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Antiboitics and Bacteria

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    Our day to day activities involves the interaction with different organs. And every activity has one or the other organs which bacteria. Our body mostly restricts the intruders called bacteria. But sometimes human body can’t resist with the high level of bacteria and it results to diseases, infections. To control this, a human needs prefer antibiotics. This antibiotics fights against bacteria and protects our body. And it also improves the resistance capability of human. Antibiotics have immense role in human as it acts as firewall in between human and bacteria by inhibiting the bacterial growth.

    A human goes through different situations where he faces with kinds of organs in which bacteria is the one. Bacteria is the one which always get contact with human and it always seeks to feed on our body. Some have good role but some have the side effects to the human body.  Some bacteria in human raise new health problems and diseases. Some bacteria causes infections where as some have a positive results. Bacteria has negative effect will be restricted by human being with the help of white blood cells. This white blood cells acts as cob for human body which restricts the intruders and fights against them. A single white blood cell can kill hundreds of intruders (bacteria) in its life span.


    Antibiotics kill the bacteria and it is termed as bactericidal and also hampers their ability of bacteria to grow and reproduce. With this the immune system ability will be increased and defeats against all the intruders.

    Role of Antibiotics:

    Antibiotics stave the bacterial growth by avoiding the interface with some organs which raises some kind of infections or diseases by enriching the synthesis of vitamin B, folic acid which thrive the bacteria.  Antibiotic generally enriches the proteins growth and its synthesis in shorter span by binding it to the metabolism. And it also avoids the DNA and RNA interaction with bacteria.



    Reaction of Bacteria over Antibiotics:

    There are some cases where the bacteria come out of the barriers which are built by the antibiotics. Actually the antibiotics point outs all the bacteria present in body and kills them quickly. To avoid their death, bacteria reduce the number of channels for drugs by changing its permeability or escort the antibiotics by forming a molecular and some forms the power pumps using ATP.

    Bacteria sometimes changes its molecules present inside the cell and diverts the target of antibiotics which keenly concentrating on their target.

    When the bacteria level reaches to extreme, they can easily sustain by neutralizing their energy and avoids the effect of antibiotics.

    Resistance of Bacteria over Antibiotics:

    Frequent usage of antibiotics makes the bacteria to retain the resistance ability. Sometimes it may have inherent capabilities. This is done, when bacteria copies the altered protein or enzyme and encoding it. They also akin to bacterial sex during the transformation and at these stage microbes join together and transfer the DNA to each other. There are also different ways by which the bacteria retain its energy and defeat the antibiotics role over it.

    It’s better to prevent the frequent use of antibiotics and increase the resistance of bacteria. And prefer for safer life.

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