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First aid for the wound care treatment-part2

  • Please note that this is not a full-fledged informative article on this topic. I’ll be giving some precautions which many people tend to ignore or may forget in a hurry.

    We can divide wounds in two categories: fresh wounds and chronic wounds. We begin by cleaning the wound.

    For fresh wounds it is good to let it bleed a little first and let it clean itself that way. If there is any dirt in the wound we must clean everything out with water. It is always better to shower the wound and not let it sit in a bath of water. Sometimes we have to brush the wound to get everything out. If we leave any particles in the wound it can slow the healing process down, leave a bigger scar and can be a cause of infection. When the wound is clean we let it dry and then we put dressing on it. It has to be either clean or sterile. If the wound was very dirty it is good to put cream on it with some antibiotics in it. If the wound looks clean we put petroleum jelly on it because it helps the healing process and to prevent the gauzes to stick in it.

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