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Take care of your baby’s milk bottles!

  • Recently few measures are taken by few US departments on the standards of various products meant for children. The action was against the report by certain health groups.
    Babies are to be fed with mother’s milk, but sometimes mother will not be in position to feed them. So people go for bottle milk. Here comes the problem, US and Canada to limit the import of milk bottles because a chemical called bis phenol A used in making them is harmful and it may not show the effect immediately but is supposed to create problems during the growth of child (if chemical level is low it is safer to use plastics but one must ensure that.).The researchers reported that estrogen like chemicals will alter the development of brain and reproductive parts of children.

    Take care of your baby's milk bottles

    Take care of your baby's milk bottles

    Another Baby product but you would startle you is Baby milk formula. The researchers have found that most of the popular Baby’s milk formulas made out of cow’s milk contain a lot more content of per chlorate (which is used as an ingredient in solid rocket fuel) then the one made from soya. So, it is advised to try not to resort to baby milk formulas unless it is unavoidable.

    Few other baby products also like shampoo, lotions, creams are also reported to contain small amounts of carcinogens (agents that cause cancer).Chemical called 1, 4-dioxane or formaldehyde is found in very small quantities in Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. The particular chemical is reported likely to be carcinogen although it was not added to products but was used in the manufacture.

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