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How to know whether we are suffering from sleep deprivation problem?

  • Although there are millions of people that are suffering from sleep deprivation, the fact is that most of them don’t seek the help they need to in order to protect themselves from the problems that lie beyond not getting enough rest. Sleep deprivation is something to take seriously and to get help from. How do you know if what is happening to you is something to be worried about? There are actually many things that you can do.

    sleep deprivation

    sleep deprivation

    Tips for Determining Where You Stand

    • Keep a daily record of the amount of time that you sleep. Write down the time that you went to bed, the last time you looked at the clock and when you woke up. Write down any times that you woke up during the middle of the night, too. You should also write down any times that you laid down and took a nap too. This record keeping will help to determine what your sleep pattern is.

    • Determine also the quality of the rest that you get. If you find that you sleep but didn’t feel like you were getting enough rest, then this could be a potential problem for you.

    • Write down what you did before you slept. You should include any foods that you consumed and when you ate them during the day, especially those that you ate the last few hours before you went to bed.

    • Note any daytime activities that keep you up. For example, if you ran a marathon that day, you’ll need to note that as well as the effect that it had on you during your nighttime rest. You should keep track of any physical activity that could play a role in your outcome.

    • Also, track a few more changes. For example, include how much caffeine you drank, and when. Determine what amount of alcohol you drank. You should write down if there are any emotional considerations that could have played a role in your sleeping problems.

    All of these things can contribute to the problems of sleep deprivation. If you find yourself recording this information and finding a pattern with it, then you can try to make changes that will ultimately improve your condition. But, if not, seek out the help of your doctor who can help you to improve your condition ultimately. This record will be a good tool to get started with for solving your sleep deprivation problem.

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