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  • Medical Alarm in Emergency
    By Health Blog on May 15, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    The healthy beautiful life is bonded with several relations. When it starts rushing out of bonds leaving the world by slowing down the working ability of human machine, it needs more strong relations. Moment where one can’t move out from bed, seeks for help even move part of body or to take a small thing. But to what extend our beloved can help? There will some cases where your relation or your beloved may not be in field to help you and sort out your situation. At such cases medical alarms comes on to the screen. When ever an old age or a person needs help can easily alarm to the responsible person by just pressing the button.

    medical alarm button

    medical alarm button

    Medical alert systems is a small tool especially meant for the old age people and also for them who needs help for their individual activities. A pathetic life can be changed to certain extent using this system. This medical alarm button can be wear as a locket or a bracelet.  It’s a waterproof pendant with console technology alarms one of the medical center and in return it calls to responsible person which can be a doctor or family member or any one else. And secure your life to sudden changes in normal health actions. An emergency alarm can save unexpected disasters in families. Then selecting such alarm is very important for life. And if we find in small attractive models can avoid the feeling of insecure and dependent mode to happy, independent life.

    It’s very hard to digest that your beloved old age relations were left the world just because of delay in response for health related reactions. But because of this latest light weight, console touch bracelets can prevent such situations and secures the life of many people. We can this latest technical pendant sort out lots of issues raised because of emergency help issues. Use it and safe your beloved ones.

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  • Reasons and Rids for Nose Bleed
    By Health Blog on March 15, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    nose bleeding

    nose bleeding

    Flow of blood from body makes the person really scared. No one can stop their emotions when the blood sips out of body. But there are some cases where blood bleeds from nose continuously instantly and unknowingly. Why this happen making mere nuisance for the common life? Are there any severe conflicts due to this nose bleed? This article clears the doubts and queries of nose bleeding step by step for the viewers.
    Nose bleeding is a seriously concerned health issue. Has it can lead to deadly threat to life. Nose bleeding is generally classified as two types. One is anterior nosebleed and the other is Posterior nosebleed.
    Anterior Nose Bleed:
    Anterior nose bleed begins from semi rigid wall termed as septum separating the nostrils of nose. These nostrils which consist of blood vessels and this will spill out the blood from the front part of the nose when any finger touches or due to the blow of nose. This is normal bleed having low symptoms of serious issues.
    Anterior nose bleed is quite common in dry whether conditions. Dry indoors, air dehydration has the chance to raise the culprit of bleed from nose. And this dryness leads to cracks, crushing and then bleeding. The only resolution for this issue is to apply moisturizer to the finger tips and then rub them in the nostrils.
    How can break anterior nose bleed?
    As anterior nose bleed is not a serious issue, it can resolved by themselves with out the role of doctors.

    • The first step to fallow is to calm the affected person, especially if he is a child. Wet the cotton with Neo synephrine and place it in to the nostrils. Before that press and pinch the nose by placing it in between tow fingers.
    • Let the person get relaxed either by sitting or lying on bed and laying the head back. This avoids the flow of blood from nostrils and reverses back.
    • Apply the ice crushed in a bag to nostrils and cheeks.
    • Allow the affected guy to smell the onions, as this spicy odor breaks the flow of blood.

    Posterior Nose Bleed:
    Posterior nose bleed is very serious issue of nose which begins from the deep of the nose with high pressure. The bleed continues and travels from back of the mouth to the neck part. It even extends if immediate precaution is not considered.

    rid of nose bleed

    rid of nose bleed

    Rid for Posterior Nose Bleed:

    • This is mostly found in old age people and it always seeks for a doctor immediately. Many researches have proven that the nasopharyngeal cancer is excluded for persistent posterior nose bleed.
    • As this is a severe effect, immediate consult of doctor is a wise step.
    • Controlling the blood pressure, as high blood pressure is one of the situation causing nose bleed.
    • Conscious steps are considerable for the people who met with nose or skull injures.

    Repeating Nose Bleed:

    Apart from this, there are cases where repeated bleeds attack. And the reasons behind this are

    • Usage of humidifiers in winter season.
    • Immediate lift of heavy loads after the attack of nose bleed.
    • Positioning the head higher than the heart.

    Precautions for Repeating bleed:

    • clean the nose from bleeding
    • use decongestant spray in to the nostrils for atleast four times.
    • On persist flow prefer the doctors suggestion.

    This steps can be helpful as a immediate home remedies for sudden nose bleed attempts.

