an Alli pill are meant for avoiding the fat content in body with its rich contents and reduces the excess weight by within a short span of time. Alli offer diet on weekly basis for the consumers of alli pills which make the users to maintain the diet food instead of taking rich calorie contents. This is introduced for the people who are eagerly struggling for weight loss.  It also meant for the people who frequently fails to maintain calorie free food. With this pills and weekly diet, it’s quite easy to lose weight in very short span of time.

    But before preferring this product, keep in point whether the consumer is free from allergies, as it would result to certain reactions. Alli got certain positive feedbacks from the consumers regarding alli medications and it is purely considered as prescription free pills. Prefer this pills with free of fear for perceiving the perfect physic.

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  • Remedies for Marks
    By Health Blog on August 12, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Now days, stretch marks are common for men and women due to the excess and sudden increase in weight. Though the chances for raising this are more in women, it’s quite common to find in men also.  Many of us think that there is no complete solution for stretch marks, but there are few solutions and they are very effective and give accurate solutions.

    Birth of Stretch:

    Stretch marks are the light, deep colors marks on the skin and this can be in red, light yellow, pink color marks. This can take birth on your skin during the younger age and at adult age. Stretch marks raised at younger age can be cleared but it’s tough to handle the marks raised during adult age or at pregnancy.

    Age & Cause of Marks:

    Stretch marks are caused due to the over elasticity of skin’s second layer. When the skin stretches more than its elasticity ability, then the second layer will lost its elasticity and results long disordered marks as lines generally named as stretch marks.  Irrespective of age, it can occur at any age, but mostly find at younger, adult and at pregnancy time.

    The causes of marks are of different types. Stretch marks can be the problem of heredity or it can cause high stretch of skin either during sudden increase or decrease weight. Pubescent girls generally find these marks on different parts of the body. Generally on hip, stomach, on upper shoulders, at lower back bone. Over stretch marks can be due to the changes in body harmonically. 

    Treatments for  Marks

    There is a treatment for this marks based on age of person who found stretch marks over the skin.

    Tretinoin: It’s a cream meant for clearing the marks. But these marks should not be older than six months. If they crossed 6 months it can’t clear the marks. This cream meant for the fresh developing stretch marks. And it has no effect for the pregnant ladies.

    Laser Therapy: As stretch marks are caused due to the lost of elasticity, the pulsed laser therapy can improve the elasticity by improving the growth of collagen. It directly affects the chromophores – a chemical molecule exists in the dermis, rather than affecting the outer layer. With this it can reform the skin without marks.

    Excimer Lasers: This will not affect any other skin apart from the stretched layer. It promotes the new melanin development and covers the stretch marks with the same skin color. This is best solution for both older and new developing marks.

    Microdermabrasion:  This is the other process which is very effective for all kinds of stretch marks. This marks are cleared from the lower dermis rather than outer part. It consists of tiny crystals which peel out the stretch marks and again it resurfaces with new electable skin.

    Apart from this, there are few more natural creams which can easily diminish new and few old stretch marks. Castor oil, tropical oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E, All this can control the faded color of the skin.

    All this methods can definitely clear all sort of stretch marks and give you dazzling look.

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  • Blood in Body
    By Health Blog on August 11, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    Blood Cells

    Blood Cells

    As from many days we are just going through the raising topics creating different issues of health. Today we will have a topic which is most important for the people. A person cannot live without average amount of it. I don’t want to keep in suspense; it’s the blood on which this article is going to be.

    Many of us known that the blood is  made of three cells and they are white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. The role of White blood cells (WBC) is to fight against the injuries, Red blood cells (RBC) are meant for transferring the oxygen to lungs and platelets are meant for clotting the blood. Apart from this, there is role of one more character which completes the blood range and it is plasma. Plasma is liquid portion consisting of different electrolytes, nutrients, vitamins, hormones, which are substituted to different parts of the body.

    Now let’s go deeper in to this concept which gives the accurate and effective information. The RBC cells are generated in bone marrow. The bone marrow is of two types based on the level of creation of cells.

    Red Marrow:  Red marrow is one of the bone marrow which creates RBC throughout the life time. This is will be main bone parts like ribs, pelvis, and small parts of upper arms and legs, breastbone and vertebrae.

