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How to Balance Workload and Diet?

  • balance  the workload and dietThis article contains some tips that will help you in balancing your work load and diet. Healthy diet is essential to use your complete potential. Also, healthy diet keeps you fit and away from obesity, disorders and other health diseases. Never let your work to skip your breakfast or lunch or dinner.

    Never skip your breakfast: Though this is one of the most common advices you get in your professional life, we never listen to it because we presume that we are occupied with tight schedule and there is no time for the breakfast. The other reason for skipping the breakfast is ‘dieting’. This is quiet opposite to dieting. When you skip your breakfast, your body releases acidic acids which affect your normal body function. Also, when you skip your breakfast you feel hungry and eat more during the lunch and sometimes take junk food in middle. According to the researchers, drinking fat free milk during the breakfast will help you to take 50-75 less calories of food during lunch and you feel the fullness.

    Avoid mid-day jinx: Choosing the calorific valued foods that can enhance satiety is one of the vital factors in successful weight management plan. Hence, when you are about take anything during the work or amidst of day, then chose fruits and fruit juices. You can also take soups but they are less preferred over fruits. Try to take more fiber, proteins than fats. The former helps your body to grow stronger where as the latter will just increase your weight.

    Drink Milk in Morning Breakfast

    Drink Milk in the Morning Breakfast

    Avoid coffee during night: It is very important to check our daily diet especially if you are working in late nights. Most of the corporate encourage their employees to take coffee or tea during the working hours to free themselves from the stress. They will also inject new energy and enthusiasm into the body because of the caffeine and nicotine present in the coffee and tea respectively. However, you should remember that caffeine acts against your drowsiness and kills you sleep, hence medical professionals advices not to drink tea/coffee during the night times. You can take milk instead of them which will catalyze the metabolism of the body and thus you can have a sound and pleasant sleep in the night.

    Exercise for 15 min daily: Go for a jog or clean your room or bathe your pet, do some kind of physical exercise for at least 15 minutes a day so that it will burn your calories and keep you away from obesity and doctor.

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