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  • Tormenting Hiccups Story
    By Health Blog on March 14, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    Every one of us always seeks for smooth health with not even sneak or calf. But it’s not possible for any human. It’s quite common of facing few health issues either in low or high range. One of them is hiccups. Hiccups are the most embarrassing, frustrating and funny obstacle. Once it attacks, on its own wish it leaves despite of fallowing several remedies and methods. But why this hiccups rises? What happens when it spells out? How can it be stopped? All this are quite common questions which will rise when the word hiccups comes in to the discussion. This article is specially meant for answering this entire question in a firm way.


    Hiccups are the common and involuntary fits which will not allow smooth conversations, eating a meal and also flow of thoughts. Hiccups can be found from new born baby to ready to take a last nap old man. Generally hiccups at least 4 to 60 times per minute. The hiccups pattern usually changes from person to person. Based on the span for bout of hiccups, its specification varies. Hiccups spell from minutes to days. Some times these extend to years. Persistent hiccups are those which remain for at least 48hours and hiccups episode extends to years then it is termed as intractable hiccups. Apart from persistent and intractable hiccups all are common and curable spells. But persistent and intractable hiccups can drag to extreme situations in health, even to death.

    Theory of Hiccups

    According to recapitulation, tormented hiccups begin in the womb during the respiration and before the lungs development.  Due to this reason premature children hiccups for2.5 times than matured children. Many scientists were pondering from decades about the occurrence and précised remedies of hiccups. But the fact is there is no specific précised rid for hiccups. After several researches many defined hiccups and suggested different methods as rid. These may be effective or non effective.

    hiccups process

    hiccups process

    During the process of inhale and exhale, the air took from mouth and nose enters in to pharynx, and past glottis and enters in to the larynx and then in to trachea and finally reaches lungs. The diaphragm located in between chest and abdomen is a large muscle which operates the airflow. While inhaling it moves down and comes up while exhaling. And the movement of diaphragm is controlled by phrenic nerves. The irritation to these diaphragm triggers tormenting spasm.

    Spasm makes person to take short and quick breath, a space between the epiglottises got closed and start interrupting the breath. And the sudden closing creates the sound and it is termed as hiccup.

    Culprits of Spasm

    The culprits of hiccups are generated by the activities of the person. Things done by person effects his own body and tends to spasms. There are only few issues which raise spasms and most important one is full stomach. It can either food or air. Full stomach pushes it stuff towards the phrenic nerves of diaphragm and results to the irritation and takes birth of hiccups. The stuff like spicy food, hot food items easily irritate diapharea. Some times emotions like shock, excitements can also cause hiccups. Due to the changes in food, beverages and internal body parts also leads to hiccup fit.

    Development of hiccup leads to?

    Persistent Hiccups and their intensity cause several health issues. Based on the spasms seviority hiccups categorized in to five types: one enriches nervous problems, some creates nerve irritation, and few tends to anesthesia or surgery and also to mental health issues. All are equally important and highly prioritized, so if hiccups exceeds more than 48 hours heading to doctor is quite important.

    This information can easily know what’s happening in your body when hiccup fits and can enrich you to prevent few things like having full stomach by inserting all junks, over reacting to emotions etc. Friends we will give more information on this in the future coming article.

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  • Soothe Stomach Ache by Home Remedies
    By Health Blog on March 10, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    Attending a small party and feeding your stomach with all junk food is quite common thing in every one’s life. And this results to upset of stomach. Many of us love party food, which makes to loose consciousness over their diet and fills stomach with out restrictions. This tends to stomach ache, acidity, gas, loose motions and many minor stomach issues. As these are simple problems of belly, few home remedies can clear the problems with out the involvement of doctors. This article wise the users by providing remedies to the upset stomach.

    Diet for better digestion

    To avoid unpleasant upsets, gastric problems, etc a proper diet plan is very essential. Maintaining a time table for diet, preferring leafy and non stomach aggravating vegetables can prevent all stomach aches. Consuming fruits along with other food in moderate enriches the digestion. Fill the stuff of enriched fiber and gas less beans which makes your body far from gas causing potentials. Avoiding masala’s and pepper quantities which irritate the stomach by liberating high level of acids in abdomen.

    Behavior of Beverages:

    Gulping of beverages plays a crude role in stomach. In take of alcohol, smoking, cool drinks generate irritating sense in the stomach. Even milk which is considered as pure health drink do harm in more quantity to the people having intolerant attitude towards lactose. Dropping plenty of water in the bag of abdomen normalizes bellies environment.
    Relaxed health
    Life with no stress matters much for a healthy life. Stress over mind exacerbates gastric aliments like indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea etc. Mind stress will be relived by regular exercises, avoiding over commitments from schedules, doing some meditations, not skipping hobbies.

