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Simple exercises for sciatica pain

  • Patients of sciatica will definitely benefit from exercises that are scientifically researched and are known to provide relief in a short period of time. Different cases of sciatica call for different exercises and exercise routines and all the exercises must be done under supervision and done correctly or the patient will end up doing more harm than good.

    Sciatica is a condition of the bone and can occur due to spinal stenosis brought on by herniated spinal disk or what is known as ‘ periformis’ syndrome. The pain caused due to this condition may be felt in the lower back, thigh, foot, leg or the buttocks. Each symptom requires a different set of exercises and a regime that must be adhered to religiously if relief must be attained and sustained.



    Some of the best exercises for sciatica will move the pain from the lower extremities back up to the lower back where the pain is then cured or contained in a more bearable limit. Press-up extension exercises have been known to work well for the symptoms of sciatica.

    In the most effective exercise for sciatica the patient is required to lie on his or her back and prop the upper body up on the elbows. The hips of the patient must be flat on the floor. Remember that this exercise is done on the hard surface of the floor and not on a cushioned surface. Lie in this position for 5 seconds the first day then slowly extend this position to 30 seconds. When the patient is comfortable doing this exercise it may be repeated 20 times daily.

    When this symptom is caused by spinal stenosis the best and most effective exercise is stretching. The patient needs to lie on his or her back with knees pulled up to the chest. The knees must be pulled as far up as possible until the patient feels a slight stretch without any discomfort. Hold this stretch for at least 4 seconds with a deep breath then lower the legs and relax for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times daily.

    Another exercise that strengthens the back and relieves sciatica is done lying on the back pressing the lower back to the floor by simply contracting the back muscles and relaxing them.

    Contract the lower back muscles along with the abdominal muscles and old this position for at least 5 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

    A good stretching exercise for sciatica caused by piriformis syndrome is the patient lying on their back with the legs flat on the floor. Pull the painful leg towards the chest, while holding the knee on the same side and holding the ankle with the other hand. Try to pull the knee in the direction of the other ankle until you can feel the stretch. Do not try to force it beyond this point, but hold it for up to 30 seconds. Release it and start again, doing this three times.

    These exercises are just a few of the many stretching and strengthening exercises that are helpful in relieving the pain caused by sciatica. A physical therapist, spinal specialist or chiropractor will be able to give the patient an entire list of different exercises.

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