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Additives and Effects of Cigarette

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    With life becoming more hectic and stresses growing by the week, many people continue to smoke cigarettes as a stress reliever, knowing full well how dangerous the habit is. Many prefer drinking only at specific time in a day, but it’s not the case with smoking. People smoke at any times of a day. Cigarettes have thousands of toxic chemicals which pass in to all the internal organs of the body. Many researches confirmed that 50% percent of smokers are suffering with TB, heart attacks, and cancer. There are a large number of people and their loved ones seeking to rid themselves of this addiction, but quitting cigarettes is not an easy task. This article is helpful for those who want to quit smoking and also has a few facts about smoking and cigarette withdrawal.

    What is a Cigarette is made of?

    A three inch burning cigarette can consist of 4000 chemicals, which include poisonous toxins and chemicals. Some of the chemicals and additives in a cigarette include ace anisole, acetic acid, acetone, alfalfa extract, ally ionone, amberqeis tincture, ally hexanoate, dl-alanine, acetophenone, actinitic acid, amberqris tincture and many more  chemicals in a cigarette which are harmful to the human body.

    Cigarette Role on Health:

    Your relaxing inhaling of a cigarette can yield you a lifelong list of health issues which can stay with you your entire life and in the case of cancers caused by smoking, can shorten your life dramatically.

    Nicotine is one of the additives which reach every organ of body as soon as we take a single puff. It reaches the brain within ten seconds and starts affecting its organs more quickly. By this, the brain starts working effectively only when person smokes cigarette.



    Carbon monoxide gets combined with the red blood cells and decreases the ability of RBC to carry the maximum level of oxygen to all parts of body.

    Carcinogens, the cancer agents bind with the smoker’s body organs and also travel in the smoke which the smoker releases. This slowly damages cells growth related genes and results to abnormal growth of all kinds of genes.

    All types of addictive chemicals affect the body in different ways. High level of smoke affects the lungs and also heart.  The overall addiction to cigarettes make the organs work only when nicotine reaches them, with this the working ability degrades.

    Oxidative stress is the one which occurs due to the addiction of smoke, this mutates DNA which leads to lung conditions. As you age the oxidative stress improves then it leads to severe other cases like cancer, cardiovascular etc.

    Generally there are many body antioxidants which are meant for repairing the damaged cells. But in smokers the antioxidants level will be much less which leads to the lower resistance power and lower healing power.

    These are only few major health issues caused by smoking cigarettes, apart from this there are many minor health and hygiene related issues like sleep apnea, yellow teeth, black lips, wrinkles and more. As people become more aware of these cancers and health conditions caused by smoking the filthy habit will eventually become less popular than it is today. I personally used quit smoking patches to stop smoking cigarettes. Obviously it wasn’t easy, but it is possible and you feel much healthier when you do quit smoking!!

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