    Yellow Marrow: This is the bone marrow which will be active for shorter time from the birth. After certain period there production diminishes completely.

    Blood Terminology:

    Hematopoietic: The blood production procedure is termed as hematopoietic.

    Pluripotential Hematopoietic Stem Cell: Blood cells which are formed from same type cells are termed as above heading.  These cells can able to form different types of potential blood cells and also can reproduce the cells. All certain group of cells forms specific type.




    Hematocrit is the measure of red blood cells in the body, and on an average it is around 40 to 45 percent of blood. On an average for every white blood cell, there need to be 600 red blood cells and 40 platelets.

    Unusual Characteristics of RBC:

     RBC is the one which makes the blood red in color, there appearance quite extensive; basically it appears in biconcave shape just like round disk with shallow depth in the center. As it consists of hemoglobin, it enables to hold the oxygen and transfer it to different parts of the body. RBC is an unbreakable cell just because of capillaries.

    Leukocytes for Immune System:

    WBC is specially meant for fight infection. WBC is of different types and each has some specific role for the immune system. On a whole, there are around 4000-10000 WBCs for every micro liter of blood.

    Neutrophils: These are of around58 percent among all the white blood cells. They defense against bacteria, ranging from 5- 20 among its life span. When the bacteria is found in body certain Bands are formed which are the immature neutrophils.

    There are lots more to discuss regarding white blood cells and platelets and this will be covered in the upcoming articles. Go through the articles and be informative about human blood.

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  • Guise of L-Carnitine
    By Health Blog on August 9, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments


    Our body is a factory which runs with bunch of amino acids, proteins, nutrients, vitamins. Lack or excess liberation of any one of them leads to the changes and problems in normal machine (Human Body) productivity and utilization. Current article deals with one of the very important vitamin called L-carnitine, which plays a major role in human personality formation.

    L-carnitine is the nutrient which exists in the body and meant for the fat reduction. This fat reduction nutrient meant to reduce the extra fat which is present in different parts of the body. Currently many of us who are facing excess fat problem are taking the treatment of L-canitine, so that they can shape out the figure easily without taking hectic of exercises, surgeries, diet etc. Though it reduces the excess fat, it can also increase the side effects which are tough to handle by the users.

    L-carnitine is the nutrient which burns the fat in to energy by passing it in to a cell called mitochondria which are generally present in kidneys and liver. Intern the liberated energy will be used by body and yields healthy heart beats, liver and good blood circulation. It’s a quite natural method for weight loss simultaneously improves the energy level during exercises and also metabolism.

    L-carnitine is one of the carnitine. There are few more carnitines present in Body; they are L-aetylcarnitine, L-propionyl carnitine.
    ALSAR: It’s a short name of Acetyl L-Carnitine turned from amino acids methionie and lysine. It is meant for the growth of nutrients in the brain and its functionality. It also used as brain enhancing supplements and weight loss.
    Uses of L-carnitine:
    There are many uses of L-carnitine. It plays a vital role in weight reduction, heart beats, blood circulation and liver functionality.



    Weight Loss: Now a day the losing weight is the major goal of many of us. Instead of preferring for different surgeries you can use this nutrient. Usage of L-carnitine can improve the energy by burning out the fat and can gain the good structure with maximum energy.
    CFS: Chronic fatigue syndrome is the one which generally find as infection. This begins with the deficiency in nutrients and proteins. To treat this L-carnitine is used according to the doctor’s prescription.
    Heart Attack:
    It even reduces the heart attack, by simply increasing the energy level and blood circulation. And it reduces the effects of heart which generally takes place due to the blood circulation.
    Angina is one of the health problems which have the problems like chest pain, pressure, discomfort. This can be cleared by using L-carnitine. It includes the symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating, l light headedness. This is used on the basis of doctor’s prescription.
    Side effects:
    L-carnitine is preferred by the people who have the thyroid. As it impair the thyroid hormone in very short span.
    It has side effect of anorexia nervosa when it is used for the purpose of weight loss. So, it is used on the prescription of doctors.
    Use this nutrient only on the basis of doctor’s prescription instead of concerning your own decision.

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