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  • HCG diet and weight loss Technique
    By Health Blog on September 19, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments  Comments

    Every day the food that we consume has excess fats and carbohydrates than that is sufficient for daily work. Unfortunately, the tasty and spicy food will have high levels of bad fat and they don’t have proper proteins. Our digestive system and immune system are not powerful enough to melt the dangerous fats. If you don’t force yourself and do some kind of physical work, in a very few days you will become more cheeky with excessive weight and imbalanced posture. You will turn yourself into a good fat chicken that can barely do his own works. I am not frightening you by saying this but I want to share this information so that you can act early and save yourself. According to MSNBC,  four out of ten patients developed complications by undergoing   obesity surgery within first 6 months from the date of surgery.

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    If you are looking for some good solution for treating your obesity try the low calorie diet formulae. I have recently seen a diet and weight loss center that are using low calories food and naturally produced HCG hormone in humans. Unlike many medical centers, HCG diet is promising that you don’t require taking additional drugs which sometimes causes side effects. Their program is tested over 1000 of obesity persons and supervised by eminent doctors. HCG is a medically supervised program built around a low calorie diet coupled with small dose of a hormone that can help stimulate the metabolism. This is a simple inexpensive, natural treatment. There will not be any gastric problems.

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  • To loose weight with natural foods
    By Health Blog on September 14, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Eating a diet of raw and natural food items, which have not been altered by technology sure helps to lose weight the healthy way. Believe it or not but the mere effect of eating natural foods has helped in reducing weight.

    It is however been determined that the Natural foods today have no added sugar which means there is no extra calorie going in your system that can be absorbed as fat. Plus there is no extra salt preservative and no extra harmful saturated fat.

    We don’t have to stop eating t loose weight but it is a simple way in which we can choose the foods that benefit us the most. Add garlic in your food to reduce fatty deposits. These are the few changes that we have to make for a healthy life. Add berries in your milk and oatmeal’s as they will give you a different flavor and help to reduce the risk of different cancers. While using whole grains in your diet, you will be able to get the required quantity of fiber in your diet which will help in circulating digestive food in your gut and thus reduce constipation which in turn will make less unwanted food to deposit as fat in your body.


    No food alone can cause to loose weight as there is no such thing as the best single weight loss food. We should take note of the fact that weight loss is the energy consumed from the foods in our diet. And the diets total energy should be less than the energy used by the body. The only reason some foods are considered good for weight loss is due to fact that in some way they help reduce the total energy consumption in some way.

    Foods that are rich in high fiber are considered the best foods for weight loss as the fiber help[s to fill up the stomach quicker causing the individual to consume less.

    Vitamin B rich fruits sure give you an energy boost and you surely like to do more exercise .Many foods with high water content are the best foods to lose weight as they contain low calories and increase in water intake has shown increase in weight loss. Foods which have high sodium content because water retention and are not considered good for the health as they increase weight. A low sodium diet can get the patient rid of water retention.

    Foods rich in Vitamin C are a great help in reducing fat. Fruits such as Lemon, lime, oranges and grape fruit are fruits that have fat burning qualities and they are called fat fighters. Vitamin C dilutes the fat and makes it less effective and helps in releasing the fat from the body.

    Some vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, water melon and blue berries are fat burning foods. By eating these foods your metabolism increases and it buns calories at a faster rate even after exercising.

    Calcium in foods in milk and other dairy products act as fat burners that can boost weight loss by increasing fat break down in fat cells.

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  • Omega 3 oils for weight loss
    By Health Blog on September 11, 2009 | 8 Comments8 Comments  Comments

    Obesity has become a world wide problem especially with the younger generation. Nowadays, kids are more into fast food instead of the healthy food. Obesity leads to Metabolic Syndrome and cardiovascular diseases and studies have revealed that twenty five percent of over weight children are suffering from this metabolic syndrome.
    Fish is a wonderful food for dieters and for adopting a good eating habit fish is the best food.

    Recent studies show that there are fat burning foods that can actually increase the fat calories your body burns each day. These are known as free foods and are very low in calories that your body burns more calories metabolizing them. Then the total amount of calories in the food itself.

    Fat burning foods are important to people who wants to lose weight and keep it off for good but they are vital to people who find it hard to loose weight. Your genetics plays an important role in determining how fast and how much weight you lose irrespective of how much exercise you do and how nard you diet.

    Types of fat
    There are two types of fat, one is the bad fat and the other is the good fat.

