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  • Top 10 Fattest States in America
    By Health Blog on August 15, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    America is fat.. morbidly obese in many cases. With a fast food store never far away and junk food companies allowed to aggressively advertise their poison whenever and wherever they want, I’m  surprised America isn’t fatter than it already is. In years to come we’ll look back and wonder how we let these evil companies advertise like they do, just as we now view the now banned cigarette advertising. (McDonald’s fast food restaurants and Coca-Cola fizzy sugar liquids being major worldwide sponsors of the recent London Olympic games just blows my mind!)

    obesity in america

    What is Obesity?
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obesity kicks in when your body mass index or BMI is greater than 30. As an example if you are 5’4” or 1.63 meters tall and weigh more than 174 pounds 79 kilograms you are obese. If you are 5’9” or 1.75 meters tall and weigh more than 203 pounds or  92 kilograms you are obese.

    fattest americans

    In a CDC study it was found that non Hispanic black people tended to have the highest rates of obesity with 49.5% being obese, Mexican Americans with 40.4% obesity, Hispanics 39.1% obesity and non Hispanic white people being 34.3% obese.

    Top Ten Fattest American States
    Mississippi 34.9% obese
    Louisiana 33.4% obese
    West Virginia 32.4% obese
    Alabama 32.0% obese
    Michigan 31.3% obese
    Oklahoma 31.1% obese
    Arkansas 30.9% obese
    Indiana 30.8% obese
    South Carolina 30.8% obese
    Kentucky 30.4% obese
    Texas 30.4% obese

    I listed eleven states as Kentucky and Texas were equal, so technically it’s the top 11 fattest states ;-)

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  • Long-term weight loss plans
    By Health Blog on October 3, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    It is not fun to be overweight. Apart from the irritation of being teased by friends, you also have some other personal problems to deal with, including difficulties in moving and problems with sleep. More non-immediate problems may include heart diseases, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Weight loss programmes are in vogue to help obese or overweight people address their issues more effectively and on a long-term basis. A good weight loss regime gives you the confidence to not put on excess fat while you still have the luxury to eat and live on your own terms.

    The secret to long-term weight loss
    The simplest secret to long-term weight loss is regular exercise with a healthy weight loss diet. Slimming supplements can take you to a certain level, but your lifestyle must take over from there. It is what you eat and how much physically active you are that set your waistline right and keep it that way. So to start burning fat, you must get out of your head the false notion that a controlled low-calorie diet helps everyone. It does not. Each person is different and what works for one may not work for another.

    Exploring weight loss options
    It is important to know what options you have to shed fats, get in shape and stay in shape! A weight loss diet may be helpful for you only if you are ready to exercise regularly. If you are leading a completely sedentary lifestyle, even slimming diets may not work for you. Similarly, weight loss pills can help you lose the extra fat your body consumes when you down those cheeseburgers with gusto. Some weight loss tablets act as fat inhibitors and prevent absorption of dietary fat. Fat blocker pills can take up to 6 months to reflect the intended results.

    Common sense weight loss tips
    Do you know your body is more comfortable with smaller meals taken at regular intervals than with heavier meals taken twice a day? Experts say that taking soy cheese or a pear every 2-3 hours is a perfect start to a long-term weight loss regimen.

    Eating slowly not just allows you to savour the taste, but also gives your brain the time it needs to realise whether or not it is full. So do not gobble your food. Take your time, enjoy.

    Setting your perspective right is important for any long-term weight loss programme. Ask yourself where you want to see yourself around this time the next year – healthier or just slimmer? The first option is far better than the second, so plan your lifestyle accordingly.

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  • Overweight problems
    By Health Blog on September 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    This became one of the most common problems faced almost all the people who are aging above 40 years. After the age of 40, people can’t do much work and they get tired with the small works very much as their body doesn’t have much strength to do more work. So these people rest more and eat more so they will get overweighed very easily. BMI is the correct index for the overweight and gives the measure of the obesity. If this BMI is more than 30 is considered as overweight but the health problems with the overweight starts from the BMI more than 21.

    Some of the major reasons for this obesity are:

    • Obesity occurs due to energy imbalance of the foods that we eat and intake of high calorie food or foods with high fat content.
    • Having the foods that are low in vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutritious foods.
    • Decreased physical exercises or physical activity and sitting in only one position in the job work whole day.

    The health problems that occur due to this obesity are several. But the most common health problems that occur are:

    • First and foremost health problem due to overweight is the heart attacks and cardiovascular problems and this takes away lives of several people every year.
    • Diabetes is the also one of the health issue that rise due to obesity and makes us very difficult to treat.
    • Paralysis also occurs as the fat contents or the cholesterol blocks the blood vessels in the brain.
    • Knee pains occur as the body gets over weighted and burden on the knees and legs increases.
    • This makes us addicted to eat more and more food and titillates us to eat which is the main reason for failure to control the overweight.


    How this can be reduced?

    • Following some of the individual self control we can reduce the overweight.
    • Take good diet with more proteins, vitamins and fewer fats.
    • Limit the number of times that we take food.
    • Take light food as much as possible before going to sleep.
    • Don’t sleep immediately after taking the food. Do some work before you sleep and after you eat.
    • Limit the intake o of sugars.
    • Daily do the exercises or any work for physical movement of the body.
    • Take more fruits and raw vegetables than general food.

