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Avoid Strokes of Heart Engine

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    From the first breath to the last breath of life, a nonstop working part of the body is the heart. On the whole, one or the other time most of your body parts gets some relaxation including brain, but it’s not the case with heart. It always pumps the blood to rest of the body parts and makes them to work efficiently. It acts as an engine to the body. A peculiar concentration is required to sustain in the globe for long span. But it’s not happening in the current world due to several reasons passing in the path of life. This negligence can reflect to sudden shocks and raise unexpected barriers. To avoid these shocks in life, a perfect care towards health and good diet is very essential. In order to obtain these things, some steps have to be fallowed and those steps are pinpointed in this article.


    As the life is turning to tight schedules, the pressure level also turns to more. This ruins the blood pressure range in body. Based on the state of heart, the blood pressure varies. The blood pressure for which the heart expands is considered as systolic and the movement of blood during the heart relaxing state is considered as diastolic. Here the range of Blood pressure must be in the range of 120/80. If it reaches to 130/90, it’s called hypertension and a person should not exceed this. Otherwise it leads to several side effects on heart. Maintaining the balanced blood pressure is quite important and it can be done by usage of salt in low amount, avoiding alcohol and smoking.

    Guise of Cholesterol

    The daily intake of stuff is also matters a lot for maintaining the normal heart beat. The veins though which the heart pumps the blood to other body parts will easily gets blocked and it gives a break to heart beat. Cholesterol will be of two types low density lipoprotein (LDP) and high density lipoprotein (HDP). In this HDP have no effect on the working of heart, but the LDP tends to forms an obstacle for the heart beat. As LDP blocks the walls and forms Plague and leads to the rupture of walls tending to heart attack case. To avoid this, a good diet is quite essential and also the treatment called Stains works better.

    Dream World

    A better sleep makes the life happy. Good sleep only can avoid stress over the heart. Many researches confirmed that less or more number of hours can create health issues, especially heart attack. Only the adequate sleep can excel the heart beat. And the sleep is of 8hours.

    A better life needs some strain to body. For that some exercise like jogging or walking is very essential. This makes BP in to controlled level and leads to normal heart beat.

    to prevent heart disease

    to prevent heart disease

    Future Prediction:
    If there are the symptoms of facing heart in future, start usage of medicine like aspirin or any pain relievers daily in low dosage. This avoids the future knocks of hear strokes. And also go through the stroke prevention medicine which avoids the sudden shocks and strokes to your life.

    Happy Mind: Never get depressed or hyper tensed with different issues, Try to live a chilled life which controls the emotions of your body and also controls the pressure over your heart and brain.

    Family History:
    Try to research on family health history, which have the impact on the health especially on heart. There are many cases where children facing heart attacks. This research can make you to take specific preventions. And also better diet makes health perfect and increases resistance power to face any health issues.

    Prevention is better than cure, so never take a chance for health. Always maintain the things and healthy heart engine for very long span.

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