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Know about Eye Floaters

  • Eye floaters are the little flecks, dapples that interrupt the proper visualization of objects. They are called floaters because they move hither and wither inside the eye. When you stare at a clean and bright sky or a white computer screen you will find some dark spots on them if you are having eye floaters. While creating the image of the object that you are looking in the eye lens, these floaters obstruct them and dark spots are formed. Recent studies have shown that eye floaters when conflated with flashes of light will lead to the blindness. These floaters are common and they are found in many. Most spots and floaters in the eye are harmless and merely annoying. Many will fade over time and become less bothersome.

    eye floaters

    eye floaters

    These are not a reason to worry until they are small but take care of them when they start appearing on every image and if you are losing the vision. It is advisable to get a laser treatment for these kinds of problems before they become too serious after consulting your ophthalmologist. There is nothing to worry about this surgery, many people have undergone this surgery and are having good results after which there are no more blurred vision or flecks in their eyes. Be cautious about these floaters!

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