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  • What’s the Thyroid Role?
    By Health Blog on March 13, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    All these days we have discussed normal health conditions, now let’s move our glorious glands towards deeper concepts of health. This article comes out with glands of our body which plays a precious role to smoothly run a typically arranged machine, named body.


    Our typically body needs every minute part of it in a perfect condition; any change of its role tends to severe issues of health. One of such minute but most important marvelous part of body is thyroid gland. It is one of the largest endocrine glands and has very important role in every activity. This gets settled in thyroid cataliage with in the neck inferior. The role of it is use to manage the level of proteins and nutrients adequately in every part of body. This controls the activities of every organ and provides required energy.

    How it Controls energy levels?
    It’s the pituitary glands which order the thyroid glands and this intern comes from the parts of the brain called hypothalamus. Apart from this hormones also have an extraordinary role in body functioning. Hormones are one which signals certain body actions. Some meant to produce different glands and some meant for some specialized features.
    Thyroid which is actually located at throats right side below the voice box can migrate to all the body parts when person is in fetus mode. Though this is a very rare case, it just ends the human thyroid from neck to the chest. Thyroid generally consists of two lobes. This gets connected to trachea with the help of isthmus, while it is travelling windpipe (trachea).

    Guise of Thyroid
    Though thyroid is quite in weight but can tends to serious culprit when its function becomes abnormal. Thyroid glands are in bunch and they transfer the messages in themselves to operate the body in perfect condition. For this they need to produce few cells in absolute level. Either lesser or higher level of thus tiny cells tends to abnormal situations in human body.

    Thyroid role

    Thyroid role

    T3 and T4:
    Thyroid produces two different tiny cells and they are triiodothyronine and thyroxine and they are shortly named as T3 and T4. In this T3 is meant for production of iodine in numeric 3 and t4 generate 4 iodides. This iodine will enter in to the blood stream and plays their role in corresponding function. This iodine moves to every cells and confirms with the cell regarding their consumption of oxygen and nutrients, which is generally termed as metabolism. They also take part in heart muscle contraction and nerve function by increasing the utilization of cholesterol and nutrients. This ensures normal growth and brain development.

    C cells:
    There are few cells liberated from thyroid which manages the levels of calcium in body. As every one knows how calcium is important for human skeleton. The cells which play the role of calcium controller follicular cells or the parafollicular cells or C cells and the other are parathyroid hormone. But, too much of these hormones tend to builds of barriers in human performance. Based on the production of all these hormones, health culprits come in to the picture and those culprits are termed as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

    You can know more regarding these culprits and their effects and defects in the upcoming articles very soon. Hope this information makes you wise about the thyroid and its role in human body.

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  • Ruining Health by Weight loss Surgeries
    By Health Blog on January 2, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    weight loss of surgeries

    weight loss

    Over interest towards slim structures, ineffective exercises, continues feed to stomach, long time sitting works rooting the zeal towards the instant weight loss and over excitement towards surgical slimness. This kind of attitude may slim downs your structure but enriches several health issues. Many researches have proven that the weight loss surgeries definitely improve the physical structure from belly ball to spectacular slim shape. Let’s have some optimism on the surgical weight loss and its effects at back-end in financial and medical aspects.

    Weight loss with Bariatric surgery

    In this fashion world every one is conscious in decreasing weight loss and pertain the perfect slim structure. But due to the complete fixed sitting jobs and love towards fatty words, in defeating obstacles for the weight loss destiny are emerging. And especially weight loss is unbearable mental pain for the people who have heredity or obesity. After the several attempts also only a negligible changes can be observed in people. This depressing and degrading feel of weight loss soothes with the bariatric surgeries. Bariatric surgery is the surgery which reduces the food intake which especially deals with caloric intake and leading to the weight loss.

    Unexpected effects of surgeries

    Several researches and practical experiences enlighten the facts of baratric surgeries or stapling the stomach called bypass surgeries. Though this surgery is meant as a worthwhile for the obese people, its effects at the backdoor really ruin the life.

    High fracture rate:

    The bariatric surgeries decrease the calorie rate in humans tends to the weight loss, but this advanced surgery also reduces the other proteins and minerals which are very crucial for the body fitness. Vitamin D and Calcium are the roots for the strong bone. But the surgeries rob the vitamin D and Calcium level and builds to steps for bone fractures. Recent studies concluded that the 21 among 97 of middle age (especially women) are facing bone fractures (mostly at limbs). The researches couldn’t able to determine the cause of the limb or other bone fractures.

    Bariatric surgery

    Statistics of improvements in surgeries and side effects

    Around 58 percent of people, gone through the baratric surgeries are facing several other health barriers. This includes the raise of gastric problems, heart attacks, respiratory failure, staple leakage,pneumonia and abdominal hernias. Every issue can lead to the break of life line. After doing several improvements in the surgery process in 2009, the percent level dragged down to 28 percent. But still the life threatening health barriers like dumping, ulcers, wound reopening, hemorrhage, wound reopening, deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism,heart attacks and strokes   remains unchanged. After passing through several changes the only exception is finding in gastric bypass risk from 2.9 to 0.1.

    Though there is a long down drawn of side effects, it is not considered as preferable surgery. As the time passing, it is posing new health defects in humans. Over conscious towards health raises several health disasters. A strong health makes to sustain in the world not the slim structure. Losing weight is acceptable but not in the instant or immediate effecting methods. Natural, healthy and long span exercises or correct can only you personality perfect and retains the strong health.

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