    Mono saturated fats
    Are the good ones and help to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. These fats are found in food olive oil, peanut oil, cashew nuts pine nuts and chicken fat

    Poly unsaturated fats
    Omega 3 and omega 6 are known as the poly saturated fats and are good for health. They reduce inflammation and tumor growth. They increase the immunity and help to protect against sudden death from heart problems. Omega 3 is found in many fishes such as mackerel, trout, tuna, salmon, sardines and herring. Omega 6 is found in sunflower oil sesame oil, nuts beans and soft margarine.

    Saturated fats
    These are the bad fats and tend to increase the cholesterol level and also tend to increase the risk of heart disease and strokes. It is very difficult to get rid of these types of fat but one way of reducing them is by fat free milk and other dairy products. These fats are found in meats, cheese, whole milk, palm and coconut oil.

    Tran’s fats
    These are the worst form of fats as they lower bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol. They raise the risk of heart diseases and strokes .These fats are found in cookies, cakes, margarine and vegetable oils that have been subjected to heat damage during cooking.

    Reducing weight with Omega 3 fish oil
    Recent research shows that by supplementing the diet with omega -3 would increase he fat calories burned in a single day. These fish oil increases the metabolism and speeds up weight loss and the extra fat is not stored. If you take omega 3 oils and exercise the increased circulation restores the cell’s ability to burn fat more efficiently. The improved blood flow to exercising muscles stimulates key enzymes to transport fat that needs to be used as fuel. Consuming fish oil reduces your food craving and even increases serotonin level for good brain health. When fish oil and exercise work to gather they control your insulin resistance and vascular inflammatory markers.

    And so the many healthful benefits of fish oil are it reverses the effect of aging, ensures a healthy heart, brain, joint, digestive and immune system. But keep in mind that due to pollution nothing is 100% pure and so you should include a balanced diet with regular exercise and fish with omega 3 oils as this sure is a package deal for healthy living.

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  • Not Every Exercise Helps You to Lose Weight!
    By Health Blog on September 5, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Many people who consider themselves overweight and desperately want to lose some weight, are under the impression that doing sit-ups and crunches will help their purpose. But the reality is just the opposite; sit-ups and crunches do no good to weight loss patients.

    If you find this idea hard to digest, then you should enquire into the basic purpose behind doing such exercises. Athletes and bodybuilders do sit-ups in order to build their body muscles not to reduce them.


    Working out will not necessarily help you lose weight

    Therefore, if you want to reduce your body weight then stop wasting your time with such exercises. There are other ways to lose weight. For example, you can start burning your body fat; it is not as hard as it may sound as your body naturally wants to burn fat.

    The key is to modify what you eat and how much you eat. If you eat more food than what your body burns, then you are going in the wrong direction. However, changing your diet plan does not mean that you should start eating only boiled and tasteless vegetables. In fact you can continue your normal diet as long as you learn when to eat.

    The timing of your meals is very important; those who eat less but at frequent intervals find it hard to lose weight. Observing moderation in your diet will definitely quicken the pace at which you get slimmer.

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  • Proper management of weight
    By Health Blog on July 21, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The winter slowly – slowly away, leaving some not so pleasant unnecessary pounds. So along with the spring starts and the stress of dieting and weight loss. Whether it is changes in the healthy body weight and how we can keep our weight stable? These questions will try to answer in this article.

    Small variations are normal weight

    When the changes in weight of about 1-2 kg are considered perfectly normal, even when within a week or even one day, as our weight is directly influenced by what we eat or drink before being weighed. For example if you drink two glasses of water and weighed immediately after the balance will show ½ kilo heavier.

    Changes in weight were observed through the years, but at different stages of life a person is perfectly normal but were enough to move certainly reasonable.

    When there is a problem

    The continuous and large fluctuations in weight, have usually resulted in the individual leads to increased body weight but also very high percentage of body fat percentage and reduced muscle mass. This has the effect to occur then even greater increase in body weight as a result of loss of muscle tissue, the basic metabolism of the individual, ie the energy consumed by the body for basic functions, is reduced. It’s much better a slightly overweight person is overweight must constantly fluctuates in weight.

    Apart from the final increase in body weight, constant changes have serious psychological consequences as the person enters into a vicious cycle of continued loss and recovery of weight, thus occupied by feelings of frustration and futility. The sense of constant deprivation, with the balance but ultimately shows more pounds is typical. It is the time to understand that doing something wrong and should radically change the way we treat our food.

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