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Kick off the back pain

  • Back is one of the painful health problems to bear and takes so much of time and need to take so much care to reduce this problem. The main reasons for getting back pain are chronic upper back pain with cough and weight may be TB of the lungs. Mid back pain in a child may be due to TB of the spine, especially if the backbone has a hump of lump. Low back pain that is worse the day after heavy lifting or straining may be a sprain. Standing or sitting wrongly with shoulders dropped is a common cause of backache. Acute pain at the middle may be a urinary problem. Severe low back pain that come suddenly may be due to a slipped disc. There are some preventive and treatment measures for this problem.


    Treatment and prevention:

    • If the back pain is due to TB, a urinary infection, or gallbladder disease, treat the cause. Seek medical help immediately.
    • Simple backache, including that of pregnancy can often be prevented by always standing straight, sleeping firmly on some hard and flat surface and doing bending exercises daily.
    • For low back pain that comes from twisting, lifting, bending or straining, quick relief can sometimes be brought by doing some exercises through bending knees.

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  1. #1 Scott Pollock
    October 28, 2011 pm31 4:14 pm

    It is a good thing that nowadays we can easily find a lot of options when it comes to treating back pain. often, these depends on the level of pain we experienced in our back. I agree that it is best to seek medical attention first prior to seeking your own treatments for your back pain.

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