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    Did you ever tried to avoid cutting your nails for months together. You might have found few people who always want to increase their nails. Few like Remond earned few awards and records for their longest nails. But generally when you start growing your nails, you might have observed that there will be some problems like dust getting settled in nails, disordered shape and color changing. Nails are the shows you health status in most of the cases. This article is one which comprises of nails and its uses to realize your status.

    Nails are not only meant for good appearance but also strive to protect our tissues, scratch issues and also warn about the diseases signs.  This beautiful nails are the part of skin which grow for every month by 2 or 3 millimeters. This nails are composed of six parts of skin, they are generally located at layer called Keratin.  The small size nail is fixed within the nail folds which are around the nail, fixed over the cuticle and its roots begin from lunula. And also there is a nail bed which is just under the nail.  This growth will grow based on the proteins level in the body and its growth will be more in summer time.

    Health Status by Nails:

    There are some cases where nails face many issues based on the health and nutritional situations in body.  Most beautiful nails can change their shape, color and growth if body has some deficiencies. The nail growth and its look are completely based on the level of biotin, protein and iron level. Nails can fade out its color if the body is lacking with iron level, it may pale out when the blood level decreases in body indicating the symptoms of anemia. Some time the shape of the nail also change warning the condition called koilonychias. Sometimes nail turn to yellow or red color when the person is affected with Zounds.

     Human Mental Status by Nails:

    You might have observed people who bite the nails when they got stressed or bored. Many researches proved that there are around 50 percent of kids and 23 percent of adults who bite their nails when they find stressed. But nail biting may leads to some mild to major issues. By biting the nails most of the bacteria which got settled down under nails passed in to mouth and can lead to virus diseases.  Severe nails biting can lead to severe nail infections and also makes your fingers look unkempt.  It also considered as impulse control disorder.

    nails biting

    nails biting

     Minor Accidents effect Nails:

    When you minor accidents affecting your nails results the faded color spots over the nails and sometimes nails shape will be out. When accident is severe it results to broken blood vessels and forms verticals over the nails with deep color and this spots are termed as hemorrhages.

    Infection around Nails

    When there is some red itching around the nails or some disorder shapes birth around the nails is indication that the nails got infected with some or the other sort of fungus. This fungal infection can make your nail thicker and crumbly. And colored changed nails which generally named as viral warts are not treated by doctors commonly.  

    Sometimes when person suffers with undiagnosed diseases like heart problem, kidney problem, lung disease, low level of oxygen in body will lead to the changes in the color of nails.  

    An immediate action is required when the nails are found with some or the other problem. Frequent manicure and pedicure is quite essential for healthy and beautiful nails. Be careful of your nails instead of neglecting as minor part of body.

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