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Way to man’s heart is through his stomach!

  • There is always a lingering suspense involved with food, isn’t it? When we hear the age old maxims like ‘The way to man’s heart is through his stomach’, we don’t just pass them off candidly. After all, most of the good times- party, dates etc revolve around food. Sometimes, they do really make us wonder, what divine power does food have? Most religions have some sort of traditional ritual feast. The idea is to create intimacy banking on the x-factor of good food.

    Good Food cuts across through cultures and moods alike. Moreover, in this multi-cultural age, it is highly likely that we co-exist with people of different cultures. One keeps experimenting with the food of different cultures. This not only educates us about the different food habits, but it also gives us a chance to experiment with our taste buds. The Mexican, the continental and the Indian in the same breath!

    For some, cooking is a hobby. Home makers revel in the appreciation of their cooked food. The urge for appreciative nods drives them to find the right taste tinge. Many websites have come up to their help by providing the recipes to the most exclusive of dishes. It is almost a never ending process of trying and testing with different approaches. For most of the home makers, cooking balances between nutrient values and the taste touch. So it gets particularly awkward when it comes to cooking for party occasions. Party food ideas can really be a dicey thing. It is one thing to cook for a few, and it a totally different ball game together to come up with good ideas for party food.

    In general food provides the general indicator of any function’s success- be it a party or be it a marriage. Carefully investing time in picking up the right food for the particular occasion will pay rich dividends. A pre-requisite to good cooking is always judging the pulse of the people concerned. Good food is always a bliss- a joy which is never enough!

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