    Home Herbals
    Some of the home remedies are the prescribed for gastric and stomach cramps. Addition of fennel seeds in a cup of tea liberates all the gas from stomach and makes belly free of heavy feeling. Other such home remedy is Cinnamon means for stimulating digestive system in a smooth track. It has to be added in tea along with tea powder in 1/4th proportions.
    After having meals in moderate level, intake of caraway seeds easily digests the food consumed in faster methods. This can also be added in tea for better relieve. Similarly ginger tea plays a very important role to offer rid from nausea, gas and other stomach upset issues. This offers the better nutrients which makes body functionality efficient.
    Leaf liberates excess gas
    A troubled tummy can be relieved easily by mint leaves. This leafs as ingredients in tea and having it with empty stomach clears all the stomach issues. Thyme also plays the same guise; it relieves gas pressure once it is added in tea.

    natural cure

    natural cure

    Self made medicines:
    Eating soda not only makes your food items tasty, but also guises as gas relieving medicine. Just add1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water and have it. This clears your tummy stomach. The overactive stomach acids form if the in take of food timings are improper. This can be avoided by just nibbling some light snacks or fruits like apple, banana or any fruit juices or gas soda.
    Prescribed medicines:
    For neutralizing stomach acids and soothing the troubling tummy in quick period antacid are preferable. But long span usage of this medicines leads to severe issues. On regular disturbance of stomach aches consulting doctors is a wise advice.
    This article hopefully enables the readers to find best home remedies for soothing your stomach upsets.

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  • Headache- A Stabbing Pain
    By Health Blog on February 21, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    In everyone’s life there will be definitely one day, when our head itself disturbs us. Out of cool and pleasant life there are few days which includes with human machine problems and among this problems a most common issue is the headache. Headache intrudes in to head via nerves by thrusting the blood in to it. There will be days for few people who desires to hit their own head to some wall to avoid the feel of stammering in brain. An invisible head ache ensures to view hail by just sitting in your room or on traffic. But a simple negligence can also ensure a permanent ticket to heal. In order to halt this trouble, a proper trouble shoot is very essential. Before planning for precautions a clear picture of headache is very important. And you can get the clear picture of head ache and its easily growing deeper roots are represented in this article. Have your glands and gain the clarity before facing your headache.
    Headache is a deadly attacking devil which burns and dies in our own body have different faces. Every face (type) has some similarities and some are completely contra verse. International Headache society differentiated headache in to 150 types. But especially they are differentiated as of two types and they are primary and secondary.
    Primary Headache:
    An attack in brain due to the thrusting of blood in nerves from the heart irrespective of health abnormal is termed as Primary headache. This headache again got differentiated in several ways. Migrate is one of the most repeatable attack. This varies like Aura, Retinal, Basilar, Hemiplegic, and Menstrual.
    Aura Migraine: The raise of some visual disturbances before migraine and settles for few minutes in every hour is spelled as an Aura migraine. This comes out with no pains.
    Retinal Migraine: The birth of blind spot in eye producing some haywire in vision and loosing the power of visibility is termed as Retinal Migraine.
    Hemiplegic migraine: The disruptive and painful effect of headache raising occasionally and resembling some terrific symptoms is known as Hemiplegic Migraine. This migraine can act as root cause for stroke, dizziness, paralysis, loss of motor control.
    Tension Type Headaches: A dull aching pain in head which usually resembled by tying the bands. This attacks when severe strain is bared by nerves.
    Cluster Headaches: A pinpoint repetitions of headache in weak and month wise with debilitating effect and also leads to death of quality life. This occurs in only 1% of population.

    head ache types

    Secondary Headaches: Headache preceded by some health issue is resembled as secondary headaches. Most of them are not neglect able and such kind of headache includes cerebral, stroke, sinus, concussions, MOH.

    Stroke and Cerebral: The block in blood vessel and stoppage of blood flow to brain leads to the headache. It’s a very severe and serious issue which can also breaks the breath of life. Cerebral also comes under this categories. If block rises in cerebral aneurysm can lead to the burst of blood vessel due to severe thrust.

    Concussions: An injury in brain and abnormal functioning of brain for few seconds is termed as concussions. This mostly find in sports player.

    Alcohol & Nicotine:Apart from this addiction of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine also cause the symptoms and effect of headache.

    Medication Overuse Headache(MOH): Unexpected backfire due to the over dosage or the over usage of medicine for headache.

    Sinus Headache: Its nothing but the sneezes, running nose, cheeks, nose pain and all this together some times leads to headache. This occurs rarely.

    For every kind of headache the remedy changes, finding the best one refreshes the person from stammering headache. Find the effective remedy in the upcoming article according to their effect and type.

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