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Guidelines for the usage of medicines

  • In so many villages the people don’t know which medicine they have to use so they go a medical shop and ask for the medicines. There are several medicines that are available in this world but only some of them are needed for the treatment. Sometimes people don’t know how to use the medicines use them in a very wrong way. Using the medicines in a wrong way leads to several abnormalities and may cause other health problems mainly to livers, lungs, heart and kidneys. It is utmost important to use the medicines in the right way. Don’t forget that medicines can kill if we use wrongly and with every medicine this problem exists.

    The right usage of medicine and in the right dosage is very important. Unnecessary combinations of medicines might lead to different reactions and may cause death. Here are some of the guidelines that are to be followed for the better usage of medicines:

    • Use the medicines only when necessary.
    • Know the expiry date of the medicine and then use. Even if use the expired medicine it is of no use and sometimes may lead to harmful affects also.
    • Be sure to use the right dosage, right number of times, during day and night.
    • Know the correct precautions and use them carefully.
    • When we are having any doubt, seek the advice from a trained medical person or a doctor.
    • Only use the medicine when you are sure it is needed and when you are sure how to use it and know the side effects of that medicine before.
    • Some medicines may be sleepy after having that medicine. Try to avoid the work or working involves physical and mental attention.


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    October 8, 2009 pm31 11:22 pm

    Just surffing online and I cam accros your site. Thanks for your good time & effort to put this educating post up here. I really liked your site and have just subscribed to your RSS posts so I can be able to read more of your posts as soon as they are live!

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