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What to do when electric shock happens?

  • We are living in a world fully surrounded by the electric wires. In villages most of the wires are not fully safe or fully covered with insulating material and they will be left without proper handling. Irregular handling of these wires leads to the electric shocks. The level of the shock effect depends up on the voltage that flows through that wire. Electric shock sometimes becomes an emergency. The longer the person in contact with the electric wire, lesser is the chances of survival. Some if the effects that are caused due to electric shock:

    • Electric shock may paralyze the person mainly the brain.
    • The person may stop breathing.
    • Paralysis of muscles may occur.
    • Heart may stop pumping or may go into a state in which it stops pumping.
    • Heart may continue to beat but breathing may stop. If this happens the face becomes blue.
    • There may be several burns on the skin if he catches the fire.


    What we have to do?

    • Immediately we should not do something if the person is still in contact with the electricity. Try to disconnect him with a dry wooden plank or any insulating material through which electricity doesn’t pass through it.
    • If the victim is still in contact with the wire, switch off the current or unplug the main plug. If you were not able to find the plug then stand on a rubber or wooden soled boots and then remove or cut the connection of the wire. Don’t use the scissors, knife or any other kind of metal.
    • If the is no way to shut off the current then remove the victim by dragging him using a dry walking stick, dry wooden stick or pole. You can also drag him with the rubber material. Put some rubber or dry clothes or papers under his body.

    Once the person is safely out of the contact with the wires then start mouth to mouth breathing and cardiac massage immediately if the victim is not breathing. Continue doing this while moving him to the hospital. If the body was caught with fire then use some ointment for the first aid treatment.

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