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Rowers – by Sea and by Land

  • Rowers are such pieces of fitness equipment that simulate the action of rowing. Working at rowers mostly helps in developing and strengthening of trunk muscles and arms. Rowing is initially water sport for men. Since ancient times rowers have been engaged into races on all possible water surfaces (on lakes, on rivers, and even on the ocean).

    Today the word ‘rowers’ is referred not only to those people who participate in rowing competitions, but also to fitness equipment that simulates or imitates rowing. Modern inventions and technologies make it possible to go in for rowing without water and without real oars as well. You can practice at fitness clubs or just staying at home. So, today rowing is a sport and fitness activity at the same time.

    Rowers - by Sea and by Land

    Rowers - by Sea and by Land

    Rowers as training equipment give the same physical loads and tension as water rowers do. The only thing they can’t give you is a spirit of competition and the taste of victory or defeat. Nevertheless fitness rowers are being used for training professional sportsmen before they go offshore. In spite of the fact that fitness rowers are considered like imitating machines they are very good for practicing and getting the experience in rowing.

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